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Preceptor in a sentence | preceptor example sentences

  1. The Preceptor will lead us.
  2. The boar was dying, Preceptor.
  3. They will not escape, Preceptor.
  4. Spiritual preceptor; the one who.
  5. The Preceptor shall be our leader.

  6. The Preceptor nodded at the carvings.
  7. She is nowhere to be found Preceptor.
  8. I said the Healer is missing Preceptor.
  9. The Preceptor lowered his head in respect.
  10. The Preceptor would never accomplish that.
  11. He said his name was Darkburst, Preceptor.
  12. Unlike the Preceptor, he was covered in gore.
  13. From a badger drowning in the marsh, Preceptor.
  14. The Preceptor could only manage a hoarse whisper.
  15. I think I saw him with the Preceptor earlier on.

  16. The Preceptor nodded and Thesa stared hard at him.
  17. As unthinkable as that was, the Preceptor was wrong.
  18. The Preceptor and his Custodians are frightened of you.
  19. The Preceptor stood before him, concern lining his snout.
  20. The Preceptor stared at her for a moment before speaking.
  21. Once inside, he would seek out the Preceptor and kill him.
  22. The Preceptor chuckled in delight, nodding his head eagerly.
  23. It was even rumoured that the Preceptor had magical powers.
  24. Come on, what do you say? Would you like to be Preceptor?
  25. Darkburst was shocked that the Preceptor did not believe him.

  26. Do you understand? Cherva nodded as the Preceptor continued.
  27. It's traditional for the Preceptor to select his own replacement.
  28. One friend Darkburst had made however, was Grindel, The Preceptor.
  29. When the Self is absorbed in God, neither is the teacher a preceptor.
  30. Molay and Geoffroi de Charney, who was the Preceptor of Normandy, slowly.
  31. Staring the Preceptor defiantly in the eyes, Thesa slowly nodded his head.
  32. And how the Preceptor of his sett had given him a great task to carry out.
  33. She would persuade the Preceptor to let her out on one last collecting trip.
  34. Brokin guessed that this must be Grindel, the Preceptor of Brockenhurst Sett.
  35. But this can't possibly be the Darkburst that the Preceptor was talking about.
  36. Leaving the Preceptor to his communion with the stars, he quietly slipped away.
  37. Cherva stood quite still, watching the Preceptor standing atop the fortifications.
  38. You'll soon loose that sparkle of fight when the Preceptor gets through with you.
  39. Cherva moved his considerable bulk slightly and the Preceptor barked a short laugh.
  40. For shame you should mention it! Brihaspati is preceptor of the gods and cannot.
  41. The Preceptor came and stood alongside Darkburst, pointing at the vast chamber below.
  42. At that moment The Preceptor himself entered the Great Chamber and dismissed the guards.
  43. The Preceptor stared back down at the apparition, a sudden chill running along his spine.
  44. The Preceptor might even resurrect the ancient rite of Rock Piling, especially for him!.
  45. You should stick to one place, one spiritual preceptor, one method and one system of Yoga.
  46. Cherva moved his considerable bulk nearer to the Preceptor, feeling uneasy at such closeness.
  47. He would have been pronounced a preceptor in some good family, returned from the emigration.
  48. Chuckling throatily the Preceptor allowed a slight sneer to touch his lips as he turned away.
  49. A roar rose from the enraged mob, washing over the elated Preceptor as he beamed down at them.
  50. Comfrey handed the stone to the guard at the entrance, requesting an audience with the Preceptor.
  51. The Preceptor of Brockenhurst Sett would never have let such precious items out of his protection.
  52. Cherva did his best not to react to this news, but his eyes let him down and the Preceptor chuckled.
  53. What makes you think the Preceptor of Brockenhurst Sett is aiming to take over Boddaert's Realm?
  54. Could this be the badger called Darkburst that the Preceptor had been showing such an interest in?
  55. The throng waited for the Preceptor to appear, impatiently fidgeting and murmuring in subdued voices.
  56. With these badgers Cherva would hold sway over the whole sett, second only to the Preceptor himself.
  57. Even so, the Elders had only given him permission to negotiate with the Preceptor, not attack the sett.
  58. The Preceptor treated me with utter contempt but I can't say I blame him too much in the circumstances.
  59. The thought of her brother's one close friendship, with the Preceptor, Grindel, caused Broshee to shiver.
  60. A variety developed by the former Comte Carles dels Flors, father of our own dear preceptor, Mor Jaume.
  61. But Skelda's prodding insistence shattered the shimmering image and the Preceptor turned away from the roots.
  62. But I wasn't given the chance to explain anything, was I? Instead the Preceptor treated me like a two-moon cub.
  63. Then turning to the giant boar, the Preceptor continued his conversation as though there had been no interruption.
  64. The Preceptor watched silently as the young badger left the Great Chamber, pleased with the results of the meeting.
  65. It would be so easy to just give in: find some badger to take him to the Preceptor and throw himself on his mercy.
  66. The Preceptor had ordered the boar to leave Brockenhurst Valley and never return, but the Custodian refused outright.
  67. You see, madame, how rightly I spoke when I said I required a preceptor to guide me in all my sayings and doings here.
  68. How often is a chance like this going to present itself? The Preceptor probably won't leave the sett again this season.
  69. He'd only set Grindel the task of following the group so that the Preceptor wouldn't see him using the special carvings.
  70. The Preceptor paused for a moment, licking his lips before continuing, as though savouring his next words before their delivery.
  71. Either way, with the pragmatism of a survivor, Cherva immediately threw his strength behind the Preceptor and swore his allegiance.
  72. All through the Healer's narration, the Preceptor listened intently, nodding his head occasionally, as though encouraging her to continue.
  73. After the Sacred Roots had been stolen from the Great Chamber, the Preceptor had come to visit him with talk of a diarchy and a promise of power.
  74. The Preceptor could see the questions forming in the young boar's eyes even before he asked them and moved closer, a grim expression creasing his snout.
  75. Snout creasing with anxiety, Grey wondered how long it would be before the Preceptor discovered the theft of the Sacred Roots and sent out a search party.
  76. He'd come here to kill the Preceptor, so why did he hesitate? Many badgers had fought bravely and many had died so that he could accomplish this one task.
  77. If Brokin could infiltrate the sett and kill the Preceptor while his main force was fighting at the front, then the headless snake would quickly wither and die.
  78. They'd all expected the Preceptor to launch his attack as soon as the winter snows melted, but it was well into summer now, and still no attack had materialised.
  79. When the Preceptor realised how bad things were becoming in the lower tunnels of the sett, he ordered Soffen's release from the chamber where she was incarcerated.
  80. Cherva smiled contentedly, secure in the knowledge that he would soon rout the invading force and raise his credibility even further in the eyes of the Preceptor.
  81. He was missing something important here and would do well to question the Healer about this himself, but how to do it without the Preceptor finding out was the problem.
  82. After being dragged before them by the guards, the Custodian was thrown to the floor at Grindel's feet, where the Preceptor glared down at the badger, his eyes full of contempt.
  83. If the Preceptor left his planned attack on Badachro Sett much longer, he'd be forced to postpone it until after the cold winter winds had relinquished their hold on the forest.
  84. When winter finally broke its hold on Brockenhurst Forest, the Preceptor cautioned patience when Cherva had suggested that they launch an attack on Badachro Sett as soon as possible.
  85. Cherva had immediately recognised that the Preceptor was offering him the chance to become the first suzerain of Brockenhurst Sett, with the authority to rule a realm within a realm.
  86. When he had suggested his plan to the Elders, they were less than enthusiastic, preferring instead to wait for the Preceptor to attack them and hope that they could negotiate with him.
  87. Then shaking his head slowly, he said, No, I'm not going away anywhere, but I do have other plans to pursue, plans that leave no room for the responsibilities of being Preceptor any longer.
  88. The Preceptor had assured him that, given time, the troublesome badgers would come to Brockenhurst Sett, saving their own fighting force the trouble of a long trek out to Badachro, and he'd been right.
  89. Guiding the Healer through the tunnels towards the chamber below Fire Rock where the other prisoners were kept, Cherva pondered on the reasons why the Preceptor might be so interested in the Healer's cub.
  90. Dessalles, the tutor he had brought from Switzerland, was wearing a coat of Russian cut and talking broken Russian to the servants, but was still the same narrowly intelligent, conscientious, and pedantic preceptor.
  91. As the Preceptor paused again, the badgers assembled in the Great Chamber exploded into a cheer that almost deafened Brokin in his hiding place, and it was as well that they did, because the shock of hearing the Preceptor's words had wrung a loud gasp from his throat.
  92. The impossibility of approaching too close, his costume of an emigre preceptor, the declaration of Thenardier which made a grandfather of him, and, finally, the belief in his death in prison, added still further to the uncertainty which gathered thick in Javert's mind.

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