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Ref in a sentence | ref example sentences

  1. Give it up for the ref!.
  2. The ref calls a pause and I stand up.
  3. The ref asks me if I'm okay, and I am.
  4. I know what I saw, Guardian, the ref shouts back.
  5. World History Facts: From 1918 thru 1943 Ref History-1917_.

  6. The ref calls the end of the first round, and we step off the mat.
  7. But the subject that kept coming up was Emmy’s stand-off with the ref.
  8. I begin to move out of fear that she might start a fight with the poor ref.
  9. Prayer of Manasseh, King of Judah when he was held captive in Babylon (ref.
  10. The ref started a count and I was sent to my corner and slowly Jimmy got up.
  11. While 7 Ref – Taken from State of Maine Family Court Kent County Docket Nos.
  12. The ref waves us back into the second round, and this time, I take the offensive.
  13. See Ref #021569 in The Appendix for an overview of some of the common aspects of NDE.
  14. The ref waves us into the last round, and Brett comes at me, flying forward in a roundhouse kick.
  15. While we were in time-out the Runner was frozen by the ref, who has the power to suspend movement.

  16. The raised flag would indicate to the ref that the ball was out and from where a lineout should form.
  17. Being a football enthusiast he at once raised his arm in appeal, and, with the spirit that wins wars, shouted, "Penalty, ref!".
  18. I was at home in California when I got a call from the social service person in the afternoon saying that both Adam and Susan had been arrested at the Ramada Inn in front of the children! Of course, I didn‘t know all the details then, just that Adam was back in 10 Ref – Taken from State of Maine Family Court Kent County Docket Nos.

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