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    1. to recap

    2. While my hands busy themselves preparing a mug of coffee, I recap in my head what I’ve got for this section before Clarissa’s death … Bert’s recollections of Bunty and the repairs to the house; the Gosling man’s proposal … he’s always going to be the Gosling man to me! … the diaries and files

    3. what you’re going to teach, then teach it, and then you recap

    4. To recap, though the New Testament refers to Roman

    5. As a recap, the First Level is all about:

    6. Let's look at the recap

    7. Here’s a small recap, Ray’s side of the story and his ingenious intervention…

    8. There is then a short recap of the previous chapter

    9. To recap: Members of Congress lose elections, but they never

    10. Restate the opening and give them a recap of each of the items you covered and the benefits

    11. Horst pretty well ran the radio store all by himself now, but instead of sitting out of sight at a workbench in some cluttered corner somewhere, trying to recap a rusted grid connector on a radio tube, he was now up front in the showroom with polished shoes, wearing a tie, smelling of after-shave lotion and selling those big receivers with the incredible new hi-fi sound quality

    12. Just as soon as we’ve completed our recap

    13. I began the conversation, “So to recap, all expenses paid, all the rights to stories

    14. To recap, the universal success formula can always be boiled down to a two step

    15. Let’s recap on what we’ve covered off…

    16. the headline and sub headline, I think it a good idea to have a little recap

    17. He read the recap of the witness’s version of what had happened

    18. Carol gave Brian a recap of what she had seen on the news

    19. “So, to recap yesterday’s tragedy, it has been confirmed that the gunman was Cobb County resident Terry Sanders

    20. The reporter gave a recap of the story that had appeared in the Sunday paper

    21. To recap, the past ten years of Vietnamese New Formalism poetry

    22. This step is a recap of what's been worked on during the

    23. To recap, these are that we are energy conformed to perceive our world and ourselves in a particular way

    24. Let’s have a quick recap of the important things we learnt today:

    25. Let us do a quick recap of what we covered in this section:

    26. Let’s do a quick recap of what we learned:

    27. Just a quick recap of what we have covered so far

    28. To recap, we are energy conformed to perceive our world and ourselves in a particular way

    29. Let us do a quick recap of what we learned

    30. Let us just have a quick recap

    31. Just to recap some of the things to look for in a lender:

    32. Now we have pretty much covered fear from beginning to end, and now we are going to recap and condense the whole module

    33. So, to recap, switch off, move the timer wheels, switch back on

    34. If you don’t have a recap after your presentation, you often

    35. Strategy #10: “With all that said, let’s recap

    36. So let us recap and go over the whole thing from the beginning and see what jumps out

    37. Below is a recap of the minerals and other supplements I have been using: Calcium

    38. Here's a recap to make sure you have the basics down pat

    39. Alice which would have been excessive for even a large stoker, Jack continued his recap of events

    40. In her recap of the ritual, Jillian said, "I've felt so guilty since Astarte died, thinking that I could have saved her if I spoke up about what was going on

    41. So to recap; you never had to pay your policy loans or loan interest back

    42. As he finishes with the recap, I would be barging in through the door on the right side of the lecture theatre and take a seat on the first row of the right column on the second seat from the aisle

    43. A news station two channels past the Spanish novellas offered a recap of the trial

    44. ‘That’s what life is all about, stranger than fiction, as they say,’ he said at her recap, trying to figure out the embarrassment she might have felt then

    45. “If that cousin of mine exemplified the falsity of perception, the one who used to ingratiate himself with her spouse was the personification of falsity itself,” he began the remarkable recap of his life

    46. quickly recap on this chapter:

    47. Recap - What have we learned?

    48. Lesson To Be Learned Recap: Investigating The Background

    49. Lesson To Be Learned Recap: Going Into A Mediation With

    50. Lesson To Be Learned Recap: The Probate Court Must

    1. I recapped my sword

    2. Sally recapped the phone conversation and filled him in on the meeting time in the morning

    3. Shit! Now what?” Liu took off his gloves, recapped the syringe and left the room

    4. But before proceeding with this line of thought, the sequence of events leading up to Pearl Harbour and the immediate aftermath needs to be recapped

    5. Wolf brimmed with confidence as he recapped their activities of the past month and seemed more concerned with the rareness of the roast beef on offer than he was of any flaws in the operation to date

    6. After engaging in a brief and heated exchange–all in Italian–the goon returned to his stool and Domenico, as was his custom, recapped to that point their conversation

    7. “Dalens are an acquired taste,” Jason said as he recapped his bottle

    8. ” Philippe recapped his mother of Alex

    9. She stopped by Mattie’s office and they recapped her first day on the job

    10. What else did she tell you?” Samantha wondered if her daily movements would be recapped each morning over their coffee

    11. The story recapped recent attacks

    12. Floyd Norris's New York Times column on March 9,1989, recapped the struggle

    13. The bond prospectus recapped in lurid detail the short case: low interest-rate spread, no recourse to subs, big junk-bond portfolio, profitability dependent on nonrecurring earnings, risky real estate loans, real estate operations, substantially all activities conducted through the subs (to which there was no recourse), ongoing Federal Home Loan Bank Board (FHLBB) and SEC investigations, and no market for the new securities

    14. The Wall Street Journal "Heard on the Street" column and the New York Times recapped the conflict on February 21, 1989

    1. Over empty foil food containers and beer Rita held court recapping her last few days of partying with the group Dutch people

    2. He pointed to the characters, listing the interpretations of each and recapping as to the likely result

    3. Garbed in her gray tunic, blue scapular, and small blue veil, Sister Jane de Chantal began the business of the meeting in the midst of the others who were similarly habited, with one in the orange color of flame, by recapping recent events thus far:

    4. Each day, I received an “update” from eBay recapping my sales and my bids

    5. letter recapping the negotiations that had been had up to that point and

    6. “As I was saying, tonight we will not be recapping the highlights of the Zombie War as previously advertised

    7. “There was an interesting article in the news today recapping the conversation you had with Trent, speculating about your former relationship with him,” Blake said

    8. “I just got off the phone with Detective Wright,” he explained, recapping the conversation

    9. ” I’m humiliated recapping this to Luke

    1. the season, and reading the game recaps always mentioned him making key saves late in the

    2. MSNBC, Fox, CBS, ABC, and NBC had all abandoned their Sunday-morning political recaps

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    recap retread recapitulation review recapitulate

    "recap" definitions

    a summary at the end that repeats the substance of a longer discussion

    a used automobile tire that has been remolded to give it new treads

    summarize briefly