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Pearled in a sentence

Then tears pearled at the corners of her eyes.
Like the chambered nautilus, moving from one pearled room to the next.
In front of the United Cigar Store on this before-noon Sunday with the bells of all churches ringing across here, colliding with each other there, showering sound from the sky now that the rain was spent, in front of the cigar store the Cherokee wooden Indian stood, his carved plumes pearled with water, oblivious to Catholic or Baptist bells, oblivious to the steadily approaching sun-bright cymbals, the thumping pagan heart of the carnival band.

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Pearls before swine.
These 8 pearls will.
She is wearing pearls.
Powdered bosom pearls.
Pearls lined her braids.
Several pearls of wisdom.
pearls and hidden treasure.
I saw the gates of pearls,.
pearls covered in this post.
And those two pearls so chaste.
Section 5 – Pearls of Wisdom.
The most profitable pearls you.
about extracting these pearls?.
Cates would spot the fake pearls.
We smashed the pearls at our feet.
Again with the pearls before swine.
"Pearls and jewels," said the other.
it is those pearls that we should.
bury such pearls in the country?’.
On each gate there is twelve pearls,.
string of white pearls to complement it.
Three white pearls flashed in her palm.
As if they were closely guarded pearls.
"Pearls and diamonds," said the second.
The pearls were glimmering in the sunset.
And I would give thee pearls that should.
One by one, a bird ate pearls by the shore.
columns, garnished with pearls and diamonds.
Of the pearl.
Yet, the pearl.
, mother of pearl.
How well, Pearl S.
pearl comes back to me.
38 with a pearl handle.
fleet at Pearl Harbour.
pretty pearl head on it.
The pearl was not there.
Welcome to Pearl Harbor.
Pearl of the Orient Sea,.
It was the hour of the pearl.
Hi, Charles, said Pearl.
about that shining pearl!.
Hamlet, this pearl is thine;.
Dog, why, Dog was a pearl of.
the Yiang-tse, and the Pearl,.
Pearl was now seven years old.
and refuse thy pearl of a name.
as rare and lovely as a pearl;.
can remember is her name; Pearl.
Yes, mother, answered Pearl.
With it was a belt of pearl and.
Pearl Activation and Awakening #8.
Mama Pearl will keep it updated.

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