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Puritanic in a sentence

The persons now in the market-place of Boston had not been born to an inheritance of Puritanic gloom.
To poor Dorothea these severe classical nudities and smirking Renaissance-Correggiosities were painfully inexplicable, staring into the midst of her Puritanic conceptions: she had never been taught how she could bring them into any sort of relevance with her life.
’ The object, as we see, is reached at one time by idealism, at another by materialism; at one time by laxity and a cry of freedom, at another by an extravagant and cruel orthodoxy; at one time by despotism, at another by revolution; at one time by excessive puritanic strictness, at another by all the genialities of an 'enlightened self-indulgence.

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blue puritanic puritanical