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Programmers in a sentence

1. In some companies, programmers are not.
2. Never trust programmers to test the software.
3. Excellent programmers, she blurted out.
4. Other programmers could take inspiration from.
5. Since its unveiling, programmers and companies who.
6. The programmers cannot understand their own programs.
7. Programmers would then hand the cards over to a cent-.

8. Another worried look passed between the two programmers.
9. We have a team of programmers on Eretz that updates it.
10. One of the most notorious of these programmers was Bill.
11. Congress had given programmers and companies the power to.
12. Like many programmers of his generation, Torvalds had cut.
13. One of the programmers made a mistake, can you believe it.
14. But there are plenty of programmers who have been waiting.
15. But very few programmers could sell you water if you were.
16. Systems programmers knew how to make the machine do anything.
17. The two programmers sat in uncomfortable silence for a moment.
18. So where can you find these freelance programmers waiting to hit.
19. Both of our programmers sought to program us with the same types of.
20. Our programmers were, in fact, working on all these upgrades, anyway.
21. For example, two of my best programmers have come as direct referrals.
22. Annie, I have to go, one of the JPL programmers is here and it’s urgent.
23. For experienced programmers, other items of interest in the sys module include sys.
24. Trigonometric Functions is only meant for those programmers that have some knowledge about.
25. We are a 20 people team, with 7 statisticians, 10 programmers and 3 busi-The most important.
26. A large group gathered around the building that housed Theory and the programmers stood back.
27. They would govern the world according to functions and the axioms their programmers gave them.
28. It might sound complicated but programmers can perform packing as well as unpacking very simply.
29. Lester was in good company: two of the three other programmers were bordering on temper tantrums.
30. Cindy thought it would be a good choice, though this may be because it was created by Atlas programmers.
31. We’re partnering with IIIT, JNTU, etc on a course on data visualization that’s offered to programmers.
32. The obvious reference here is to the days when we had more limits on what we could do as computer programmers.
33. The software programmers looked bemused at the screen, but the two old professors and their sons looked in amazement.
34. Some programmers collaborate on Unix software projects as something of a hobby and release the results to the public.
35. We could just as easily have outsourced the entire site to programmers who could have designed anything that we wanted.
36. For example, programmers shouldn’t spend an inordinate amount of time telling those in marketing how to do their jobs.
37. Lester was welcome to work on "consultant" duties for the two Application Programmers who were to do the improvement work.
38. When Greg downloaded the operating software from his P I ship, he took the combined ingenuity of centuries of programmers.
39. One of them was about flowcharting which is a system used by programmers to lay out the logic of their program before they.
40. He had to be ready for queries on a new statistical maths package that a couple of applications programmers were starting to use.
41. On the day of the Great On-Turning two soberly dressed programmers with brief cases arrived and were shown discreetlyinto the office.
42. The IT sector was previously considered white-collar, in that many of the employees were working as software engineers and programmers.
43. Programmers should have had more insight and took it upon themselves to see to it that the coming of the new century would never pose a problem.
44. Each lawnmower collects its own earnings and uses the bitcoins to pay programmers on the Internet to improve its AI algorithms so it can earn more.
45. Wordpress will suffice for the majority of your site needs and for more complex sites, I recommended that you outsource this to skilled programmers.
46. In addition, she creates a database structure that incorporates the needs of artists, management, programmers, and corporate counsel that includes:.
47. The page they put together is designed not only for investors, but for anyone in the tech industry—computer programmers, engineers, systems people, and others.
48. That meant the Systems Programmers could tackle the jobs that needed the whole of the computer, and indeed it was a pleasant change to do those in daylight hours.
49. Often new features and capabilities are the result of programmers adapting the existing software for their own uses and then posting their code for others to use.
50. There were several variations of bar type games, board games, video games, and even some virtual reality machines that the local programmers had beefed up with new.
51. Do you think getting a few of the smarter programmers in our computer club involved in the development of this module might help? Daniel asked a couple of minutes later.
52. In some cases, programmers modify existing Unix modules for their own purposes and then release those modifications to the public domain so that they can be of help to others.
53. I tried to find some good examples of Python applications that use the Chain of Responsibility pattern but I couldn't, most likely because Python programmers don't use this name.
54. Over the years, the IT department became more and more isolated from the operational units, so that the O&M department had its own software laboratory, data center, and programmers.
55. SAS programmers have written a great deal of code to handle this specific issue; King and Fleming show one such approach in the 2011 SAS Global Forum proceedings (see http://support.
56. Apart from being able to fool even an experienced stable boy about its true nature, the engineers and programmers who had designed it had given it a true personality and even a sense of humor.
57. Their suggested acceleration plan would fix that; and anyway, they pointed out, in many Centres the System Programmers wouldn't be allowed in Operations areas, much less left alone there over a weekend.
58. Thankfully, weve found a couple of computer programmers from Concordia University, also an expert in the filming industry from McGill University to try to improve the camera image of the heinous cat thief.
59. Last, the Database team, and to a less culpable extent the Applications Programmers, had stood politely by while Rome might have been burning, while their users took second place to some hobbyist investigation.
60. Therefore, WML is still one of the safest and simplest bets for optimizing a website for wireless devices, though it has some limitations that can be overcome once programmers can move strictly to XHTML or HTML.
61. Artists used a database package that ships with their Macintosh computers; the programmers use a proprietary database of their own design on PCs; and the legal group uses a spreadsheet running on a PC; and so on.
62. The most famous example is that of Counter-Strike; released in 1999, it is still one of the most popular online first-person shooter, even though it was created as a mod for Half-Life by two independent programmers.
63. Simply put, JSON-RPC describes a structure with which two computers (or two programs on a single computer) can write messages to each other in a way that’s easy for computer programmers to integrate into their code.
64. Many cryptographers and programmers began to participate in Bitcoin’s development, including notable computer scientists like Hal Finney, who were longtime contributors to digital currency research (among other topics).
65. For all our deficits as human beings, the programmers tell us, at least we can feel humorous contempt for the people who horde, the people who get arrested, the people who fight with each other, for the people who are not us.
66. For example, the programmers communicate regularly among themselves, tend to go to lunch together, some socialize outside of work, and all keep the discussion of their relative productivity and responsibilities to themselves.
67. Last time he checked the monitor AI it was only able to run checks of its own caretaker systems; certainly there was no sign any ability for outward communication – unless one of the programmers had found a way to enhance its evolutionary rate.
68. After a few tries, I finally get a WIFI connection - while doing this, I gratefully thank my company's programmers who prepared me for just such a situation by explaining how to reset a bad connection - and send a report of my success to those concerned.
69. Like other variants, Linux is available as a free download from the Internet in versions for most standard hardware platforms and is continually refined by an ad hoc group of programmers who communicate mainly through Internet mailing lists and newsgroups.
70. The programmers are concerned with the physical location of the files and the name of the associated project; artists are concerned with version and creation tool information; while those in the legal department are concerned with license restrictions and expiration dates.
71. If the management suddenly wanted the address printed on the left side of an invoice rather than on the right, the change was handed to a team of impossibly aloof programmers who were charged with getting the computer to obey their commands, as if it were a wild, untamable beast.
72. How much time do people spend getting better at something? Do professional golfers spend as much time with their children as they do on the tour? Or as much time as they do practicing their mechanical swings? Do computer programmers spend as much time trying to become better lovers as they do on their beloved computers? What is the point in trying to perfect a machine? We do not even do that.
73. Aboriginals have characteristic thinking and feeling types borrowed from lower dimensions of ODS, and, of course, there is nothing in their Realities, of which scientists, engineers, explorers, or programmers think, — that is, all that which is interesting for an ordinary civilized “human being” who has a computer, a car, who knows “the history of development” of the civilization, philosophy and other things.

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