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Repossess in a sentence | repossess example sentences

  1. How can they repossess?
  2. When can they repossess?
  3. Or they will repossess your car or house as soon as you.
  4. An involuntary repossession is one in which the creditor has to send someone out to find and repossess your car.
  5. This will allow the bank to repossess it and then we will have to look into some form of long-term payment plan for the interest accrued on the mortgage to date and the overdraft.

  6. True, when they are forced to repossess a home they do resell it to try and get their money back, but they don’t make anywhere near as much as they would have, had the loan continued.
  7. Sitting at a desk is hard? So they can repossess the actual, hard physical labour of the third world wage-slaves who work for pennies: by selling what they produce for hundreds if not thousands times more than these workers are paid for producing their products.
  1. The predatory or abusive lenders may intentionally lend money with the goal of pursuing foreclosure and repossessing the home.
  1. Both cars were repossessed.
  2. When property is repossessed, banks have earned the payments.
  3. When her car was repossessed, she knew she needed to take action.
  4. His mansion was then repossessed by the bank, as he had a number of large debts.
  5. As prices Depressioned, many of them could not pay their rents and their farms were repossessed.
  6. A deficiency is the difference between what you owed on the car when it was repossessed and what it brought at the sale.
  7. I had an independent appraisal done on the repossessed cars and had proof that the cars were being disposed of at phenomenally discounted rates.
  8. I found out that in the repossessed car area, which I encountered before, the cars that were being repossessed and not getting bids before they were disposed of.
  9. I dreamed that somebody stole my card and ran up ten million dollars in charges and then the Visa people came and kicked us out of our house and repossessed my dog.

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