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Rainwater in a sentence

1. The rainwater along with the wind.
2. Rainwater is the best drink there is, lad.
3. Chureal flicked rainwater from his lump of a nose.
4. The punt was holding over half an inch of rainwater.
5. They collect rainwater to keep the system topped up.
6. Gusts of wind buffeted him; rainwater poured down his face.
7. Then Nathaniel took a bucket and went to the rainwater butt.

8. It is not about grinding your own wheat or collecting rainwater.
9. It shook off the rainwater from its body before it shrieked aloud.
10. She filled her water bottle from the rainwater butt next to the house.
11. Rainwater trickled down and over branches overhead, dampening her hair.
12. Split bamboo vertically to make roofing and guttering to collect rainwater.
13. I went and got a drink from one of the many rainwater collections around me.
14. Mistress Nangong gently took out a handkerchief to wipe away the rainwater.
15. After he wiped the sweat and the rainwater from his face, just when he was.
16. They always grew better in rainwater instead of that softened shit they used.
17. In one rainfall, he could collect enough rainwater for 10,000 people for 10 years.
18. The extensive rainwater erosion on the body of the Sphinx, which could have only.
19. She lay where she had fled, flat atop the rainwater tank, and stared at the man ten.
20. Collected rainwater can be used to meet winter needs by using the collected rainwater.
21. A large crimson flag, heavy with rainwater, hangs from the sill of an upstairs window.
22. Almost immediately, I found rainwater that had collected in a pocket between two roots.
23. The wind had caused some of the rainwater to fall down just as she’d passed underneath.
24. The lane was iron hard cobblestones with gutters that drained the rainwater into the sea.
25. The stump was full of rainwater and the reflection shimmering in its depths fascinated him.
26. The men had drifted for weeks, surviving on stores in the rafts, rainwater, fish, and bird meat.
27. He extended his hands, and drank greedily of the rainwater that had lodged in a hollow of the rock.
28. I'd pull Hassan out of the backseat and tell him I was sorry, so sorry, my tears mixing with rainwater.
29. A few seconds passed and the wheels happily rolled with them, a soft sound slicing through the rainwater.
30. By the eighth run the ground had begun to soften, and the big destriers splashed through pools of rainwater.
31. After our small store of rainwater was depleted, all we had to drink were the meager juices from these fish.
32. The marsh was covered in new pools of rainwater where before there had only been dampish dips in the ground.
33. I shook my hair like a wet dog to rid it of the rainwater and with my hands tried to do the same to his hair.
34. Volkheimer turns his bleeding palms up as though to catch the air, to let it seep into his skin like rainwater.
35. Starving, drinking rainwater when it fell, and occasionally almost drowning in it, unable to sleep from the pain.
36. The only positive development belonged to Kaspar, who'd devised a device to catch the rainwater for drinking later.
37. The gesture caused his parasol, momentarily forgotten, to brush a hanging branch and dump pent-up rainwater on him.
38. Once again he had the fanciful sensation that he could feel the rainwater flowing in torrents far beneath his feet.
39. This resulted in treacherous puddles which might have soft mud as their base or rainwater concealing as-yet-unmelted ice.
40. Some of the more affluent collect rainwater in cement barrels, but that doesn’t help the majority of the population.
41. The dry desert floor and nearby mountains funneled the rainwater into a rampage of floodwater worthy of biblical comparison.
42. He tugged at the young priest’s boots, and as he laid them aside, rainwater poured from them in muddy puddles onto the floor.
43. Those homely recipes are often the best: strawberries for the teeth: nettles and rainwater: oatmeal they say steeped in buttermilk.
44. Dunk turned to see Black Tom Heddle glowering in mail and plate, with rainwater dripping off his sodden cloak to puddle by his feet.
45. They were supposed to direct rainwater away from rooftop gutters by way of a water spout, so it looked like the statue was spitting.
46. While the children were stooped over, bailing out the rainwater, Astray bit a yellow petal from his necklace and released it into the wind.
47. However, you don’t need to boil rainwater, as it won’t carry any of the bacteria found in the other water sources that you will encounter.
48. It features net-zero energy construction, a geothermal heat system, composting toilets, a green roof, rainwater collection and natural lighting.
49. I sat opposite Keith at the scarred metal table, both of us dripping rainwater, while Chief Stark leaned against the wall in a corner of the room.
50. We climbed into overalls and sorted out a few tools before breakfasting on slabs of bread and cheese, washed down with chlorine-free rainwater from the tank.
51. Characterized by slopes with the feature of moving rainwater gently down the hills, AdamsCrest Farm is a learning center for teaching suburban tilth and permaculture.
52. His followers wore his red-and-black livery, and they all splashed into town with banners flying, their horses’ hooves spattering the citizens with rainwater and mud.
53. If this were one of the Hindi movies Hassan and I used to watch, this was the part where Khaled Hosseini The Kite Runner I'd run outside, my bare feet splashing rainwater.
54. Halon made it his task to stealthily collect the rainwater from the large puddles, as whenever Saldon tried, his heavy footfalls always muddied the pools before he got near.
55. His dark shirt soaked up the rainwater and after brushing his wet hair back he glimpsed a motorcade outside one of the oldest and most respected hotels in the old city center.
56. There are patents on cheap modules that can be inserted into vehicles as they are right now that would enable them to be powered off of tap water or rainwater or even seawater.
57. The dirt base would trap the cool air in the summer and provide plenty of insulation from rainwater, snow, and ice and prevent them from rotting the floorboards in the winter time.
58. The moment was over, and Tannan said, Well, aye, I best be off before I get washed down the hill with the rainwater; how it rushes off the roof here! It is a wonder you have no leaks.
59. He thought to himself, ‘Winter is here and the heavens have overwhelmed the earth with its blessings and rainwater; so, what can I do about this unpaved courtyard? I see that it will cause me some problems.
60. Scrutinizing the façade to see if there was a way to climb it, she noticed a number of steel pipes running down the walls at intervals and understood that they were rainwater drainage pipes coming from the roof.
61. The Kamaks are only fair sailors, though, and they don’t have a keen sense of direction, so they drifted endlessly, surviving on fish and rainwater, until finally they awoke one morning to find their boats locked in by ice.
62. We stabled the horses out in the rear horse yard; three horses in one stable, which was good as they could keep each other warm, and we went bursting through the back door of the house, shivering and dripping rainwater on the floor.
63. Their kapu, so as to sweeten their palates and fill their bellies, fetched a couple of ganga bondaalu, and a rejuvenated Sandhya then accompanied Raja Rao to pray at the nearby darga of the legendary Vali Baba, who, it was said, walked on the rivers and wasn’t wetted by rainwater.
64. The learned prelate who administered the last comforts of holy religion to the hero martyr when about to pay the death penalty knelt in a most christian spirit in a pool of rainwater, his cassock above his hoary head, and offered up to the throne of grace fervent prayers of supplication.
65. After He acquainted us with the order by which the rainwater which is indispensable for the life of the living beings falls, the Almighty wanted to make us know that there is a Great Hand that controls the movement, provides with power, and achieves all these actions upon which the life is based.
66. Robert was entranced by the seed collection, the clutter of the shade-house and potting shed, the creative disorder of the painting studio - a light-filled room attached to the workshop, the huge python draped in somnolent loops under the supports of the shed’s rainwater tank, and the overflowing garden.
67. As they sat at the starting line, in the City of Seattle, rolling with the choppy waves, waiting for the crack of the starting gun, with rainwater running down their necks and backs and dripping from their noses, the real question was whether they had the maturity and discipline to keep their minds in the boat, or whether the rage and fear and uncertainty would unhinge them.
68. The whole surface of the land is exposed to the chemical action of the air and of the rainwater, with its dissolved carbonic acid, and in colder countries to frost; the disintegrated matter is carried down even gentle slopes during heavy rain, and to a greater extent than might be supposed, especially in arid districts, by the wind; it is then transported by the streams and rivers, which, when rapid deepen their channels, and triturate the fragments.
69. After about a week of these conditions, the fresh rainwater would begin to freeze,.

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