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    1. It was my first day of duty and I was wearing a new tailor-made uniform, meeting officers of the various units I would be working with, when I was brought to a basement interrogation room below a police precinct

    2. “One guy in an unmarked car in front of the building, from your precinct

    3. As Tlatoani, Mocteuzoma had been quite the builder and was responsible for much of the current splendor of the Temple Precinct as well as a new palace and the general spate of stone housing which gave Tenochtitlan its splendid aspect, making it the envy of much of Anahuac

    4. “We’ll need you girls to come down to the precinct and fill out a report

    5. When I found the connection, I contacted the 13th Precinct and they told me that they’re aware of the website and have someone undercover

    6. The precinct doesn’t know

    7. “He’s the Captain of Computer Crimes at the four six precinct

    8. captain of computer crimes at the 46th precinct

    9. I was taken, in a blackout, to a Southside precinct drunk tank

    10. A total of 150 drivers were stopped at the site, located about 2 miles from the polling precinct and 18 warnings were issued, a dozen to white motorists

    11. I’m going to have to take you to the precinct

    12. Williams asked me to escort her to the precinct

    13. It’s an intense, silent ride as Ethan escorts Janay to the precinct and Torin leaves Trina in his home as he arrives at the precinct to watch Janay’s confession

    14. They left the precinct and hopped in Stanton’s car

    15. By the time Chris looked up, all he could do was watch in horror as the big car punched its way through the wood and steel mesh in a shower of broken fiberglass and sailed through the retaining wall of the overpass, heading for the shopping precinct far below

    16. the 90th Precinct station house in Brooklyn to check on the status of his friend, Kaut N

    17. Police sergeant Will Ramirez heard the officer‘s callout at the precinct

    18. The officers apparently decided to take him down to the precinct, figuring they could interrogate Morse before Homeland Security took over

    19. It wasn't long after that the two officers at Haji's were together once again and on the radio to their precinct

    20. Steve was speed walking to the pay phone in the precinct lobby

    21. " Then he patted Steve on the back and walked out the precinct door

    22. From then on, the ride back to the precinct was uneventful and long

    23. He was one of the finest in his precinct

    24. Not long after, he was on his way down through town to the precinct

    25. Nothing on you in the databanks at the precinct either

    26. Thanks to the unique transceiver in my car, I’ve been eavesdropping on dispatches between Precinct 13 and its patrol cars

    27. “What?” everyone says as they all turn and stare at Diane D as she walks to the back of the precinct

    28. “Yea, Pantera,” he answered, in case it might be someone else in the precinct using the phone

    29. I turned and looked through the window that overlooked the rest of the precinct

    30. Picking up the phone he called the precinct

    31. open, he realized it was the precinct calling

    32. was taken into the precinct and questioned

    33. He gazed around the precinct with an

    34. Gardner’s precinct, isn’t it?” The constable charged with performing the paperwork

    35. instruction to several officers with him in the precinct

    36. Detective Gardner left the precinct with another

    37. Gabriel decided that there was no more to be done at the precinct

    38. Bill found it hard to believe that he was being taken to his new ‘command’ as they headed for the less-than-smart terrace of offices above a shopping precinct

    39. She knew they would get all the coffee they needed while in the Ops Room, but hurried into the Clerkenwell precinct below their offices to collect a bottle of white wine from the off licence, to have with the fish and chips she bought for their supper

    40. So it was no real surprise, although a considerable embarrassment, when, at two in the morning a few days later, four shadowy figures appeared in the pedestrian precinct at Trafalgar Square

    41. Since the precinct had been created, most passengers for the night buses boarded them in The Strand, outside the Armed Services Careers Office as it happened, rather than on the Square itself, outside the National Gallery, which is where the buses used to stop

    42. And in the very small precinct of the Village there were sixty nine such restaurants

    43. They are considering the Dube City precinct at Dube Trade Port for a five-star hotel

    44. She also had her trauma investigated in a police precinct

    45. “Jack and I thought about meeting with all of them down at the precinct, but we want to draw this creep out of the shadows he’s been hiding in up to now, and a good way to do this, is to visibly draw the detectives into our investigations, and then stand back and see what happens

    46. “Detective John Connor, 36th precinct of New Star,” replied Jack

    47. was told that he should go down to the precinct for questioning on the murder of his

    48. Joseph was allowed to leave the precinct

    49. Tonya walked into the Greenburgh police precinct

    50. The sacred precinct of Carthage, called the Tophet, was the location of the temple of the goddess Tanit and the necropolis

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    a district of a city or town marked out for administrative purposes