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Pocketbook in a sentence

1. She had proof in her pocketbook.
2. French letter still in my pocketbook.
3. We all were hit in the pocketbook this year with.
4. He put his pocketbook back in his pocket, then he called.
5. Marge threw her PDA in her pocketbook and came running in.
6. June grabbed her pocketbook with both hands and squeezed it.
7. He brought out of his coat a pocketbook bound by a leather thong.

8. Nekhludoff produced his pocketbook and gave the woman ten rubles.
9. Once again June squeezed her pocketbook as though holding on for dear life.
10. Nekhludoff distributed the sixty rubles that were in his pocketbook and returned home, i.
11. She opened the pocketbook and rummaged through the contents desperately searching for something.
12. Grabbing a pen from her pocketbook, she leaned the papers against her thigh and signed her name.
13. Danglars was tired and sleepy; he therefore went to bed, placing his pocketbook under his pillow.
14. Maclin smiled at the naïveté of the little note, and tucked it carefully away in his pocketbook.
15. In the pocketbook there were thirty-seven pounds, and so the matter could not be left in uncertainty.
16. Sometimes, I even smiled when a song would suddenly burst out from my pocketbook when someone called.
17. For the modern investor, failure of self-examination can be as damaging to the pocketbook as to the soul.
18. Sophie found some prescription painkillers in her pocketbook, washed them down with a glass of flat Champagne.
19. Being unencumbered by too many possessions can actually be a relief both for the pocketbook and for the mind.
20. Her oversized vinyl pocketbook was crammed with everything imaginable for her cats’ health, safety, and comfort.
21. Here are a few frugal boredom busters to keep your kids happy this winter, and to keep your pocketbook even happier.
22. The American manager stalks through the English land, with his pocketbook in evidence, and his plans neatly newspapered.
23. That's Ryabinin's way of doing business; he doesn't haggle over every half-penny, he added, scowling and waving the pocketbook.
24. She threw the pen back into her pocketbook, turned the last page over, and placed the document neatly onto the dining room table.
25. He’ll have all the details, but the fact is, we’ve had another media hit, and it’s going to cost us in the pocketbook big time.
26. The stranger took from his side pocket an old pocketbook of black leather, opened it, drew out three bank-bills, which he laid on the table.
27. It seems heartless in the extreme to discuss such a decision solely from the standpoint of what will be best for the stockholder’s pocketbook.
28. She wore her hair short, the top part permed and frosted, and her eyes were small and bland as dimes that had been in someone’s pocketbook too long.
29. Once she was standing, she hobbled to the end of the bed, placed her pocketbook gently on the mattress beside Jonathan’s feet, and looked directly at him.
30. The plain-clothes officer scribbled assiduously in his pocketbook and Danny wondered if the comedian Gareth Foster would be receiving an early morning raid.
31. With rapid, bony fingers he unbuttoned his coat, revealing a shirt, bronze waistcoat buttons, and a watch chain, and quickly pulled out a fat old pocketbook.
32. After they had driven over two miles from home, Veslovsky all at once felt for a cigar and his pocketbook, and did not know whether he had lost them or left them.
33. John had praised her, and was undoing the old pocketbook which they called thèbank', when Meg, knowing that it was quite empty, stopped his hand, saying nervously.
34. Thus every Wednesday a considerable sum found its way from the pocketbook of the baroness into that of one of her colleagues, to find its way back again the next morning.
35. Nekhludoff took out his pocketbook as soon as the director turned his back on them, but before he could hand her the ten-ruble bill the inspector turned round, facing them.
36. No, he merely drew a pocketbook from his pocket, and took from it a paper folded in four, and after having examined it in a manner almost reverential, he said—"Good! I have it still!".
37. Her three notes—unluckily they were all in my pocketbook, or I should have denied their existence, and hoarded them for ever—I was forced to put them up, and could not even kiss them.
38. Thus paying taxes on reinvested dividends and capital gains in a taxable account may make your pocketbook lighter, but it does not generally inhibit the compounding of the investments themselves.
39. His emotion was only revealed by the immense sighs he drew, as he solemnly spread his large Bible on the table and overlaid it with dirty bank-notes from his pocketbook, the produce of the day's transactions.
40. He went in here and bought a sheet of notepaper and an envelope, and, having borrowed the pen and ink, wrote a letter which he enclosed in the envelope with the two other pieces that he took out of his pocketbook.
41. The girl was laying in the middle of the alley with one man standing over her going through the small pocketbook she had been carrying while the other was kneeling over her in the process of stripping her of her jeans.
42. Of course another reason for his wanting to have a go at me may have been that I had bolted from his company some years earlier to start up a competing firm that was successful enough to put a small dent in his pocketbook.
43. Carefully avoiding a book in his pocket Sweets of, which reminded him by the by of that Cap l street library book out of date, he took out his pocketbook and, turning over the various contents it contained rapidly finally he.
44. Which means, 'What hurts my pocketbook the least?' This assures that Money will always out vote people and that governments will forever be limited to regulating markets rather than liberated to instituting equitable distribution.
45. As such, he faithfully complied with body, mind, and pocketbook to the best of his abilities with the premises and objectives of the material-world maxims, wanting to be a model citizen respected among his peers for his conformity and his open willingness to be one of the gang.
46. As such, he had faithfully complied with body, mind, and pocketbook to the best of his abilities with the premises and objectives of the material-world maxims, wanting to be a model citizen respected among his peers for his conformity and his open willingness to be one of the gang.
47. So… what do you want? A piece of modern, overpriced, expensive junk? Which you will be forced to trash before you can get your money’s worth out of it? Something that is expensive as hell to fix? Or do you want a simple, reliable, practical vehicle that does not gouge your pocketbook; and gets you from point A.
48. Sarah enters the room with pocketbook, Kenneth asks,.
49. There were various bills crammed into his pocketbook, but none of a later date than Christmas at any other place,.

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