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    1. Ava was glad the body was still young enough that she hadn't done it any permanent damage

    2. We are here for a higher purpose which, when discovered and fulfilled, provides permanent peace of mind and lasting soul fulfillment

    3. mother had simply had enough of living her life in that seemingly permanent holding

    4. An event so important that it was worth a permanent mark on the skin, first to assure success, second to commemorate once it had taken place

    5. face wore a permanent smile, a smile that started in his eyes and spread across the full

    6. Griggsy! She'd never know what he'd put in there, what he'd done, what ridiculous, crazy, stupid, arrogant, pompous, jackass technology he'd gone right ahead and rammed into the thing's very registers, into its very fibers, into the permanent read-only fixtures of its central core

    7. It was only later, wrapped in permanent night, that I asked the big questions of a closed and brooding door

    8. She hasn't been able to find a permanent job so far, so she has to change jobs all the time – in two words, she is always under steam

    9. There are many other things to bear in mind such as: temporary or permanent;

    10. I think that it is entirely possible that what we have at the moment could develop into something permanent, but we could do damage by rushing into it merely because of this baby

    11. The Corsair believe it's a permanent condition, but it's merely temporary

    12. The semiconductor business was trying to make a comeback by putting more functionality into the optical and more-or-less permanent part of the system and a cheap, replaceable 'yingolian crystal' that cost less than an iron

    13. After thinking about it overnight, Kelvin had second thoughts about leaving Alfred in charge of a permanent base

    14. He would make a decision then about a permanent base

    15. His face wore a permanent smile, a smile that started in his eyes and spread across the full depth of his features, a smile that warned, a smile that promised destruction once the fun was done with

    16. ‘The site of the avalanche will become a permanent memorial to her

    17. "When you drink as much as I did for as long as I did, there are permanent changes in the brain, or at least long-term changes

    18. "Those herdsman's villages aren't as permanent as towns like Yoonbarla, after four centuries they could have come and gone several times

    19. When I would get out of what had become my permanent holding room, people in worse condition would sometimes get a hold of me

    20. People shouldn't be judged for it, because anyone who doesn't find a cure for their afflictions belongs to a permanent mind prison

    21. something more permanent, something that is designed not only for a quick match, but one that

    22. The night was sultry and the full moon was nearly a permanent fixture in their nighttime sky, twinkling off the gentle swells in the lagoon

    23. On the other hand he found that the women who wanted something more permanent from him were just too tart and cloying for his palette

    24. Both knew that the results of all tests were sealed and sent to the Queens Hold to be added to the permanent records

    25. Which is a term for a permanent

    26. ’ Chris said, ‘I know they’ve got several permanent residents and one of them used to be on the stage …’

    27. worm in her head was tuned to a permanent loop that played the

    28. It would have to be considered a permanent aftereffect if it was still active after all this time

    29. There have been about eleven more-or-less permanent residents of this property since I’ve lived here

    30. My quarters have been shared with permanent residents twice since I’ve owned them, one other time while I leased here

    31. A scrimmage of sorts was being played out on the sports field and the permanent citizens of the Park---the squirrels, birds, and bugs---added their own ambiance to Harry's afternoon walk

    32. I found no evidence that he’s ever had a permanent partner

    33. sadly the scars on his back—a permanent gift from Ed Pentoch

    34. She knew already that he did not want to live with her, and to be honest she thought he was a little too young for a permanent relationship anyway

    35. She was temporarily given room and board at the Great Tahoe Inn until a permanent situation might be found for her

    36. We will close on a permanent residence before year's end I should think

    37. She also rode the wave of change to set up permanent residence in Bungalow Seven of the Lodges, the compliment of Bungalow Six already occupied by Sarah Bunker

    38. They lamented that there wasn’t permanent water here to make a village since all agreed this was a pretty spot

    39. Our job is to find something here that can sustain a permanent base and so sustain a proper study

    40. Briefly it appears that the United States gives preference to relatives of citizens of the United States, to wives and husbands, sons and daughters of people who are permanent resident aliens living in the United States

    41. I still haven't heard anything definite on a permanent job at the Election Bureau

    42. But I did hear from one of the higher-ups that he is retiring in April and then I might be offered a permanent position

    43. The job is for about three months – I'll keep looking for a permanent job

    44. (Turns out this is the first permanent place, Judy lives with me in America)

    45. Kelvin thought it was a good idea because he still had theological reservations about leaving their souls in such a restricted environment and they really weren't equipped to start a permanent colony and blah blah blah about their health, especially Vic's

    46. And now, three days into the war, Drau’d feared that scowl had become a permanent fixture

    47. This is all that I think necessary to be observed at present concerning the deviations, whether occasional or permanent, of the market price of commodities from the natural price

    48. Unfortunately, nothing is permanent and I fear his power failed to hit the infection's source

    49. After speaking with all the people who seemed to be permanent in the area, Klowa went in to see Kadak

    50. In the ordinary variations of the prices of provisions, those two opposite causes seem to counterbalance one another, which is probably, in part, the reason why the wages of labour are everywhere so much more steady and permanent than the price of provisions

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    Synonyms for "permanent"

    perm permanent permanent wave lasting constant enduring perpetual everlasting secure abiding

    "permanent" definitions

    a series of waves in the hair made by applying heat and chemicals

    continuing or enduring without marked change in status or condition or place

    not capable of being reversed or returned to the original condition