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    1. The only thing that could be attached in that sort of position is a flow regulator and that is not a flow regulator

    2. His fibre optic rod latched on to the regulator junction point

    3. Always use a SON (Standards of Nigeria – as our SABS) voltage regulator plugged into the wall

    4. Then a UPS plugged into the voltage regulator and only then plug in your electronic goods

    5. If one needed proof of that, all one had to do was take a look at him and notice the shiny, embalmed, and thus quite dead skunk he was holding in one hand, the obscenely shaped carrot dangling in front of his nose tied with a red T-string around his head, and last but not least the fact that he had been carrying a ten-gallon beer can strapped on his back, with a regulator valve hanging over his shoulder, wearing nothing other than rubber boots and some boxer shorts sporting the American bald eagle, front and back

    6. Japan’s nuclear regulator, officially approved an [sic] plan that lays out — in 3,695

    7. Always lurking at the perimeter of freedom there are not only the tyrant, but also the softer-spoken regulator, public relations manager, school administrator, intellectual, news editor, professor, lawyer, and teacher

    8. He then showed Shawn where to set his oxygen regulator (100 percent oxygen to help stave off motion sickness) and how to press the button on the throttle to talk on the intercom

    9. value resistors between adj pin of the regulator and

    10. of regulator and ground

    11. The lM317T series of adjustable 3-terminal positions it is the equivalent of 1900 ohm in shunt positive voltage regulator is used at the output of with another resistance shown in circuit

    12. higher will be the heat dissipation at the regulator

    13. tween the regulator and the pCB, and secured by us-

    14. in screwed to the regulator will work as an efficient case you use the Dip switch combination, then for heatsink

    15. to the regulator circuit

    16. regulator regulates voltage, mankind must regulate itself

    17. Thyroxin: The thyroid hormone thyroxin is a key BMR regulator; the more thyroxin produced, the higher the BMR

    18. Mitchell could then taste a slight hint of rubber from his black regulator; a mouthpiece that fed a cool oxygen mixture directly into his lungs

    19. Life being a breathing regulator, and my savior, a Coast Guard rescue diver

    20. Her breathing was a deep panting and any second now, the regulator would be unable to supply her tortured lungs with enough air

    21. Suffocating and on the verge of panic, she made a final lunge, screaming with the effort, through the suffocating regulator

    22. Bruised wrists were consistent with having been held from the rear, and a slight tear at the side of his mouth, possibly the result of his regulator being ripped away

    23. Max released the harness that supported the welding cylinders to his body and, clutching the regulator he fully opened the valves

    24. Outside the office, a Petty Officer Regulator in gaiters, webbing and white gloves stood facing him,

    25. dropped his arm from the salute and shouted “Petty Officer Regulator Maloney reporting as

    26. 30 a Petty Officer Regulator called Maloney will be arriving with ten men from The RN

    27. The short hose ended at a 'tee', from which an incredibly small pressure regulator fitted to the other end of a longer hose

    28. With her statement finished, she grabbed her pint-sized regulator and with a great 'banzai' yell, jumped overboard

    29. Nick, not feeling quite so brave, or foolhardy, placed the regulator into his mouth, then lowered himself over the side slowly

    30. Thirty seconds or so passed, and Angellina still held her regulator in her right hand, raptly following tiny, multicolored fish that darted around them and turned to look back, amazed at this intrusion into their watery realm

    31. She kicked off her flippers, then swung around in front of him, and removed her regulator again

    32. Face to face and inches apart, she slowly removed his regulator as well, then drew him into a tight, breathless kiss

    33. Removing her weight belt and regulator, she free dove and cavorted with the dolphins, having them tow her to the surface, then loop back and barrel roll around his seat, all to his complete amazement

    34. Turning, she picked up and slipped on her weight belt and replaced her regulator

    35. The only sound was the noise of the air passing through the regulator and the taking turns of choking and hacking between a few clean breaths

    36. It was getting easier to breathe without the breathing device and, as soon as that realization came to my mind, the regulator wasn’t passed back to me

    37. He also had access to a mask, buoyancy control belt, and a regulator

    38. The regulator would allow him to breathe underwater, without the bulky scuba tanks, for it worked like the gills of a fish

    39. The regulator hung around his neck

    40. Tammas put his mask on, put the regulator in his mouth, and laid face down in the

    41. To avoid the sun, he put his face down in the ocean, and used his regulator to breathe

    42. The central nervous system is the main regulator of all vital activity

    43. We could agree that such kind of a regulator would perform satisfactorily [8]

    44. The gear of 9 is engaged with the transmission 13 consisting of 2 pairs of engaging gears and an aerodynamic speed regulator 14 is mounted on the last axle

    45. The regulator 14 maintains constant rotation using air resistance

    46. The need to create an attractive time measuring device is considered not involving the ordinary clock stroke regulator as is the anchor and balance and the Miltiadis Boboulos, Ph

    47. If I could think of some way of having constant pressure at the outlet of the tank, maybe using a motor driven pump or maintaining constant liquid level in the tank, then this will solve the question of the water regulator [12]

    48. The water regulator from Figure 9 could be used to drive a more sophisticated time indicating device

    49. Graphic 8 A water regulator used to drive a time indicating device

    50. Another gear transmission (Z5) has to be provided in front of the regulator shaft so it links to the gear installed on the inner side of a ring-shaped divisions dial

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    Synonyms for "regulator"

    governor regulator

    "regulator" definitions

    any of various controls or devices for regulating or controlling fluid flow, pressure, temperature, etc.

    an official responsible for control and supervision of a particular activity or area of public interest

    a control that maintains a steady speed in a machine (as by controlling the supply of fuel)