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Quarantined in a sentence

1. The entire mall was quarantined.
2. The avatar was quarantined but not destroyed.
3. Before you were quarantined, what was it like?
4. I understand you don’t want your horse quarantined.
5. They quarantined me for a while before sending me home.
6. The rest of the afternoon he quarantined himself in his room.
7. The quick bomb screens have already moved into the quarantined stuff.

8. MARY3: But was she allowed to talk to you? Aren’t you still quarantined?
9. Consequently, many escaped the camp where they were being quarantined and have.
10. This kid is going to have to be quarantined for a long time, if we ever reach him.
11. Carter jumped out of his car and rushed up to the quarantined house, dodging reporters.
12. The sick were isolated in a quarantined building with one English nurse taking care of them.
13. The ship would be quarantined, it would hoist the yellow flag and sail in a state of emergency.
14. The thorough screens should be done with the running stuff in an hour and the quarantined by late tomorrow.
15. Just that health situation has erupted, rabies of some sort, and those infected were currently quarantined.
16. When she brought attention to it, film was confiscated, X-rays were retaken with less voltage, and she was quarantined.
17. Paralyzed, quarantined, lonely as the last star, and now denied her full humanity by Stephen Chinn’s Machiavellian program.
18. They went into her room and took her out to the vehicle which was to transport them to the sanatorium where she would be quarantined.
19. Police tape quarantined off a small section near the back of the park, along the tree line, which lead to a few acres of thick woods.
20. The nanoscanners put together a 3D image of a large, grey, squid-looking alien animal quarantined inside of this huge underwater mountain.
21. Many tried then to have the Jupiter and Saturn systems quarantined indefinitely, to supposedly protect Earth from ‘space contamination’.
22. In the interests of the health of unaffected citizens the patient had to report to the sanatorium where he would be quarantined, and cared for.
23. A sixth of our crystal is quarantined and it's probably simpler and safer in the long run to just recycle all of it rather than try to sort it out.
24. State governments also require that birds (including parrots) entering the state be quarantined if they don't carry health certificates declaring they aren't carriers.
25. The readouts said that the avatar that attacked her was quarantined successfully in known crystals on the Biology Base, no space in those crystals was receiving grants.
26. In short nothing that you would ever want in your body! If a nurse drops a vial of the flu vaccine and it shatters, say in a school gym, the entire building, by written protocol, is to be evacuated and quarantined until a chemical hazmat crew has cleaned the spill up and deemed it safe to reenter the building.
1. They are quarantining all bite victims, he replied.
2. Do you have a permit for that Greeg? questioned a genuinely concerned member of the strictly volunteer Rounding Up of Greegs and Quarantining them in Zoos Where They Belong Society.
1. The population waited for quarantines and white- suited specialists with giant mobile labs but they didn’t come.

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1. Quarantine is always a good idea.
2. Please use a quarantine tank for.
3. This is the silence of absolute, total quarantine.
4. They have good reasons for putting her in quarantine.
5. It should go without saying that a quarantine is not.
6. No quarantine restrictions apply like in the old days.
7. Then I will be forced to quarantine you, Kitara said.
8. Carlos knew that, she had been taken into quarantine as well.
9. Do you have a relative in the quarantine ward? she asked.
10. However, take the proper pre-cautions and use a quarantine tank.
11. Is this why they have kept you in quarantine from the others?
12. There reputations, even Royalist reputations, were held in quarantine.
13. Stocking your tank slowly and ALWAYS using a quarantine tank will pay.
14. You see, the colony doubles as quarantine to protect the Empire from us.
15. This is quarantine! You can’t be in here! she shouted as she walked.
16. Yes, you should quarantine your coral before introducing it the display tank.
17. The force field that kept Tammas in quarantine came down, and his Doctor, a.
18. Yes, quarantine for 20 square miles, the soldier replied clutching his.
19. We couldn’t even hold their hands to comfort them because of the quarantine.
20. She had three fabricators now to feed the crystal into as it cleared quarantine.
21. Then you need to quarantine the animal testing lab, Sam urgently suggested.
22. It held the map-space linkage to the crystals in hard quarantine on Biology Base.
23. Move the fish to quarantine and medicate according to the directions on the bottle.
24. Tammas was still in quarantine a full week after the Crisis at Vulcan, as the.
25. The corporal marched the men to a quarantine area, where there stood a rickety canopy.
26. We quarantine the elderly in nursing homes and pretend aging will never happen to us.
27. Fill the quarantine tank with water from the main tank and then turn everything on in the.
28. Their charges for convoy, port accommodations, light-houses, and quarantine, are exceedingly heavy.
29. The cumulative effect of these decisions has been to quarantine traditional religion from public life.
30. Following a strict quarantine protocol will go a long way to ensuring your success within this hobby.
31. At least the quarantine teams had time to seal off the area before it spread to the rest of the planet.
32. It took a lot for dad to make him through the quarantine to the space age rehabilitations, but in vain.
33. We need to call the Centers for Disease Control and have them order an immediate quarantine of the area.
34. Budgies sold in local pet stores are most likely bred in the United States, so quarantine is unnecessary.
35. The only treatment was strict quarantine for the homes of the afflicted, or the whole town if it was widespread.
36. Furthermore, there are two races that are kept in quarantine in Warded reserves in Xervia by the Grand Council.
37. When birds are imported from another country, they are required to undergo a period of isolation called quarantine.
38. Then he raised his hands as he realised that a total of 14 rather heavily armed quarantine guards were pointing their guns at him.
39. To dream that someone or something is in quarantine indicates that someone is in desperate need of your help but is afraid to ask.
40. You need to put the ill chickens, which display any of these symptoms, in quarantine immediately to prevent the ailment from spreading.
41. According to Merthin, some Italian cities had even closed their gates for a period of thirty or forty days, called a trentine or a quarantine.
42. The flight from Gengee took little more than five weeks and it was now stored in a refrigerated room under the strictest quarantine while it was studied.
43. It was therefore a relief when neighbors no longer considered the house in quarantine, and when the chances of seeing Rosamond alone were very much reduced.
44. AFTER A DAY SPENT SHIVERING IN OMORI’S QUARANTINE area, Louie was led into the main body of the camp, an enormous compound crowded with some nine hundred prisoners.
45. There are some quarantine regulations and it needs explanation on the other hand, why you need it or what you wanna do with it, Doppler said shrugging his shoulders.
46. On October 22, six days after seeing the spy plane photos, Kennedy announced the discovery in an address to the nation in which he also announced the quarantine of Cuba.
47. The government immediately made all the necessary arrangements to control the outbreak through implementing an order to quarantine and isolate all those whom it had affected.
48. Well, that is where they send you if they think you are carrying a contagious disease, so that means we will have to go through quarantine and disinfection, was my reply.
49. Doctors of preventive medicine, men at the borders who look for fruit flies, for Japanese beetle, men who quarantine the sick trees and root them out and burn them, men of knowledge.
50. If I recall right, since we were on a non-Imperial world for a while we will have to be kept in quarantine for forty-eight hours, but it is at least a week to the capital from here.
51. Saul directed those two soldiers, along with the boy and the two already transported to Washington, to be moved to Atlanta where a special quarantine and research center was being set up.
52. He and Nyreea would certainly not be witnessing this had they not violated the quarantine, as what they witnessed here would be below the horizon of ShantyTown, and with hill country in between.
53. They continued to treat the stricken old woman in this way for quite some time and concealed the matter of her illness for fear that the authorities might hear about it and place her in quarantine.
54. It took the people three days to reach the supposed Mecca, which then turned out to be a nothing but a plague spot of yellow fever, quarantine enforced, with no shelter or rest for their weary bodies.
55. I discovered this new form and locality of magnesia in examining the strata exhibited in an excavation now making, under the delusive expectation of finding gold, about three miles from the Quarantine.
56. But the commander of the patrol was not satisfied, and he ordered them to leave the bay and wait in Las Mercedes Marsh until two o’clock in the afternoon, while the forms were prepared for placing the ship in quarantine.
57. Atlanta Under Quarantine, the headlines read at the top of the screen as medical specialists in special suits attend the dying breaking and bleeding in airtight plastic inflatable rooms that they’ve been herded into.
58. He said he had been worried that the other horse might have to go into quarantine with the resulting expenses eating up their meager profit, but that Sylvia had somehow worked magic and managed to get new documents delivered to the boat.
59. Someone saw him shivering with fever and informed the Captain, who, fearing a case of cholera, left the party with the ship’s doctor, and the doctor took the precaution of sending Florentino to the quarantine cabin with a dose of bromides.
60. However, the leader of the Quarantine Unit explains that a third individual exited the Shuttle while he and 13 guards were watching it, and somehow, this individual managed to … acquire a Ray Gun from one of the guards and … sort of stun the entire Quarantine Unit.
61. The cubic feet of oxygen yearly swallowed by a full-grown man—what a shudder they might have created in some Middlemarch circles! "Oxygen! nobody knows what that may be—is it any wonder the cholera has got to Dantzic? And yet there are people who say quarantine is no good!".
62. For, though himself and boat's crew remained untainted, and though his ship was half a rifle-shot off, and an incorruptible sea and air rolling and flowing between; yet conscientiously adhering to the timid quarantine of the land, he peremptorily refused to come into direct contact with the Pequod.
63. Immediately, he called the gendarme wondering why he had failed to wake him as requested, ‘Oh, my son! Why didn’t you awake me when the train stopped at the quarantine centre as I told you?’ Feeling afraid and confused, the gendarme replied, ‘Oh, Sir… oh, Sir! I swear by God, that I fell asleep Sir.
64. Yet, it pleased Al’lah to let the gendarme sleep a little also, before the train’s arrival at the quarantine and sterilisation area, so his master, Aslan, stayed asleep too, blissfully unaware! Then, the train departed and continued on its way without the officer and his men having carried out the required procedures.

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