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Placate in a sentence

That had worked to placate.
First he would David placate.
Holms attempted to placate her.
To placate a god, I’ve heard.
They try not to placate the truth.
Dutchman, were trying to placate her.
It was meant to placate him, but he shook.

Guy's hands were held up, trying to placate JC.
It was exhausting work trying to placate Natasha.
There after a struggle he managed to placate him.
We haven’t been able to placate them since Kissinger.
No conquest could placate his hunger for more conquests.
Look, I had the local FBI office to placate up there.
And Eve would buy him an extra-nice present to placate him.
Perhaps you should go see if you can placate your mother.
He knew if he tried to placate her about the ghost she would.
Even the teachers used it to placate the bustle of certain classes.
That seemed to placate her, as much as someone like Anna Petrov can be.
But to end the war, he would also have to placate his own conservative base.
The slug appears to be releasing some sort of chemical to placate its host.
In Polyphemus’ cave Ulysses placates his rage but he does not placate his hatred.
I’m really, really, sorry, said Charlotte, desperate to placate her adversary.
As if to placate his fears, Nauca carefully washed her hands before starting to cook.
Charles Evans, to placate him and keep him on this planet for the duration of his life.
Their deaths placate both the priests and the blood thirsty mob known as the population of Rome.
I’ve never been good at taking orders, so I appreciate that I don’t have a boss whom I have to placate.
I sent this letter in the clear so that Michael‘s jailers could read it and placate the damn Polunsky warden.
He was sure that the cat could kill him and he wished he could placate it, to apologise for the harm he had caused.
Therefore, I dismiss this letter as spin and damage control from Michael to placate the petty, vindictive Republicans.
Rustmarrow picked it up – he was clearly sensitive to these things – and held his hands out to placate his opponent.
Bridget conceded that it was something that might placate his tempestuous ways and was not likely to get him into trouble.
He’s in a better place now he added, trying to placate her, and trying to make sense of their trials and tribulations.
He had to withdraw his hand in order to placate it but, after a few moments, he retried but once more the lion issued a warning.
He also said that Norma Jeane later proposed that she just be my girlfriend and not his wife in order to placate the studio.
In part this is a treaty that exists to placate the right wing on a problem that did not exist, except as an excuse to punish Iran.
This was intended to tell those kids what for, of course, but its larger purpose was to placate Victoria Moon King, were she to wake up.
Pine most willingly gave Hemlock answers to placate his anger at being warden and even placed a hand upon Hemlock's shoulder as he talked.
I’d go, he lied, trying to placate her, but it’s snowing too much! Besides, no one is going to go to a meeting in this weather.
That successful ICBM test last week did a lot to placate those in the Congress who were whining about the expenditures of our space program.
All prisoners had their terms shortened to five years and they started to introduce fights to create prison space and to placate the public.
Placating, but equally loud.
They had only been placating.
Hollowcrest waved a placating hand.
That went some way towards placating me.
He raised his hands in a placating gesture.
But she was only placating her worst fears.
He used the word "placating" in one of the emails he sent me.
The last time I spoke with him, I used the word "placating" - I.
Torm extended his hands in a placating gesture, Hey, it wasnt my.
Uncle Peter’s voice came as from a far distance, plaintive, placating.
Jaitley and Sushil Modi were once again put on the job of placating Nitish.
She soon heard Nanosh talking into her ear, consoling her, placating her, smoothing her fears and 202.
I need a doctor! He said in the most placating tone that I’d ever heard usher forth from him before.
Her father held his hands up in a placating gesture, Evelyn I regret two things in my life above all others.
By promising to help the masses and by placating the rich; the German elite believed him to be a good vehicle to perpetuate their control.
She decided to have the four of them beamed back to her place, and there she tried placating him with food and drink, but he wouldn’t have it.
You killed the three bastard sons of the Blue Lite Contract Group, it only makes sense they want the maiden of the head of Blue Lite and why not a scorched earth policy for placating the watchers.
This gradual shifting to the ground of the benefactor, even of the servile sort, was not entirely placating, as Ivory Buck’s corrugated brow still hinted, but the constant iteration of admiration for his marvelous shrewdness and good fortune was having its effect.
They were placated.
Okay, okay, King placated him.
Neither of the Fleet men was placated.
But Fanny was too indignant to be placated.
Charles was hardly placated by the remarks.
Brandela did not look placated by his answer.
Placated, he informed her that he was on the Stock Exchange.
The acquisition of this new truth has placated the gods’ ire, it has.
Which is the safest path through the Forest? he enquired, placated.
Soul is fully placated at the completion of the exercise of contemplation.
This time he was quickly placated because of his excitement at getting home.
We’ll take cushions, Elfi placated, for that sweet tushy of yours.
But Jerry, on whom the thing came like a thunderbolt, refused to be placated.
He will then offer some sacrifices to Poseidon and the god will finally be placated.
Aoife had insisted on a story and Maureen had placated her even though it was getting very late.
She could tell he wouldn’t be placated so easily and that night would be with them for a long time.
The hotheaded often short-tempered Matthew was always placated by the serene cool headedness of Ellen.
The sight of Death placated most, they knew their life was leaking from their bodies, and her touch was serene.
It would be a considerable while before this idiot realised that he was being placated to keep his mouth shut.
I was the hunter for the monster, and like a civilization making a sacrifice to a deity, the monster had to be placated.
Therefore, encouraged by Marshall, and manipulated by Bradley, Eisenhower placated the Soviets, by disclosing to them his plans.
Still, I am able to be momentarily placated, knowing that this is something my parents might have understood, if they were here right now.
While distant provinces were being squeezed for profit, in Rome and the other wealthy cities, the populace was being placated by the politicians to retain their power.
Repression and denial often return to the surface during adult life and when it does, the rage beneath must be placated with wisdom, and the hatred must be calmed with forgiveness.
World War II showed it was not gods that must be placated, but something inside the heart of man that lets him to destroy with savage intensity and on a grand scale those of his own kind who have offended him.
There had been the problem of trying to win Ashley’s love and breaches of conduct to be concealed from her elders, jealous girls to be flouted or placated, styles of dresses and materials to be chosen, different coiffures to be tried.
But her husband placated her with polite words, and thought to himself that she may have been hallucinating, or that she was simply acting in order to entice him to pay more attention to her, thinking that it may have been nothing more than the cunning of women.
There is proverbially a mystery among most men of new wealth, how they made their first ten thousand; it is the qualities they showed then, before they became bullies, when every man was someone to be placated, when only hope sustained them and they could count on nothing from the world but what could be charmed from it, that make them, if they survive their triumph, successful with women.
In the cave, Ulysses placates his rage but not his hatred.
In Polyphemus’ cave Ulysses placates his rage but he does not placate his hatred.
A consensual hatred placates society with cliches which easily persuade the shallow culture against itself.
Ino, the daughter of Cadmus and Harmony, is a marine nymph, and she saves Ulysses by giving him a precious veil that placates his fear of death.

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