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Resisting in a sentence

There was no resisting him.
Why was he resisting? As she.
Then, I notice him resisting me.
When will he stop resisting?
Resisting a frown, I stare at Mother.
So it's not just about not resisting.
Resisting the Billionaire - Volume I.

My instinct seemed to be resisting it.
Resisting it only increases the anger.
He knows there is no point in resisting.
Garcia nodded, resisting the urge to cry.
You don't seem to be resisting it much.
She gave up and stopped resisting, her.
But it’s no good resisting, your mind.
She was stiff at first, resisting his lead.
Few men thought of resisting both at once.
In that case, what's the point of resisting?
The man in you is still resisting the change.
We recommend not resisting in order to survive.
Where are we going? Dawn asked, resisting.
In that case, what‘s the point of resisting?
There was no resisting them, and we wept openly.
I have trouble resisting these, she smirked.
There was no resisting so much apparent affection.
Resisting medium, some of the probable effects of, T.
I have been resisting my condition for the last hour.
The only mode of resisting this argument—that of Mr.
There was no resisting the faith that woman possessed.
He pleaded self-defense, that the kid was resisting.
Resisting the urge to pinch herself, she slowly nodded.
She stopped resisting and relaxed herself in his grasp.
Resisting the impulse to floor the accelerator—she’d.
I catch a sharp breath, resisting the urge to shut my eyes.
Instead of resisting poverty, and struggling to make more.
Rachel made a faint effort at resisting, but slowly gave in.
Instead of resisting the fear, dive straight into it.
Gale fetched the orange juice out of the fridge, resisting.
Tempted: Resisting the Billionaire Vol II - Sample Chapters.
Just as hard a concept as resisting taking profits too early.
Sage, you need to stop resisting what you are, he said.
All day I had resisted.
I resisted the urge to.
He resisted the urge to.
He resisted all the time.
He resisted the urge to be.
The Agents resisted, at first.
He resisted an urge to sneeze.
In training, she had resisted.
Nature resisted it for a while.
I resisted it with all my might.
She had resisted his domination.
She resisted for only a moment.
None of them resisted joining us.
Omi resisted, but took the banana.
Rod resisted the urge to apologise.
These three resisted and resented.
I resisted, but decided to give in.
She resisted the temptation to heave.
The man resisted and looked at Herbie.
He had to be subdued, resisted arrest.
Allerton, who resisted and kicked him.
She resisted the temptation to tell him.
But while she resisted the siege of Dr.
I have resisted his desires—and mine.
The two men vehemently resisted being.
I resisted the urge to spike the pigeon.
She resisted for a moment then relaxed.
I resisted the urge to say, Yes, you are.
The lock resisted, but only for a moment.
Fanny still resisted, and from her heart.
She seemed to want him, and he resisted.
Every cell in my body resisted the idea.
But, even though I resisted, you love me.
He resisted the temptation to close his.
For who has resisted His will? (Rom.
I resisted him; I gave him nasty slapped.
These encroachments resisted led to wars.
Calvin resisted the urge to roll his eyes.
Amelia resisted the urge and let her pass.
I resisted the God they drilled in my head.
Kill him if he resists.
If she resists kill her.
If he resists, shoot him.
But if the scoundrel resists?
But he resists all temptations.
She resists with a muffled laugh.
It resists the burning heat of Sun.
It resists the freezing cold of ice.
Walnut resists warping and shrinking.
It resists all her efforts to open it.
Unfortunately, the mind resists control.
The animal resists out of fear not pain.
She resists it with her usual steel will.
Unless he resists and we have to disappear him.
All life falls in ruin around one; one resists.
Resists efforts of caretaker to clean or groom.
How much it resists the stresses and the burning flame.
He resists the urge to grin and pump his fist into the air.
It forcibly resists questioning; I hold on to it and will.
So long as man resists a situation, he will have it with him.
The beast has little desire to resume human form, resists it.
Loops it over his neck and shoulder, resists a gathering tightness.
Bible says, God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.
Nemedia, dominated by the Aesir mercenaries, resists all invasions.
If the coach resists, this may be an indication that you are taking.
Momentum of the mind resists our efforts to bring the mind at peace.
Don’t take any chances with her and shoot her if she resists at all.
Her voice is loud, and he resists an urge to clap his hand over her mouth.
In forming a blocking it resists the flow or the gravity or space lining.
If a virus now resists certain drugs whereas before it was overcome by them, it.
Daniel resists the urge to sigh and turns his attention back to the office building.
Resistance is a huge topic, and you have heard the phrase what resists persists.
There’s a funny thing about the mind, it remembers what it wants to, and resists forced memory.
Lad, it resists a push greatly so I think that you can not move it without breaking a thin thread.
The iniquitous person resists each and every attempt of the spirit to lead him to salvation and life.
But Anup resists me, and for the first time in my life he, my loyal Anup, sparks a flash of fear within me.
When the malady resists all ordinary treatment, the doctors determine to try some heroic, however painful, remedy.
Therefore whoever resists the authority resists the ordinance of God, and those who resist will bring judgment on themselves.
The natural man always resists pain, suffering, sacrifice – Jesus wrestled to gain victory – surrender to the Father’s Will.
He had no answer, and the only thing he could think of to say was, If no one resists them, the Russians should have no reason to harm anyone.

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I did not resist him.
Let us resist on the.
Few men can resist it.
I could not resist her.
I can't resist a dare.
He was unable to resist.
How can I resist that?
Do not resist this will.
Are too sexy to resist.
We can resist sin, be-.
He was so hard to resist.
I resist the urge to scoff.
He could not resist this.
I will resist mention of.
She was too weak to resist.
He could not resist a smile.
A saint couldn't resist it.
You did not resist in the.
I could not resist the pain.
She could resist no longer.
Robbie could not resist her.
She was so hard to resist!.
I cannot resist good manners.
I would not resist for long.
This time he did not resist.
Some can resist, some cannot.
Alex could not resist smiling.
You can’t resist, can you?
He could not resist his query.
I couldn’t resist asking it.
No one can resist Holy Damage.
It is not logical to resist.
Resist or open? Come what may!.
But I just couldn’t resist.
For no one can resist His will.
Who could resist such a moment.
I was bound to resist, however.
He would do his best to resist.
It tried to resist and demand.
Resist the devil Watch and pray.

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