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Pearled in a sentence

Then tears pearled at the corners of her eyes.
Like the chambered nautilus, moving from one pearled room to the next.
In front of the United Cigar Store on this before-noon Sunday with the bells of all churches ringing across here, colliding with each other there, showering sound from the sky now that the rain was spent, in front of the cigar store the Cherokee wooden Indian stood, his carved plumes pearled with water, oblivious to Catholic or Baptist bells, oblivious to the steadily approaching sun-bright cymbals, the thumping pagan heart of the carnival band.

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And those two pearls so chaste.
Section 5 – Pearls of Wisdom.
The most profitable pearls you.
We smashed the pearls at our feet.
Cates would spot the fake pearls.
Again with the pearls before swine.
As if they were closely guarded pearls.
Three white pearls flashed in her palm.
The pearls were glimmering in the sunset.
And I would give thee pearls that should.
One by one, a bird ate pearls by the shore.
The Man of God rains pearls without a cloud.
Before her he decided to scatter his pearls.
It is about them: Not to cast pearls.
In the ashes the man found a string of pearls.
And this is a necklace of pearls on a white neck.
They looked like two black pearls in shallow water.
A woman was a woman, whether she wore rags or pearls.
In the dark, her eyes and the pearls around her head.
When he raises his head his sweat will fall like pearls.
I have a rare yellow pearl, from the Island of Pearls.
Even her tea was mixed with pearls to keep her younger.
My hand moved against my will and brought out the pearls.
The pearls and diamonds hanging around her neck looked.
God hides his pearls for the hungry and wise ones to find.
She wore a stylish midlength dress and a strand of pearls.
Do not throw the pearls to pigs lest they grind it to bits.
Lily smiled, straightening her pearls before turning to Maria.
It seems the pearls were intended for the temptress, Maisy.
It causes us to become venerable to our Pearls of Possibility.
She was very elegantly coiffed, fine strings of pearls woven.
So I turned to her once again for her pearls of wisdom at the.
The pearls between them are the buttons to open the coffin!.
She could only grimace now, and little pearls came to her eyes.
Therefore this five luminous pearls were from the Hengshan.
Claire had somehow managed to put pearls on the proverbial pig.
The lines seemed pearls to me and his voice sweet as syrup; and.
She wore a bright red dress, with a fine set of pearls on this.
When infused, the pearls slowly uncurl into needle shaped leaves.
This, and other such pearls of good news, constituted Zelena‘s.

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The pearl was not there.
It was the hour of the pearl.
Dog, why, Dog was a pearl of.
Pearl was now seven years old.
Hamlet, this pearl is thine;.
With it was a belt of pearl and.
Pearl Activation and Awakening #7.
Mama Pearl will keep it updated.
Pearl Activation and Awakening #8.
I will call her! Pearl! Pearl!.
Pearl Activation and Awakening #10.
Use the third pearl on your mom.
Pearl Harbor survivors, the 229th U.
In those days, high-quality pearl.
Thou must know Pearl! said she.
So, tell me this pearl of wisdom.
Pearl was decked out with airy gayety.
God the father is the costly pearl.
Is it the Black Man? asked Pearl.
Beppo had the pearl in his possession.
It showed Pearl in an unwonted aspect.
And hang a pearl in every cowslip's ear.
He dropped the rose pearl into her palm.
The Family didn’t kill Pearl, Whit.
I could be a pearl diver with these lungs.
Mother of pearl! ,as the comedian W.
Can I have ten too, dear? said Pearl.
Pearl was worth about thirty-five million.
The death toll exceeded that of the Pearl.
Without this foundation, there is no pearl.
I remember it; and so shall little Pearl.
Pearl Activation and Awakening Activities #9.
I have even been afraid of little Pearl!.
Dan had brought Pearl and Jasper their trays.
Everyone was happy to see us, especially Pearl.
Thanks, Cocles; you are the pearl of cashiers.
But there was time enough yet for little Pearl.
Ah! Then why did they give you the pearl?
She was so dumb, she thought she could use Pearl.

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