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Philosophers in a sentence

1. The two philosophers gaped at him.
2. There are your true philosophers.
3. There are various philosophers and.
4. Philosophers say: 'Moderate your joys.
5. The philosophers talk stuff and nonsense.
6. Ancient philosophers and religions often.
7. I tracked down two philosophers, and heard.

9. Nietzsche is the darkest of the philosophers.
10. Stoicks: A sect of atheists and philosophers.
11. How is that that the tribe of philosophers.
12. He said: Who then are the true philosophers?
13. We, said Majikthise, are Philosophers.
14. For over 2,500 years philosophers and theolo-.
15. Philosophers have always stated in one way or.
16. Philosophers, and the problem of existence, 229.
17. Philosophers are rational people I tried again.
18. Yes, authentic philosophers appear all the time.
19. Pagan philosophers mostly believed the soul was.
20. We salute them as philosophers, while inexorably.
21. I sought sanctuary in the wisdom of philosophers.
22. The Philosophers Stone (Freemasonry, alchemy concept.
23. It is no surprise people laugh at philosophers today.
24. Philosophers and historians say that time is cyclical.
25. Philosophers, morality of the Greek and Roman, ix, 365.
26. And also they have had several philosophers who taught.
27. You really are the greatest of troll philosophers!.
28. Oh, there may be philosophers (and shame upon them !) who.
29. Despots count for something in the question of philosophers.
30. One of the „Enlightenments supposed supreme philosophers.
31. They are not the works of either historians or philosophers.
32. As philosophers, we engineer elaborate theories about what.
33. I have all the philosophers in my library gilded on the edges.
34. Priests and monks study the works of the ancient philosophers.
35. Some Eastern school philosophers believe that the Western sun or.
36. The day of witches and atheist philosophers burn in the worst way.
37. The most renowned philosophers and writers became puzzled at this.
38. This cavern knows no philosophers; its dagger has never cut a pen.
39. Analytic philosophers have been exceptionally sensitive to the de-.
40. In fact, philosophers would call such an attitude a category mistake.

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