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Policy in a sentence

This is his old policy.
This policy of his was.
It’s not a bad policy.
Honesty is the best policy.
Fuck his stupid team policy.
It is a Company policy that.
It's policy for all applicants.

I decide honesty is the policy.
He received a BS in policy and.
A healthy life insurance policy.
It is your best policy to do so.
God's whole policy consists in.
It's the policy in every school.
The policy is to adopt cats to.
Their policy is founded upon it.
Honesty is Still the Best Policy.
This affiliate policy is what I.
Environment Policy Act was formed.
Non-resistance is the best policy.
Check the return policy at the shop.
That’s a much better policy than.
In that case, that’s our policy.
Ironically, this policy was enacted.
That was the policy of the residence.
But the policy was heavily mortgaged.
The British policy was not abandoned.
You do have to qualify for the policy.
The life insurance policy was half a.
Haig also had views on domestic policy.
Its kind of an insurance policy meal.
This is questionable investment policy.
Staying positive provides smart policy.
Government came up with the NEFT policy.
The policy as it stands promotes traf-.
That means there’s a change in policy.
And if not, you will cancel the policy.
The word policy comes from here too; it.
Parts of the Peace Policy stayed in place.
They have over 13 million policy holders.
His policy excluded taking federal grants.

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