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Racetrack in a sentence

Park River Bend Horse Racetrack.
Not only the losing horse in a racetrack.
Yes, that’s what we named the racetrack.
I need it for the racetrack I told you about.
I mean, don’t bet it all on that racetrack!.
Chin went on to own the racetrack that was subse-.
I’ll find a way to tell him about the racetrack.
Do they ever have a gallop poll at the racetrack?
Autumn Reigns will be the longest racetrack in Ashbourne.
Bend Horse Racetrack was going to be the obvious choice:.
But angry? Here's a buck, go buy ten rides on that calliope racetrack.
When you tallied all the wins and losses, I am a loser at the racetrack.
But regardless of what the weatherman predicted, I went to the racetrack.
Maybe it’s the racetrack; the thoughts of leaving could be depressing him.
During my gambling journey at the racetrack, the stories are just unbelievable.
Nowadays, he even had his very own horse racetrack, something he’d always wanted.
He had just finished a game of squash, had jogged round the racetrack, showered and.
Chin went on to own the racetrack that was subsequently located in White Horse, Nevada.
Then the town was lost to view, and we were landing, coming in over a brand- new racetrack.
Early on I noticed there were a number of gurneys—medical gurneys—at the Aqueduct Racetrack.
Chin had some doctored documents of his own pertaining to the Holiday Park River Bend Racetrack.
All I said about him was concerning the racetrack, so where are you getting this dating idea?
I took this brilliant idea with me into the racetrack when I eventually started playing the horses.
I guess the good news is that in the options market there is no racetrack to take a cut of the winnings.
Bill sped around the hills as if he was on a racetrack, while Manda gripped the seat with all her strength.
I haven’t been to the racetrack too many times, but in high school, I did run a few races while on the cross country and track teams.
I shed many layers of itchy skin thanks to wonderful days spent with wonderful friends outdoors, both on the beach and at the racetrack.
And you go to a racetrack and believe the bugler! Have you ever looked at the bugler? He walks in all the dirt and the shit of the racetrack.
Chin and Jeremiah were going to go out on a limb and sell the River Bend Holiday Park Horse Racetrack located on the outskirts of White Horse.
The third present was a model Porsche, he ran his finger over its curved lines and imagined how it would fare against his Ferrari on the racetrack.
In the hour that follows, Zachary and I talk about the plans for our racetrack and agree to use the same contractors he has worked with over the years.
I wonder if all those guys down at the racetrack understand how much better their odds would be if they started betting on stock options instead of race horses.
Thom and Linda, good friends of mine who lived in nearby Pennsylvania, would fix it for me but not tell me that sometimes the meat could be found at the racetrack.
The adjoining racetrack had been torn down, and now more than five hundred companies contracted by the Nazi state were at work preparing the site for the Olympic Games.
I’m expecting Zachary to start the conversation on recent events, but halfway through the meal, I realize he isn’t intending to discuss the racetrack any time soon.
As much as I talk about losing overall at the racetrack, when it came to betting triples, I won a lot more than I lost, because I found out in my gambler’s mind, that there was a relationship between numbers.
When that horse crossed the finish line ahead of the pack, Alvin collected on the single most winning race in the history of the Holiday Park River Bend Horse Racetrack, coming in at just under a million-five.
Besides that, who did they think they were opening a racetrack? And taking over one of Big Jim’s establishments that was making him good money all those years? Now they owed Big Jim and the entire Dailey/Richardson family.
It was beautiful all the way to the Holiday Park River Bend Horse Racetrack where it was just another terrific day, meaning that the weather was a perfect eighty-two degrees with a semi-cool breeze that had the smell of freshness to it.
She was guaranteed with a contract to be not only sponsored by the Intrepid Star Casino that her father/son owned, but also paid a steady salary working for the track and sponsored as the official jockey of the River Bend Horse Racetrack.

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