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Prognosis in a sentence

Is the prognosis.
Amani for a prognosis.
A diagnosis and prognosis.
Amani gave Baba his prognosis.
What’s the prognosis?
Sharon’s prognosis was not good.
At least, that was the prognosis.

What’s the prognosis? Tell me, Kyle.
What was the prognosis? she asked sternly.
Though I was told his prognosis is not good.
The prognosis was unknown at present but guarded.
His condition was serious with his prognosis poor.
Lewis asked his witness, What’s her prognosis?
Then focus on possible ways to cope with such a prognosis:.
His face drawn and concerned, he gave Warren the prognosis.
The prognosis was chilling: Fred could expect to live only.
The neurosurgeon went into detail on her prognosis and course.
The cancer had spread they learned and the prognosis was not good.
The prognosis: Earth has less cells making food and more making money.
I wondered if that was the standard prognosis for all of his patients.
The prognosis is not quite as bad in the case or corporate Psychopathy.
The prognosis may be established only with both the signs form Mercury’s.
The prognosis was good; the tiny spot of cancer had not spread beyond the uterus.
Puller and Niles had talked often about the boy, his condition and dire prognosis.
I can, as a medical man, bear witness that your prognosis was justified by the event.
Steng is in tough shape, but he’s alive and the prognosis is favorable thanks to Brown.
Reuben, now that you have had a chance to assess Daisy’s damage, what is the prognosis?
The prognosis is looking up: in test subjects, lymphoid tumors have been seen to reduce in size.
Many of my HIV patients have a much better prognosis, when their life is geared towards optimism.
Rodney and Kate checked Max thoroughly, and from the smiles on their faces, the prognosis looked good.
Haynes said his condition has improved significantly, miraculously, considering the original prognosis.
The absence of a body should have been good news, but most factors of the day pointed to a bad prognosis.
But, of course, the only patients who’d been examined by the new method were those with a poor prognosis.
The prognosis is that crude oil is about to begin a drop in its inflation-adjusted price that may well last 17 years.
It’s not easy to tell someone that they have cancer, but it becomes more of a challenge when the prognosis is not good.
They had eventually got round to telling him everything that had been wrong with him, and give him some sort of prognosis for the future.
Colin, keen to show that he had a basic grasp of the process, gave his prognosis, It looks like the unit keeps topping itself up from the storage tank.
The prognosis for recovery in adolescents and children who suffer from pyromania depends on the environmental or individual factors in play, but is generally positive.
The cognitive impairments that had led to his original diagnosis appeared to plateau rather than worsening quickly as predicted, so his prognosis improved considerably.
He was familiar with the diagnosis, satisfied with the prognosis and happy to delegate the procedure to Switzerland’s leading brain surgeon, with whom he had studied.

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