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Religious in a sentence

1. It is like the religious.
2. My Eva is deeply religious.
3. The symbol for a religious.
4. He was not a religious Guru.
5. John Adam was too religious.
6. He never had any religious.
7. Are you a religious man?

8. Th e new forms of religious.
9. All this religious mumbo jumbo.
10. Are the outcast religious ones.
11. He was also extremely religious.
12. The religious leaders, who had.
13. Your brother was very religious.
14. I prayed in a non religious way.
15. That is how religious caste and.
16. But in religious practices such.
17. Such is the way of the religious.
18. Though we consider the religious.
19. He is controlled by RELIGIOUS FEAR.
20. For me they are religious emblems.
21. Yes, of course, religious workers.
22. Most holy and religious fear it is.
23. Geeta is source religious scripture.
24. The religious leaders sold out to.
25. One of our religious texts has.
26. Even without any formal religious.
27. There is religious guilt for your.
28. There’s no religious reason for.
29. And there he became more religious.
30. There are medical, religious, and.
31. The spiritual and religious aspects.
32. I’m not a religious person, Ed.
34. The fact that they are religious is.
35. The five major religious traditions.
36. Astronomical Signs and the Religious.
37. You aren't religious by any chance?
38. Even religious bodies entered the fray.
39. At the start of a religious visit to.
40. M: There is no lack of religious poets.

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