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Rainfall in a sentence

1. It feels the falling of heavy rainfall.
2. With a scant four inches of rainfall.
3. Typical midwest weather, normal rainfall.
4. Rainfall was lower because of the decrease in.
5. Rainfall is heavy, often with thunder and lightning.
6. Its water level was rose up with the night rainfall.
7. For example, rainfall occurs as a reaction of heaven.

8. Most rainfall in a minute: A figure of 38.
9. The dune region around Swakopmund has an annual rainfall.
10. For example, the rainfall occurs as a reaction of the heaven.
11. It was a heavy rainfall rattling on the surface of the waves.
12. During this time, the climate here is cool and rainfall is low.
13. That night was over flooded with the heavy showering of rainfall.
14. If temperatures are ideal and rainfall is adequate, prices will fall.
15. So, who laid down these rules to cause the rainfall for your goodness?
16. Since then we have bred to the capacity of our rainfall and water supply.
17. It is like a rainfall that produces plants, and delights the disbelievers.
18. In our scenario it was global warming increasing autumn rainfall by one inch.
19. Rainfall in the region is about 50 percent below normal levels for summer time.
20. The violent winds which blow after the rainfall have an effect in this cleaving.
21. In one rainfall, he could collect enough rainwater for 10,000 people for 10 years.
22. The rainfall lasted long enough to turn the open courtyard into a large, muddy pool.
23. They all grazed on ribbonleaves, the ground cover in areas of intermediate rainfall.
24. We show on our graphic, the total rainfall since it started, by using different colors.
25. The puppies had to suffer cold, storm, monsoon like rainfall and temperatures below 10.
26. Since it is highly unlikely it was built during the period of such heavy rainfall, it.
27. The Sinai has no permanent watercourse and very little rainfall especially in the south.
28. It seems that the night rainfall had washed away all the dirty dust, smokes and sewages.
29. As winter deepened, the rainfall decreased, but it really wasn’t unpleasant in this area.
30. Dark hair, broad shoulders, a strong jaw, and eyes as green as the grass after a rainfall.
31. Only the tips of the tallest dunes remained, rapidly succumbing to the relentless rainfall.
32. Normally, rainfall in central Australia is minimal, and acutely so during years of drought.
33. Some plants engorge themselves with water in the rare rainfall and store it for future use.
34. It is both a state agency and a water utility, in a state that gets relatively little rainfall.
35. However, still there was heavy pattering of rainfall, non-stopped, and there was no sight of halt.
36. It was the beginning of rainfall in our small hilly town and the sprouting of seedlings of my love.
37. Even in areas of heavy rainfall, such as Assam, there has been drought when the monsoon has failed.
38. Let us consider its effect on the swimming of the clouds and the condensation which causes rainfall.
39. Let’s consider its effect on the clouds’ swimming and condensation then on causing the rainfall.
40. The sewer pipe was easily large enough to crawl along, and with no recent rainfall, it was effectively dry.
41. However, it is a steady rainfall of about a quarter inch of rain an hour, over most of the affected areas.
42. The wrecked vehicle had become prey to the river which was swollen as a result of the recent heavy rainfall.
43. Had the waves washed everything away? Surely no ordinary rainfall could have wiped clean so boundless a desert.
44. And his thought and his worry were not any more with rainfall, with wind and dust, with the thrust of the crops.
45. Heavy rainfall in nearby hills can easily send water rushing down them in flash floods, with practically no warning.
46. Exactly it was happened at that night- who knows that all those pattering rainfall might be the drops of tears of Raj.
47. Throughout the rainfall, the lightning did not cease, nor the thunder—until the entire spectacle ended in an instant.
48. The earth began to crack from the lack of water; there was no rainfall, and under the ground was the last source of water.
49. I still hoped to see Stanton at the burial, but ominous clouds had entered the sky, and a torrential rainfall was moments away.
50. Drought, caused by long periods of dry weather or insufficient rainfall, creates desert in areas where it is a permanent condition.
51. The path was hard, solid earth with jagged shale and pebbles still loose despite the prolonged rainfall over the last day and night.
52. Now, a heavy rainfall collapsed from Sophia’s eyes as she started to cry, and endeavored to face her mother, with vanishing strength.
53. Many activities, especially those carried out in open air, are directly influenced by rainfall, temperatures and other weather conditions.
54. You need to find a way to lead water away from the cistern once it becomes full, especially if you are located in areas with high rainfall.
55. The place was quite marshy and because of rainfall a lot of mud used to get collected and it was very difficult and dangerous to walk there.
56. Except at high altitudes, both equatorial and subtropical regions are characterized by high temperatures, heavy rainfall and oppressive humidity.
57. We can’t use control chart to show rainfall in Paris, week by week, as that’s not something which is controllable (better use some trend chart).
58. They had created an eco system with sunlight and rainfall, regulated within the cavern as the pastures and orchards flourished with fruit and flowers.
59. Consequently, it is more logical to focus on those factors that affect water use - temperature and rainfall, for instance - rather than water use itself.
60. All feature high rainfall and rugged mountains, which drain into large, swift-flowing rivers, with coastal and other low-lying regions often as swampland.
61. Mother once said that if the departed soul weeps for his own beloved ones, then there would be a heavy rainfall, and sometime it would be continue for a week.
62. The underground stone-cut or concrete-built cisterns of ancient and modern Mediterranean civilizations collect the rainfall of the wet season for the long dry summer.
63. Driest place on Earth: Between 1964 and 2001, the average annual rainfall for the meteorological station in Quillagua in the Atacama Desert, Chile, was just 0.
64. The plans for the expansion – which the M&G has seen – include a tea house and small tea estate, which is likely to thrive, given the area's high rainfall and fertile soil.
65. His heart regained its hormonal fuelled speed as he heard the manufactured rainfall of the shower coming from Emily’s small en-suite bathroom, he froze and stood stock still.
66. In temperate regions, if rainfall drops far below the normal, periodic drought may be produced with vegetation unable to obtain water to compensate for what it loses to the air.
67. Mainly central continental areas with hot summers, cold winters and moderate rainfall, these have become the world’s great food-producing areas—grain is grown and cattle reared.
68. After India (the world’s second-largest sugar producer) curbed its production by half following low rainfall levels in 2009, sugar prices soared to their highest level in 27 years.
69. Mom, is there something that I can do? Watching her mom, watching the heavy rainfall from her mother’s eyes, it felt like the downward pull of her chest was much stronger than gravity.
70. So, the repetition of rainfall in certain times, the repetition of seasons and the atmosphere events and their reoccurrence in regular times: all of that say the existence of a Steering Provider.
71. Following the deforestation of the mountain, the rainfall had almost ceased and the human population was generally thought to have either died of famine, or had left to seek out a living elsewhere.
72. We are told of the existence of a Steering Provider by the recurrence of rainfall at certain times, as well as the cycle of the seasons and atmospheric events and their reoccurrence at regular times.
73. I was in the area of Bithynia, some two day journey south of the Black Sea, where the climate was a little more tolerable, and grass was much more abundant from the plentiful rainfall of this region.
74. Overhead, fifty meters up, plasma display screens simulated a sunny sky with dispersed clouds, while a sprinkler system was meant both to simulate rainfall and to combat any fires inside the sections.
75. Strangely enough the rainfall and harvests in the next few years were almost supernaturally abundant, and this led to a research team being despatched to the islands by the Minor Religions faculty of Unseen University.
76. Having mentioned to us the effect of the sun rays in the rainfall and how they evaporate the seawater and pull it gradually and secretly, God wanted to clarify to us the action of the wind and its part in causing the rainfall.
77. Richard Stevenson said, We will have our best people working on scenarios regarding the eastern seaboard and the Gulf coasts, along with the expected rainfall in the Mississippi and Ohio Valleys, which usually follows hurricanes.
78. Following the assumption that global warming could be reversed, Africa in particular was being held in reserve for development as, once the climate had begun to cool, the continent was expected once again to receive a plentiful supply of rainfall.
79. Since all rainfall would be in the form of snow because of the nuclear winter effect, hundreds and thousands of years of this accumula-tion would cause the formation of massive glaciers that are identical to the ones found in the Northern Hemisphere.
80. To calculate water from the rainfall, you have to measure the yearly precipitation, then the total cubic feet of water for every square, the total square feet of the structure, square footage of the structure, the total gallons of water for every single cubic foot, to get the total gallons of water.
81. After analysing all the relevant data, Tony predicted that if we ever had a king tide accompanied by unusually high rainfall in the coastal ranges, coinciding with cyclonic winds from the sea, or something like that, then the canals would burst and join the river systems, drained land would revert to swamp, and silt would create a sandbar parallel to the coast, causing the river to sweep south and scour out the beach in front of us here.
82. The hut was smashed to fragments as the monster charged through it, although Terton survived by clinging to the Circumfence; some weeks later he was picked up by a returning salvage fleet, subsequently escaped from Krull on a hijacked lens (having developed hydrophobia to an astonishing degree) and after a number of adventures eventually found his way to the Great Nef, an area of the Disc so dry that it actually has negative rainfall, which he nevertheless considered uncomfortably damp.

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