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Resistant in a sentence

1. The resistant part of me was.
2. Rainproof Glass, resistant to water.
3. That and the wind make focus resistant.
4. Sometimes, though, the pain is resistant and.
5. Which means he will be most resistant to you.
6. Thereby they are more durable and more resistant.
7. Maybe it’s really that resistant! Elle said.
8. The rested dough is light and springy, less resistant.
9. Bullet resistant, remember? he said with a smile.
10. Even I have to? As if I am already being resistant.
11. Commands were flat, quick and resistant to human contact.
12. In women with insulin resistant, high levels of insulin in.
13. You were so resistant, remember, and didn’t want to go.
14. They mounted to the balcony as through a cold, resistant fluid.
15. Orphenn has proven himself more resistant than I first thought.
16. It is heavily armored and is resistant to radiations, fire and acids.
17. When I acknowledged what the resistant part was upset about, I felt it.
18. All of the patients studied had been resistant to conventional treatment.
19. If there are birds and bees, they will be resistant to changes about them.
20. Sixty years later there were bacteria resistant to every known antibiotic.
21. Revolutions proceed by violence fought by the resistant soul or the oppressor.
22. She seemed to be rather resistant to the effect, so they left her mostly alone.
23. This could be expected as the immortals are more resistant to poisons and disease.
24. What this is signalling is that the market is clearly resistant to any move lower.
25. They were like suits of armor that were both yielding and resistant, you might say.
26. The following sections take a closer look at industries that are recession resistant.
27. Sounds like common sense, right? But it’s no surprise why mutual funds are resistant.
28. The potato onion is both durable and resistant, and it is one of the vegetarian favorites.
29. Stick to it and be resistant to anything or anyone that tries to remove your belief in it.
30. Hans was hopeful, with it being a bacteria, that meant antibiotics, but this was resistant.
31. Silver-werewolves are resistant to silver, but vulnerable to wolfsbane, Mother explains.
32. Which means they are less susceptible to dirt and grease and they are more abrasive resistant.
33. First they took over Parslo, a nation noted for its export of cold resistant metals and ores.
34. They are somewhat disease resistant but you still need to take proper pre-cautions and use a.
35. She was resistant to phaser at the stun level, the security officer informed the Captain.
36. Heat over high, stirring constantly with a heat resistant spoon, until all sugar is dissolved.
37. Huge doses of exceptionally strong antibiotics were used but this infection was drug resistant.
38. The coal industry is harshly resistant to claims, regardless of the proof offered by the miner.
39. Unfortunately, Maroon Clownfish are not all that saltwater fish disease resistant and you will.
40. They appear to be resistant to most saltwater fish disease but it's wise to be careful and use a.
41. The French Angel has been noted to be fairly disease resistant but you still need to take proper.
42. Catarin hide is soft, durable, somewhat flame resistant, and… he paused for a long moment.
43. However, the more we try to shut it up or force it down, the angrier and more resistant this part.
44. They seem to be fairly disease resistant but you still need to take proper pre-cautions and use a.
45. An added benefit is that roses organically grown are more disease resistant, & they last longer!.
46. The great thing about synthetic waterproof decking material is that is resistant to rot, cracking.
47. This tang should be relatively disease resistant once acclimated but you still need to take proper.
48. Remember, they want to be sure that when they make their move, then the market will not be resistant.
49. Take away the resisting of the feather and replace it with something far less air resistant and one.
50. Most men of my time were however still resistant to enlarging the role of women, even with the war on.
51. It was pretty obvious that the Colonel’s bullets were no match for Dennis’s bullet resistant skin.
52. It was resistant, but with his super strength, he was able to make a hole large enough to slide down into.
53. The binder made the explosive material much more resistant to force and heat, rendering the C4 more stable.
54. It is meant to be a rugged, simple tactical fighter-bomber and is designed to be resistant to battle damage.
55. On top of that, it also increases the ability of the seedlings to be resistant to certain types of diseases.
56. It also depended upon how wet or dry the forests and plants were, and how fire resistant the vegetation was.
57. The fear of one's own helplessness can make us resistant to sharing and hateful of the needy person or State.
58. I was resistant at first, but I had to admit there was something about Pamela that was undeniably attractive.
59. This is to say, that a fool makes his own end – remember the resistant diamond breaking under the pressure.
60. HSC are removed from bone of the donor who is naturally resistant to HIV and is transplanted into the patient.
61. Each of them felt proudly resistant, and neither looked at the other, while they awaited Sir James's entrance.
62. The wooden wing of Mimosa had burned and only the thick resistant stucco wet blankets and quilts had saved it.
63. It was resistant to chemical and thermal breakdown and as such found its way into thousands of useful products.
64. This is fifteen layers of Kevlar: a super lightweight, bulletproof body armor, covered in water resistant fabric.
65. To understand if a business is recession resistant or resilient, study how it responded to that economic slowdown.
66. As introduced in Chapter 2, communities of practice are self-organizing, resistant to supervision and interference.
67. A more plausible theory for the effectiveness of bananas for weight loss is the present of resistant starch in them.
68. Popular wisdom said the stock was recession resistant because more people would need to be retrained in a downturn.
69. The goblins and orcs guided their Lykanthros away from the resistant militia and crested the hill from whence they came.
70. God responds to an open, humble, and child-like heart of faith much more than He does to a resistant heart of unbelief.
71. When the eating patterns seem to be resistant to change, it is then often worthwhile to get professional advice and help.
72. The monster lurking within is resistant to divine inclinations, seeking only to relate to natural instinctual processes.
73. Obviously, this will mean a very real loosening of the hold of the habits and behaviours which seemed so resistant before.
74. This is actually a grass seed that is resistant to drought, and it is a combination of grasses, which require no pampering.
75. She could not help but notice that the woman was unusually cold to her and resistant about putting her husband on the phone.
76. If you can focus more on root growth instead of top growth, then your grass would become more disease resistant and healthy.
77. The president of Healthcare Productions is resistant to extending the role of the consultant to include intellectual capital.
78. This does not have the all-encompassing defence of the Covert vehicle but it could be used as kind of an attack resistant shield.
79. How resistant to fire were those trees? Which ones caught fire and which ones didn’t? Is this where our idea of Hell came from?
80. I wonder who's got dirty feet; there's some part of your life that's dirty but you're resistant to opening it up to anyone to help you.
81. Traditional should not be confused with conservative since they refer to unrelated topics albeit both are strongly resistant to change.
82. I wonder who's got dirty feet; there's some part of your life that's dirty, but you're resistant to opening it up to anyone to help you.
83. The disinfectants that do hit the target can’t kill ’em all ‘cause every colony has some varieties which are resistant to the drug.
84. Bonding new concrete to old one and new mortar to old one Drainpipes, floors of chemical plants, mortars for acid resistant Anticorrosive.
85. Evil is the immature choosing and the unthinking misstep of those who are resistant to goodness, rejectful of beauty, and disloyal to truth.
86. The best thing about these screen protectors is that they are meant for touch screen devices which mean that they are fingerprint resistant.
87. I never would have brought up the subject of abortion with her, because she has always been so resistant in the past, but You are truly amazing.
88. By the time Alexander arrived in Egypt, the Egyptians weren’t resistant to the change of authority, and submitted to Alexander without a fight.
89. If a business is recession resistant then its earnings will not be impacted as the economy enters a recession, thereby making it easier to value.
90. In one of our sessions, I noticed that Windy was resistant to incorporating Touch Charges and Talk Charges into her relationship with her husband.
91. Therefore, by reading a conference call transcript, you would have learned that at least 55 percent of Airgas’s revenues are recession resistant.
92. With the bomb blast doors down it immediately blocked the building off sealing off the audience in a safe cocoon of metal and heat resistant glass.
93. Yet in spite of electronic trading’s obvious virtues, the CBOT, and many other open outcry exchanges, have been steadfastly resistant to progress.
94. Still, it is thought that the amounts of resistant starch present in bananas are not sufficient to bring about any considerable change in metabolism.
95. Stainless steel is also highly resistant to rust and that, of course, is a major consideration since your knife will have a lot of contact with water.
96. The genetic anomaly that makes me aware during simulations also suggests I could be resistant to serums, so my truth serum testimony might not be reliable.
97. If the bubble was made burst resistant that same person could look in – withdraw – revisit from a different angle and withdraw as and when they wanted.
98. Folic Acid appears to improve the integrity (chromosomal linkages) of cervical DNA, making it less resistant to the effect of the human papilloma virus (HPV).
99. This underlying trend may not fuel demand during the next recession so the veterinary industry may not be as recession resistant as investors believe it to be.
100. Fermina Daza, always resistant to the demands of fashion, brought back six trunks of clothing from different periods, for the great labels did not convince her.

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