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    1. ‘Of course, if I have to carry it on the plane myself!’ he rashly promised, greatly relieved

    2. In free countries, where the safety of government depends very much upon the favourable judgment which the people may form of its conduct, it must surely be of the highest importance, that they should not be disposed to judge rashly or capriciously concerning it

    3. Great Britain seems to support with ease, a burden which, half a century ago, nobody believed her capable of supporting, Let us not, however, upon this account, rashly conclude that she is capable of supporting any burden; nor even be too confident that she could support

    4. Don't be silly and act rashly in the heat of the moment

    5. He told me that it was all over the Khakhanate how I had rashly volunteered to join the Maya tumen and, in spite of being so much taller and such an inviting target, had survived and been promoted all the way to minghan commander, and would have been given command of a tumen had I chosen to remain

    6. which had torn rashly through the card reader, identifying a

    7. M: Don’t jump to conclusions rashly

    8. 40 And the man cried at the words of Hedad and they both quarreled before the judge, and the judge gave orders to his servants, who drove them rashly from the house

    9. 75 And therefore, my son, listen to my voice and see with your counsel what you will do, and when he comes up to you, supplicate him, and do not speak rashly to him, and give him a present from what you possess, and from what God has favored you with

    10. 40 And the man cried at the words of Hedad and they both quarreled before the judge and the judge gave orders to his servants who drove them rashly from the house

    11. 75 And therefore my son listen to my voice and see with your counsel what you will do and when he comes up to you supplicate him and do not speak rashly to him and give him a present from what you possess and from what God has favored you with

    12. Of course, Mama also said that Derek’s propensity for silence and contemplation could only help him in the long run, since it meant that he thought before he spoke and never made decisions rashly, as Dana was wont to do

    13. To be rashly daring

    14. The helmeted riders harried them, but did not press in too rashly

    15. When the Imperium discovered how to travel through time in the year 3385 it unfortunately acted very rashly and went to the point of sending a military expedition to 1942, a move that forced the Time Patrol to react in order to protect history

    16. “He who rashly foregoes action under the assumption that all of

    17. “He acted rashly, without reason

    18. If this website even has an ounce of truth to it, this information explains why I've acted so rashly lately

    19. He did not know why he had threatened her so rashly with inane ultimatums

    20. "There is much difference, however," said the Baroness, "between thinking one is in extremity and really being in it," and the patient was apt to be biassed on these occasions, she explained, and inclined rashly to jump to conclusions

    21. Perhaps he had acted somewhat rashly but he had done so with the best of intentions

    22. Had I not gone out with friends for a drink after work which developed into quite a few I would not have rashly decided to resign my job the next day and head overseas for adventure

    23. And as his careful hands gently glided over her arm, they rashly sent electrical signals that ran through every part of her body

    24. heart-broken friend, and we know, too, your friendship, and the cause of his death, and the directions he gave at the close of his life; from which sad story may be gathered how great was the cruelty of Marcela, the love of Chrysostom, and the loyalty of your friendship, together with the end awaiting those who pursue rashly the path that insane passion opens to their eyes

    25. Northbury her model, Jo rashly took a plunge into the frothy sea of sensational literature, but thanks to the life preserver thrown her by a friend, she came up again not much the worse for her ducking

    26. Come, tell me, for which of the stupidities you have observed in me do you condemn and abuse me, and bid me go home and look after my house and wife and children, without knowing whether I have any? Is nothing more needed than to get a footing, by hook or by crook, in other people's houses to rule over the masters (and that, perhaps, after having been brought up in all the straitness of some seminary, and without having ever seen more of the world than may lie within twenty or thirty leagues round), to fit one to lay down the law rashly for

    27. hungry, rashly ate up all that was set before them, and very soon I had the horror

    28. free, that I not only took resolutions never to venture so rashly again,

    29. He was one of those men who do not rashly court danger, but if danger presents itself, combat it with the most unalterable coolness

    30. It struck him, as he gazed at the admirable structures and the wonderful precautions of their sagacious inmates, that even the brutes of these vast wilds were possessed of an instinct nearly commensurate with his own reason; and he could not reflect, without anxiety, on the unequal contest that he had so rashly courted

    31. Heyward rashly imitated his example, though both were, a moment afterward, admonished of his madness by hearing the bellowing of a piece, that the Hurons found time to discharge down the passage in the rocks, the bullet from which even gave the young Mohican a slight wound

    32. The truth was that for once in his life he had acted rashly

    33. Cole my adventure, sherepresented so strongly to me the nature and dangerous consequences of my folly, particularly the risks to my health, in being so openlegged and free, that I not only took resolutions never to venture so rashly again, which I inviolably preserved, but passed a good many days in continual uneasiness, lest I should have met with other reasons, besides the pleasure of that

    34. The earl, however, requested that he would do nothing rashly, and that he should first allow him to try what could be done to convince his brother officers that it was unworthy of them to act towards him in the way they did

    35. “ Mr Peevie, I need not tell to a man of your experience, that folk in public stations cannot always venture to lay before the world the reasons of their conduct on particular occasions; and therefore, when men who have been long in the station that I have filled in this town, are seen to step aside from what has been in time past, it is to be hoped that grave and sensible persons like you, Mr Peevie, will no rashly condemn them unheard; nevertheless, my good friend, I am very happy that ye have spoken to me anent the stinted allowance of wine and punch at the dinner, because the like thing from any other would have made me jealouse that the complaint was altogether owing to a disappointed appetite, which is a corrupt thing, that I am sure would never affect a man of such a public spirit as you are well known to be

    36. His father, too, was shocked to see him, so reduced was that figure from its former contours by worry and the bad season that Clare had experienced, in the climate to which he had so rashly hurried in his first aversion to the mockery of events at home

    37. But in this doubtful stage of Lydgate's introduction he was helped by what we mortals rashly call good fortune

    38. Bulstrode's thought was busy, and he was not a man to act or speak rashly

    39. 'Do not throw your live away rashly or in bitterness,' he said

    40. At first glance, when you realize that Graham put 25% of his fund into a single stock, you might think he was gambling rashly with his investors’ money

    41. But there is a problem if we get obsessed with making money from this pattern and we rashly buy shares again

    42. We may be tempted to use a large position or rashly go all-in with thin stocks because we think about how fast they can move and produce big profits

    43. "Go back to your work, Becky," Miss Amelia had said; but she had stopped to pick up reverently first a muff and then a coat, and while she stood looking at them adoringly, she heard Miss Minchin upon the threshold, and, being smitten with terror at the thought of being accused of taking liberties, she rashly darted under the table, which hid her by its tablecloth

    44. He was not afraid that, from a multitude of counsellors, nothing would be done; it was quite as much to be feared from too few that they would act rashly

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    in a hasty and foolhardy manner