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Pelting in a sentence

1. Sounded like they was pelting her.
2. Suddenly rain started pelting down.
3. Rain was pelting down like a waterfall.
4. The rhythmic sound of the pelting rain put.
5. He hugged his wife close as the pelting rain.
6. Otherwise they’d be pelting him with fruit at best.
7. I was pelting along, at a loss at my reaction and scared.

8. A few started pelting them with stones, which, by luck, missed the car.
9. The rain was pelting down, the thunderhead was formed in Moamar's likeness.
10. By now the rain was simply pelting down, and Stephen and Justin were soaked.
11. Another tapestry fell pelting more guests with food as it took out another table.
12. Abruptly, the rain outside grew heavy again, pelting noisily against the windows.
13. She grabbed the basket of rolls and began pelting Gazzy with them, lightning fast.
14. He said if Brooke wanted a pelting, he could get it cheaper than by going to the hustings.
15. The helicopter tossed and turned with the open door and rain shot in pelting Jeff in the face.
16. I drove the Rebel in Kevin Henry’s yard and tore up the grass, pelting the house with dirt.
17. The storm’s pelting rains and winds did not seem to affect the craft or the area underneath it.
18. By the third day the autumn rains were pelting down, making our misery three times what it had been.
19. The cacophonous cracks, brilliant flashes of lightning and walls of pelting rain were on their way.
20. She ran out the door, through the hall, across the pelting rain of the courtyard to the open stable door.
21. One of the young blokes started pelting whatever he could lay his hands on in the direction of the police.
22. The ingratitude with which they parted from the idea, the hisses and pelting with mud were intolerable to me.
23. She couldn’t hear above the ringing in her ears or see through the rain pelting her face, but she could fight.
24. She gazed out into the horizon and watched the rain come pelting down --anything but the ugliness she was going to witness.
25. Soon there were hundreds upon hundreds of bolts of energy pelting him, overpowering his defenses and utterly destroying him.
26. Providence was with me as the moment I went through the doors, a sudden thunderstorm began pelting fat raindrops on the roof.
27. Pelting them with their own turds, and running safely away up into the upper branches where the bigger apes could not follow.
28. The storm raged outside, rain pelting the long windows of the large family room making the usually cozy atmosphere cold and ominous.
29. The rain was pelting and rattling upon the leathern top of the carriage, and the wheels swashed as they rolled through puddle and mud.
30. Having given off Flogging, the drunken Pyrates were now pelting him with broken Bottles, some empty, some half-full, some still uncorkt.
31. They used to run after her—she racing away with her poor feeble lungs panting and gasping, and they pelting her and shouting abuse at her.
32. The storm clouds seethed and boiled and suddenly thousands of shards of ice were pelting down into the witch-hunters, cutting, slicing, blinding.
33. In my shock, I barely heard him screaming into the sky, rain pelting his upturned face, the howl echoing over the crashing waves and screaming wind.
34. Not only the former Tars of the Hopewell (now turn’d Pyrate) but Lancelot’s Pyrates, too, took the greatest Pleasure in pelting him with Bottles.
35. After all aren’t we all waiting? Her trench coat failing against the cold and a black umbrella her only source of protection from the pelting torrent.
36. Thomas, who came pelting through the doors that separated the cars, looked rumpled and unkempt; he was also unarmed, which made Jess feel a little less foolish.
37. Of course the political city of Babylon will survive the fiery mountain of Revelation 8:8, yet will face a similar pelting at the very end (Revelation 16:19-21).
38. There were plenty of useful projectiles and since I had locked the gate he wasn’t getting in, I could stand their safely pelting him and the car if he tried anything.
39. Now the storm was releasing its fury with a vengeance, and the menacing black clouds were pelting hailstones which were small at first, but soon were the size of golf balls.
40. The lieutenant used one hand to shade his eyes from pelting raindrops and returned his attention to the thoroughly unimpressive island Captain Ahbaht had been ordered to secure.
41. The blaze sputtered and died as a gust of wind swirled about us, pelting all of us with gravel, stinging skin, making it hard to see beyond our raised arms protecting our faces.
42. At the range of a couple of hundred yards we emptied our magazines, firing bullet after bullet into the beasts, but with no more effect than if we were pelting them with pellets of paper.
43. Buying more than just a few thousand shares of any stock should never be easy, but somebody was pelting our order with stock they wanted to sell, and the stock kept going down in earnest.
44. Despite that, the majority responded by going prone and spreading out to make themselves poorer targets, not by simply turning around and pelting back the way they’d come in terrified retreat.
45. Others were behaving with a careless and sinister independence, shouting and talking at the top of their voices, bawling out the toasts before the time, and pelting the ladies with pellets of bread.
46. For a long moment the world stood still, nothing but the inky black of the storm, the pelting of the hard raindrops against their bodies, against the thick hides of the horses, and there was nothing ….
47. Behind them the guards were yelling as they stumbled over the shambles in the mud, and they came pelting vengefully down the alley, seeing the vague dark mass moving between them and the light of the distant street.
48. The rain was intermittent, at times pelting down in gust-driven torrents that rattled against the van, then subsiding to a light drizzle that floated quietly down, enveloping them in an eerie silence until the next peal of thunder.
49. Perceiving a flock of beachbirds, that fed and fluttered along the shore, the naughty child picked up her apron full of pebbles, and, creeping from rock to rock after these small sea-fowl, displayed remarkable dexterity in pelting them.
50. To this vast accumulation of wisdom what more could be added? When a late Principal tried to introduce profane science, even through the medium of their own Urdu, were they not amply justified in pelting him with brick-bats and rotten mangoes.
51. Behind him and below him the Afghulis came pelting, mouthing their rage, too furious even to remember that the only way they could reach the height whereon he rode was to traverse the river-bed in the other direction, make the broad bend and follow the twisting trail up over the ridge.
52. When they reached the beach where the blowing sand and pelting rain pricked their faces like tiny pins, the tide was in substantially more than usual and brought strong waves crashing onto the beach about ten yards from the riders who progressed slowly and cautiously in the treacherous night.
53. After curses, pelting with mud, and hisses, has come a lull, and men are left alone, according to their desire : the great idea of old has left them ; the great source of strength that till then had nourished and fostered them was vanishing like the majestic sun setting in Claude Lorraine's picture, but it was somehow the last day of humanity, and men suddenly understood that they were left quite alone, and at once felt terribly forlorn.
1. Large drops of water pelted her.
2. The rain pelted down on her head.
3. Argh! I cried as they pelted me.
4. Rain drops pelted both of their faces.
5. It was like being pelted with a cannonball.
6. Violent sheets of rain pelted the tent in.
7. They were laughed at or pelted with stones.
8. Sugar clenched her eyes, expecting to be pelted.
9. Girls pelted him with flowers and shouted his name.
10. The rain pelted down, reducing visibility even further.
11. He laughed with a low, chuckling sound, and pelted her.
12. Bjorn pelted the device with stones hurled from his sling.
13. The surrounding men pelted him with rocks and rotten fruit.
14. The rain now pelted down in warm, heavy drops, now stopped again.
15. Nearing the rock-face, he was pelted by small rocks and pebbles.
16. Good heavens! Think what it must be to be pelted for wrong opinions.
17. Who could make head or tail of it? I pelted him with questions again.
18. Droplets of rain pelted against his face as he mounted Alan’s ten-speed.
19. Poor Toad sprang to his feet and pelted away again, his heart in his mouth.
20. They pelted the monkey with stones, and the monkey fled into a tree but was.
21. The monkey was beaten, pelted with stones, shot at and then doused with gas.
22. Both boys lay stricken by the rain of gold and diamond fire that pelted them.
23. Upon my word, I think the truth is the hardest missile one can be pelted with.
24. Amid the wild clattering of hooves, a rain of loose stones pelted the pursuers.
25. Bullets pelted the ground around her, but the soldiers couldn’t have seen her.
26. For only the dogs barked, in terror; yiping, off they ran, as if pelted with rocks.
27. There was a pause in the conversation as the heavy rain pelted against the windscreen.
28. We were jeered at and sometimes pelted with muck but only once did we go into action.
29. She pelted him with things from her plate, harder than I would’ve thought her capable.
30. As we held hands the sand pelted us so hard I felt it was hurled from the sky like huge balls.
31. Bjorn Roundtree pelted the barrier with stones from his sling, but his attempts were also in vain.
32. As lighting and thunder began to crack overhead and a torrential rain pelted them, Longleaf and Capt.
33. Shortly after they were joined by Matt, who looked like he had been pelted with about fifty cream pies.
34. Every window of the schoolhouse was being pelted with black feathers, leaving smatters of red on the glass.
35. Nerissa pelted them as rapidly as possible, but they advanced in phalanx, covering their heads and bodies.
36. The guy in the slicker did what I told him, and I approached quickly as the soaking rain pelted down on us.
37. It was a dash to the car from the hospital as the rain pelted down with more force than when we had arrived.
38. He is pelted with gravel, cabbagestumps, biscuitboxes, eggs, potatoes, dead codfish, woman's slipperslappers.
39. Already crumbling buildings are pelted with projectiles and then torched, hastening their inevitable collapse.
40. And before I could finish my prepared statement, I was pelted again with more fierce questions from rude people.
41. Could I but have stiffened to the still frost—the friendly numbness of death—it might have pelted on; I should.
42. Some Bobbies in the village were pelted with rotten tomatoes and boy, oh boy! Were they livid with rage, I murmured.
43. They pelted her with questions she didn’t answer: How do you feel? What do you remember? Do you know where you are?
44. After a long day of being on display and being pelted with stones, Bohdan was tired and ready to crawl into a hole and sleep.
45. These people became people of Lot, who, later on, were pelted with stones to an extent equal to the inventory of their deeds.
46. Shutting her eyes tight she waited for the pain in her stomach to pass over, as yet another volley of falling dirt pelted her.
47. He spun around and pelted back to the front of the building with its doors and full-length, bullet-proof, smoked-glass panels.
48. I remembered the Khaled Hosseini The Kite Runner day on the hill I had pelted Hassan with pomegranates and tried to provoke him.
49. Elizabeth walked back into the porch as the rain pelted off the glass windows holding a pot of steaming water on a tray with two cups.
50. Rain pelted the windshield, almost blinding her, but she kept driving because the only thing she had on Paul was the element of surprise.
51. Sat in Jim’s hire car, the three of them faced Sayeed’s hotel, the Monte Carlo, as the rain pelted the windscreen, the car steaming.
52. In the night the wind shook the windows and the rain pelted against them, and I knew that when I went down to breakfast the struggle with Mrs.
53. The driving rain pelted their largely exposed skin painfully and seemed to even penetrate their sturdy clothing to prick their legs and back.
54. Stones pelted down all around us, with one stray stone taking out several of our number, but that was the extent of our losses to the barrage.
55. The polluted acidic water had stripped the flesh from the gills of the fish as they pelted towards the shore, and they drowned on the rising tide.
56. For five hours it pelted down accompanied by strong north-easterly winds which drove the sterns of waiting cargo ships away from the Kowloon coastline.
57. And that was when our ancestors: the walking two-legged apes that killed them: got their revenge for being pelted with monkey shit for millions of years.
58. Place the strips in a slightly sunny area but where the seeds won’t be disturbed or pelted with rays of light, such as basement shelving near a window.
59. There was a constant hum now as the storm pelted the structure and beat down on the hard earth, forming wide puddles which served to amplify the persistent drumming.
60. Others, pelted by Oklahoma dust storms, were jostled home in flatbeds cushioned by bright posters from carnivals buried in the windblown desolations of 1936 America.
61. Scout pelted around the corner, greeted me, was introduced to Lizzy (who at first was scared to death of him, despite my reassurances) and soon we were off towards the coast.
62. And ear-piercing thunder resounded as if coming from trillion watt speakers, while sheet upon solid sheet of half inch sized hail laced rain unceasingly pelted the tinted Plexiglas exterior of Krypton Software headquarters.
63. Bulstrode asked, reprehensively, what the new police was doing; but a voice could not well be collared, and an attack on the effigy of the candidate would have been too equivocal, since Hawley probably meant it to be pelted.
64. He sighed as the rain again pelted his face, inspiring him to step back and turn on the lamp atop the desk so that there was some additional light in the dark, sinister parlour where he saw no signs of a struggle or a forceful entry.
65. The wind howled loudly but steadily as the rain pelted the high windows that remained steadfast and firm against the onslaught, grandly protecting those within this safe bastion from the forces of nature that lay beyond the sturdy brick walls.
66. The guards made Louie whistle and sing, pelted him with fistfuls of gravel, taunted him as he crawled around his cell to pick up bits of rice, and slid long sticks through the door window so they could stab and swat him, finding his helpless contortions hilarious.
67. There had been some light snow, overnight, and it lay nowhere else to my knowledge; but, it had not quite melted from the cold shadow of this bit of garden, and the wind caught it up in little eddies and threw it at the window, as if it pelted me for coming there.
68. This statement is made by Paul, who suffered lashes at the hands of the Jews 5 times, 3 times he was beaten with rods, once pelted with stones, shipwrecked 3 times, spent a day and a night in the open sea, had been constantly on the move, had been in danger from rivers, in danger from bandits, in danger from his fellow Jews, in danger from Gentiles, in danger in the city, in danger in the country, in danger in the sea, in danger from false believers, had gone without sleep, had known hunger and thirst – often going without food, and has been cold and naked.
69. To those who cannot distinguish between the one kind and the other, no doubt "Don Quixote" is a sad book; no doubt to some minds it is very sad that a man who had just uttered so beautiful a sentiment as that "it is a hard case to make slaves of those whom God and Nature made free," should be ungratefully pelted by the scoundrels his crazy philanthropy had let loose on society; but to others of a more judicial cast it will be a matter of regret that reckless self-sufficient enthusiasm is not oftener requited in some such way for all the mischief it does in the world.
1. And pelts of wargs incended.
2. If it wasn’t eggs it was fur pelts.
3. The lions mumbled in their baked pelts.
4. But note that for example, not al bears drop Torn Bear Pelts.
5. The Hurons traded ceremonial pelts between tribes as peace offerings.
6. He kneaded the leg pieces with his hands, trying to soften the pelts.
7. He stood looking in at the two puckers stripped to their pelts and putting up their props.
8. Ahead stood a cream-white house with a grape-arbor porch hummed about by bees with golden pelts.
9. Their pelts were highly prized for their softness and Sean quickly found success as a fur trader.
10. That applied to the tigers, too, and the camels that looked as if they’d been walking a hundred years, their pelts beginning to drop off.
11. The light was dim, but he could see the man was dressed in fur pelts, carried a bow and arrows, and a stone knife and axe in a belt around his waist.
12. He even traded animal pelts with them after bagging a kill in the forest when he was out hunting on the land that surrounded his property, the majority of which belonged to the Shoshone Indian tribe who had their reservation just over the hill next to White Horse.
13. The bus rushed on with a plummeting and swerving in the sweet green air of the afternoon, between the mountains baked like lion pelts, past rivers as sweet as wine and as clear as vermouth, over stone bridges, under aqueducts where water ran like clear wind in the ancient channels, past churches, through dust, and suddenly, quite suddenly the speedometer in Marie’s mind said, A million miles, Joseph is back a million miles and I’ll never see him again.
14. Shoved in whatever space remained, there were statues of various deities, (some serving as bookends), incense burners of all manner of shapes and sizes, stones and crystals (most natural formations, but some shaped into cubes, spheres and pyramids), animal pelts, dried branches and bunches of herbs, candles and candleholders, Tarot and rune sets still in their boxes-- in short, whatever had remained of her father's inventory seemed to have been liquidated here.

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1. Whither along them doth he pelt?
2. The rain began to pelt the boat and Emily had to.
3. Midday saw the pelt completely removed and set aside.
4. Then he heard a gunshot and felt a pelt in his chest.
5. Poor baby! All snug, lying on the pelt of his pretty kill.
6. I continued to pelt him and he stopped to abuse me verbally when he should.
7. Through the loomings of the universe Dog shuttled: the design was hid in his pelt.
8. Through the loomings of the universe Dog shuttled; the design was hid in his pelt.
9. Approaching from afar was a small, hairy, four-legged beast, running at full pelt.
10. Slimegobbler held onto the pelt of the mastodon as it rocketed left and then right.
11. With deft cuts, he sliced open the belly of the animal and quickly slit away the pelt.
12. You’d chase practically anything in a pelt, added Horace, going in for the kill.
13. Grasping a corner of the pelt, he pulled and cut under the skin to separate it from its body.
14. Clean and wrapped in the protective White Stag’s pelt, she did not cry until the next morning.
15. No amount of tick sprays or flea baths would stem the tide of critters that called his pelt home.
16. Kyrin turned and brought her hand back, ready to pelt magic at the beast, but it didn’t follow them.
17. Perhaps, thought Hazel wryly, teeth and claws would make no impression on that great, firm body and shining pelt.
18. Both men instantly turned and sprinted back full pelt, jumping through the portal that had formed in Azeth’s tent.
19. Timonus looked towards the sky and gave up any hope of the gray skies clearing as a cold mist began to pelt his face.
20. To cap it all, you then give hefty wage incentives to whoever’s left on the shop floor to run the line at full pelt.
21. The doctor cautiously reached out and began to stroke the pelt, but when he did, Gladys winced and pulled back forcefully.
22. Eagle-eyed Mashu had set off tracking a small gazelle on one of the many rest stops and had come back with meat and a pelt.
23. The children used to pelt her with mud; so she begged to be taken on as assistant cowherd, but the cowherd would not have her.
24. Extending it upon the forecastle deck, he now proceeds cylindrically to remove its dark pelt, as an African hunter the pelt of a boa.
25. The reaction vessel was cooling off which meant that cleaning up would be quick and easy compared to when the line was going at full pelt.
26. I looked at my sleeves to see if the Nemean Lion pelt had somehow changed back to fur, but it still looked like a brown winter coat to me.
27. They immediately come to a halt as the three Maasai drivers abandon their charges and pelt away across the savannah, taking the ignition keys with them.
28. Then, loping down a dirt path, he felt his red eyes burning, his fur pelt rimed with morning, as inside Cousin William he panted through a hollow and dissolved away.
29. All was well with the world as Miss Jones turned the corner into her own street and was almost bowled over by a young man running at full pelt in the opposite direction.
30. It wasn’t a very long ride, although Cahnyr was grateful for the warm blankets and windproof, beautifully tanned snow lizard pelt his hosts had insisted upon tucking around him.
31. Soon they will begin to pelt each other, and the passers by will not mind the snow balls, if they will only remember how they themselves felt, and behaved, after coming out of school.
32. This done he turns the pelt inside out, like a pantaloon leg; gives it a good stretching, so as almost to double its diameter; and at last hangs it, well spread, in the rigging, to dry.
33. How in spring he was odorous of wild-flowers and fresh earth; in summer he was baked, warm, sun-crisp; in autumn, now, a treasure trove of gold leaves hidden in his pelt for Martin to explore out.
34. The lion seemed to be melting, the way dead monsters do sometimes, until there was nothing left but its glittering fur coat, and even that seemed to be shrinking to the size of a normal lion's pelt.
35. Its coat, chestnut brown above and silver below, would have made one of those wonderful fur pieces so much in demand in the Russian and Chinese markets; the fineness and luster of its pelt guaranteed that it would go for at least ₣2,000.
36. When you enter someone’s house and pelt stones then house owner has full right to retaliate and teach you a lesson exactly this had been happened to Zulimistan because it went very far in tightening noose against Muslims everywhere in the world and Zamaril has been bucked also for the same.
37. But one evening, says Mr Dixon, when the lord Harry was cleaning his royal pelt to go to dinner after winning a boatrace (he had spade oars for himself but the first rule of the course was that the others were to row with pitchforks) he discovered in himself a wonderful likeness to a bull and on picking up a blackthumbed chapbook that he kept in the pantry he found sure enough that he was a lefthanded descendant of the famous champion bull of the Romans, Bos Bovum, which is good bog Latin for boss of the show.
38. I then told him what we needed, a stronghold for the people, his face lit up and he said he knew of just the place, while following a mountain lion’s tracks he came upon it’s lair, or so he thought, on entering the cave he found no lion, so he ventured to the back of the cave, hoping for a puma pelt, what he found was that the cave was in fact an ancient watercourse that had gouged a tunnel completely through the mountain, coming out of the tunnel into the sunlight he found himself in a huge valley, two or three miles long, with a huge lake fed by fresh sparkling mountain water.
39. And pelt him with cherries,.
40. A pelt or two round her chest,.

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