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Philosophers in a sentence

1. The two philosophers gaped at him.
2. There are your true philosophers.
3. There are various philosophers and.
4. Philosophers say: 'Moderate your joys.
5. The philosophers talk stuff and nonsense.
6. Ancient philosophers and religions often.

8. I tracked down two philosophers, and heard.
9. Nietzsche is the darkest of the philosophers.
10. Stoicks: A sect of atheists and philosophers.
11. How is that that the tribe of philosophers.
12. He said: Who then are the true philosophers?
13. For over 2,500 years philosophers and theolo-.
14. We, said Majikthise, are Philosophers.
15. Philosophers have always stated in one way or.
16. Philosophers, and the problem of existence, 229.
17. Pagan philosophers mostly believed the soul was.
18. Philosophers are rational people I tried again.
19. Yes, authentic philosophers appear all the time.
20. We salute them as philosophers, while inexorably.
21. I sought sanctuary in the wisdom of philosophers.
22. The Philosophers Stone (Freemasonry, alchemy concept.
23. Philosophers and historians say that time is cyclical.
24. It is no surprise people laugh at philosophers today.
25. Philosophers, morality of the Greek and Roman, ix, 365.
26. And also they have had several philosophers who taught.
27. You really are the greatest of troll philosophers!.
28. Oh, there may be philosophers (and shame upon them !) who.
29. Despots count for something in the question of philosophers.
30. One of the „Enlightenments supposed supreme philosophers.
31. They are not the works of either historians or philosophers.
32. As philosophers, we engineer elaborate theories about what.
33. I have all the philosophers in my library gilded on the edges.
34. Priests and monks study the works of the ancient philosophers.
35. Some Eastern school philosophers believe that the Western sun or.
36. The day of witches and atheist philosophers burn in the worst way.
37. This cavern knows no philosophers; its dagger has never cut a pen.
38. The most renowned philosophers and writers became puzzled at this.
39. Analytic philosophers have been exceptionally sensitive to the de-.
40. In fact, philosophers would call such an attitude a category mistake.
41. Other philosophers and writers saw the same scene and wrote about it.
42. Ah, indeed! Down with the philosophers! Wisdom consists in jubilation.
43. One of Western historys most famous and most destructive philosophers.
44. Rightly so, philosophers during the 20th century called Ulysses the.
45. IT CAME FROM PAGAN PHILOSOPHERS, and was brought into the church along.
46. Thus was I then to lose my faithful preceptors, as did the philosophers.
47. Luther) said it was heathen philosophers and the Pope, not the Bible that.
48. In this regard, views of some philosophers and scientists who believe that.
49. The heathen philosophers, denying that, did put that the souls did ever live.
50. HELL HAS BEEN MOVED: Pagan philosophers mostly believed the soul was some-.
51. It came from pagan philosophers, and was brought into the church along with.
52. It is no place for lovers, or philosophers, or leisurely persons of the sort.
53. These realizations sometimes made me like the great philosophers and thinkers.
54. Tyndale (like Luther) said it was heathen philosophers and the Pope, not the.
55. And also some of the Epicurean and Stoic philosophers were conversing with him.
56. For instance, two philosophers who imagine they are arguing about theories of.
57. One of your philosophers, Karl Marx, said that life determines consciousness.
58. Some theologians and philosophers sought to interpret the sacred scriptures of.
59. Specifically philosophers of international reputation and of powerful political.
60. And therefore philosophers must inevitably fall under the censure of the world?
61. IT CAME FROM PAGAN PHILOSOPHERS, and was brought into the church along with Pur-.
62. Pagan philosophers mostly believed the soul was somewhere underground unto it was.
63. The great Western philosophers seem mainly interested in the workings of the mind.
64. One of the twentieth centurys greatest American philosophers, who died too young.
65. At any rate, he replied, philosophers would say that he was not speaking the truth.
66. One of those philosophers that would have a lasting impact on Chinese culture was.
67. Musician-types and druggie-types and the slumming philosophers of the universities.
68. One of the great philosophers of the early twentieth century, William James, might.
69. What is the method by which natural philosophers obtain and apply their knowledge?
70. Throughout history philosophers have been inspired by the stars to search for truth.
71. Indian and Chinese philosophers were formulating and promoting their own Theories.
72. The ancient Greek philosophers believed that only few "basic elements" build the Earth.
73. To conclude this section, here are a few beliefs of the ancient Greek philosophers who.
74. Let teachers and priests and philosophers brood over questions of reality and illusion.
75. But Joseph and Godwyn have read the books written by the ancient medical philosophers.
76. That is why the philosophers say that we cannot apprehend the reality of things on earth.
77. What philosophers do, what I am trying to do, is to collect all examples of illusion and.
78. While it is common for philosophers and academics to subject propositional statements to.
79. Not because French philosophers tried to recreate the filthy Empire values of ancient Rome.
80. In truth, Bishop, I tell you that I have a philosophy of my own, and I have my philosophers.
81. Neither scientists nor philosophers can prove we aren’t in the same kind of thing ourselves.
82. Supposedly, if you listen to those of the left, one of Americas greatest living philosophers.
83. Philosophers present ‘objective’ examples of deception that pretend to have nothing to do.
84. Pagan philosophers mostly believed the soul was somewhere underground unto it was reincarnated.
85. For millennia, religions and philosophers have haggled over the cause of good and bad outcomes.
86. The ancient Stoic philosophers believed the one could achieve peace with oneself and the world.
87. Runt, the greatest of troll philosophers, chose a direction at random, and pointed it out to him.
88. One of the great pro-occupations of moral philosophers throughout history has been how should.
89. According to the philosophers, the Eternal Father; according to the Jacobins, the Supreme Being.
90. This higher power has nothing to do with the god of the philosophers or the god of the theologians.
91. Which is precisely the brink of the chasm of realization that the last European philosophers came to.
92. There is nothing so absurd, says Cicero, which has not sometimes been asserted by some philosophers.
93. The mighty philosophers and scientists of the world were bewildered by his knowledge and great deeds.
94. But, perhaps, to be true philosophers, we mortals should not be conscious of so living or so striving.
95. While historians and philosophers will debate forever the causes of the Great War, my take is almost.
96. It was brought into the church by the so called church fathers from Pagan philosophers as Socrates.
97. Not even the great philosophers can explain satisfactorily how love of God arises in the mind of a person.
98. After all, he had just solved the problems the world’s philosophers had been grappling with for millennia.
99. The position of the skeptics has been revisited during modern times by positivist and relativist philosophers.
100. It is thus that some even of the foremost physical philosophers of our time arraign and condemn Christianity.

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