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Rested in a sentence

All eyes rested on them.
As they rested by the.
He rested for a short.
A leg rested on another.
I rested my hand on hers.
My head rested on my arm.
The train rested at the.

It rested on two chains.
But I felt rested enough.
He seemed well rested too.
His eyes rested upon Anna.
He rested his arm on his.
I rested my chin in a hand.
Every thing rested on him.
A black book rested there.
I rested on my elbow but.
His eyes rested in her gaze.
Here they rested for a day.
Sleep well and wake rested.
He rested his hands on my.
My head rested on the door.
She smiled and rested her.
It rested in Otto’s palm.
My head rested on his chest.
His forehead rested on hers.
Corey rested on Jeff's chest.
Next to pilow rested a book.
Myconius rested for a little.
Simon rested his hand on mine.
His hands rested on its back.
Ryato’s gaze rested on him.
His hand rested on her thigh.
My hand rested on soft cotton.
I rested my head against her.
Michaels eyes rested on Holly.
His arms rested on his knees.
A hand rested on his shoulder.
It probed further, then rested.
As you were before you rested.
She followed where they rested.
A lot is resting on in.
Not a final resting place.
After resting my head on.
Balasana is a resting pose.
Driver sat like a resting.
Slept on the sofa, resting.
He walked on without resting.
Resting in an unsafe place.
Through times of resting in.
The Ribbons, Not Resting At.
That is your resting heart.
This was resting on top of it.
She’s resting at the moment.
Chapter 16: The Resting Place.
I was resting my hopes on her.
She was just mindlessly resting.
And keep walking, and resting.
He is resting, she chimed.
Everest and resting at a base.
I was lying upon my bed resting.
I was at home resting between.
In Him my trust is resting.
Resting both stiff arms on the.
They lay on their cots, resting.
Damn resting! She wanted answers.
I am resting my head on his arm.
There is greatness resting in you.
They are resting in a bank vault.
With one foot resting on its tip.
He was at peace, resting in the.
Resting on a dusty shelf up high.
This is your final resting place.
It is the final resting place of.
Parnell-Rose is resting now, but.
They sat for a moment while resting.
Several days later, while resting.
Finally, there is the resting place.
His hips resting in his wheelchair.
Alvin twisted a metal lever resting.
Resting in between your workout sets.
BCG rests his arm on Dr.
But that rests with Sara.
I say she rests here then.
It now rests on the floor.
Whom upon the finger rests.
And it rests upon his chin.
The defense rests its case.
The dove rests on a branch.
Rests supine on a stack of.
You say it rests with me.
He rests on the seventh day.
All the power rests with God.
The newness of action rests.
She rests it on the dashboard.
She rests her chin on her hand.
He rests his head in his hands.
For play never quits; it rests.
The decision rests only with God.
This must be what it rests on.
A backpack rests against his feet.
His head sinks slowly, rests upon.
The limestone rests on mica slate.
Then upon Us rests their reckoning.
The success of a project rests on.
Tom (Mount) rests on sandstone, 109.
The tongue rests on Fanny’s cooch.
When the fish rests, reel in quickly.
Rests the sapient being on the shore.
Orcher rests his hand on my shoulder.
The droplet rests on the petal, but.
The rubble rests on the river bottom.
It all rests with Captain Sergov now.
The learning of all races rests here.
Rests her hand on the receiver a beat.
The capsule now rests on the mistbed.
And that he now rests with the Maker.
If God rests, then God is not creating.
His father’s gaze rests heavy on him.
By itself nothing moves, nothing rests.

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I just want a rest.
A rest I shall have.
The rest I long for.
Go to sleep and rest.
Add the rest of the.
He stopped for a rest.
She needs to rest now.
We learn to rest in.
May he rest in peace.
The rest of the story.
The rest is a fantasy.
The rest is up to you.
Then let the rest of.
The rest of the money.
The rest of it, what.
The rest is up to them.
I was glad of the rest.
No rest for the wicked.
I want her to rest now.
But in her day of rest.
I can reach the rest.
No Rest for the Wicked.
The rest of the group.
The Rest of the Stor y.
And she wiped the rest.
Let rest for 5 minutes.
But the rest of us did.
Compared to the rest of.
The rest of the agents.
As we learn to rest in.
The rest of her family.
Rest was what he needed.
I want to hear the rest.
Life is a rest and shift.
The rest is in darkness.
I just wanted to rest now.
The rest can look after.
You rest and recover, Jo.
The rest was easy enough.
All he wanted was a rest.

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