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Pcp in a sentence

1. PCP has an unpredictable effect.
2. Well, it did contain PCP, but there were other components in it.
3. The PCP or PEAK CONTRACTION POINT is the point in any exercise where you know you can.
4. I'm not completely sure, but one thing I'm certain of, is that one component contained in it is PCP.
5. He learned that hallucinogens like LSD (acid) and PCP (angel dust) caused an excessive release of serotonin.
6. Connections to be made for those in the trade of opiates and marijuana, LSD and MDMA and PCP, crystal meth and liquid death.
7. The doctor receives $13 or thereabouts per patient per month to be their Principal Care Physician PCP and screen all their health care needs.

8. Precision Castparts (PCP), a manufacturer of complex metal components and products, is a serial acquirer and has spent between 4% and 347% of its cash flow from operations on acquisitions each year.
9. PCP includes the proper selection of the types of grasses for your area and the lawns use (are you going to play on it, walk on it a lot, or just enjoy its beauty)? Having a healthy lawn without harsh chemicals is really very easy to do.

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