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Policy in a sentence

1. This is his old policy.
2. It’s not a bad policy.
3. This policy of his was.
4. Honesty is the best policy.
5. Fuck his stupid team policy.
6. It is a Company policy that.
7. It's policy for all applicants.

8. I decide honesty is the policy.
9. A healthy life insurance policy.
10. Their policy is founded upon it.
11. God's whole policy consists in.
12. He received a BS in policy and.
13. It's the policy in every school.
14. The policy is to adopt cats to.
15. It is your best policy to do so.
16. Environment Policy Act was formed.
17. Honesty is Still the Best Policy.
18. This affiliate policy is what I.
19. Non-resistance is the best policy.
20. That’s a much better policy than.
21. Check the return policy at the shop.
22. You do have to qualify for the policy.
23. That was the policy of the residence.
24. In that case, that’s our policy.
25. The British policy was not abandoned.
26. Ironically, this policy was enacted.
27. But the policy was heavily mortgaged.
28. Haig also had views on domestic policy.
29. The life insurance policy was half a.
30. Its kind of an insurance policy meal.
31. This is questionable investment policy.
32. Staying positive provides smart policy.
33. The policy as it stands promotes traf-.
34. Government came up with the NEFT policy.
35. That means there’s a change in policy.
36. The word policy comes from here too; it.
37. And if not, you will cancel the policy.
38. Parts of the Peace Policy stayed in place.
39. They have over 13 million policy holders.
40. Is the nu US of All's education policy.
41. He called this policy the Truman Doctrine.
42. Furthermore, matters of policy should be.
43. His policy excluded taking federal grants.
44. In fact, that policy extended beyond fools.
45. White House policy was based on that thesis.
46. Policy of Withholding Dividends Questionable.
47. Obviously, I don’t agree with that policy.
48. There is a policy against wayward children.
49. I wanted to shove his team policy up his ass.
50. Not hospital policy to fraternise with the.
51. If Government policy is to be led by a spin.
52. This sanity goes against all corporate policy.
53. But a policy of isolation also means neglect.
54. Their policy is to respect the need and the.
55. I think that it’s government policy.
56. Now, see where that policy would have led us.
57. Make sure the store has a good returns policy.
58. There is a zero-tolerance policy on this team.
59. Who reads his entire insurance policy?
60. It functions basically as an insurance policy.
61. It is the policy of FONEMED to comply with the.
62. With the UAS policy and its subsequent amend-.
63. I had an eye on you and a wait-and-see policy.
64. I figured she'd had a life insurance policy on.
65. Haynes, that—that’s against hospital policy.
66. He needed a dramatic foreign policy achievement.
67. Foreign policy decisions to weaken the mid-east.
68. He makes NO further contributions to his policy.
69. Policy Manual and doubled the number of chapters.
70. The party with the best foreign policy manifesto.
71. Thus Lama Policy can be seen to be what is com-.
72. Honesty is not the best policy, if that honesty.
73. It’s an insurance policy with an agreed excess.
74. Candidates and policy speakers may still attend.
75. Fortunately it happens to be also a sound policy.
76. This gesture was in line with the policy of the.
77. But as far as policy was concerned, the die had.
78. I always strictly adhered to that no touch policy.
79. This policy is also quite inefficient and costly.
80. Over 7 years Don borrows $560,000 from the policy.
81. From this alone we can see that this Lama Policy.
82. However, this may also depend on the hotel policy.
83. Greece, due to the policy of the Turks of keeping.
84. He had researched housing policy in another state.
85. Although there were certain clauses in his policy.
86. It is a good idea to have a policy for what kinds.
87. I agreed with the policy but for different reasons.
88. The policy should include at least the following:.
89. The Swivels’ had a very healthy insurance policy.
90. Honesty seemed to be the best policy for the moment.
91. In El Salvador, it is clear Carter's policy failed.
92. Its fate now depended increasingly on Soviet policy.
93. In this regard, dividend policy is very integrated.
94. I can’t waive the school’s policy on cheating.
95. But, I have a standard policy that I must adhere to.
96. The policy you hold was canceled as of this morning.
97. The United States has now adopted an outside policy.
98. Only then can you decide that a policy is overpriced.
99. That policy certainly led to some population control.
100. This policy was to be called the Cultural Revolution.

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