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Postgraduate in a sentence

1. Shes what she says she is, a postgraduate.
2. It would fund a place on a London University postgraduate course.
3. The bio said he had postgraduate degrees in molecular biology and journalism.
4. She took postgraduate courses at the New York Polyclinic Medical School and Hospital.
5. When he applied they turned him away, saying he needed a postgraduate education in one of six categories to land a job.
6. As an illustration, I recall becoming outraged with an academic advisor in my postgraduate studies – at the time, I felt that the advisor had clearly not acted professionally and I had suffered grievously as a result.
7. Nearly every day, some poor guy who’d been represented by an overworked and overwhelmed postgraduate public defender got out of jail after twenty long years because the DNA evidence came back saying he wasn’t guilty.

8. Even though a brief dissolution with the journalism world lead her down the path of Business Administration and Information Technology (with postgraduate degrees in both), she soon accepted the fact that writing was going to be plaguing her, happily or otherwise till she was no more.

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