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Ridiculing in a sentence | ridiculing example sentences

  1. The ones ridiculing you are the ones that.
  2. I suffered her to enjoy it a while; then I expostulated: deriding and ridiculing a Mr.
  3. I suffered her to enjoy it a while; then I expostulated: deriding and ridiculing all Mr.
  4. Yates, was talking with forced gaiety to him alone, and ridiculing the acting of the others.
  5. She could not say "ecrivez," because they had long been ridiculing the customary phrase of parting friends.

  6. With the result that people are scoffing and ridiculing the information contained in the Bible and even God Himself.
  7. It occurred to him slowly, and with a ridiculing smile, that all he currently wanted from life, was a cup of coffee.
  8. If I seem to be ridiculing Charley, look you at what I was doing in the next half hour and also what my neighbor was doing.
  9. Others were simply indifferent, or treated the subject as a kind of joke, ridiculing the suggestion that it was possible to abolish poverty.
  10. Doesn’t it? And as you stare at each other, your head thrown back in ridiculing laughter, you see a look of stark raving terror on this poet’s face that melts away the frozen time cube.
  11. Glancing at his wife and Vronsky, he went up to the lady of the house, and sitting down for a cup of tea, began talking in his deliberate, always audible voice, in his habitual tone of banter, ridiculing someone.
  12. This answer came derisively from several places at the same instant, and then they all began speaking at once, vying with each other in ridiculing the foolishness of `them there Socialists', whom they called `The Sharers Out'.
  13. I’d done a short form of this for French television with the help of a fake mustache and had seen Oliver Reed do another edition of the same show to spectacular effect, ridiculing himself in a way that made Howard Stern sound like Mr.
  14. In the next issue of the paper several other letters appeared from leading citizens, including, of course, Sweater, Rushton, Didlum and Grinder, ridiculing the proposal of the Trades Council, who were insultingly alluded to as `pothouse politicians', `beer-sodden agitators' and so forth.
  15. Having seen the absurdity of the religion in which he was brought up, and having gained with great effort, and at first with fear, but later with rapture, freedom from it, he did not tire of viciously and with venom ridiculing priests and religious dogmas, as if wishing to revenge himself for the deception that had been practised on him.

  1. They even ridiculed the idea.
  2. Other times they are ridiculed.
  3. I was afraid of being ridiculed.
  4. He ridiculed me once in a meeting.
  5. He was ridiculed unmercifully by his.
  6. He was ridiculed because he spoke of them.
  7. Often they have been ridiculed or humiliated.
  8. My fear is of being shamed and ridiculed and.
  9. Not for fear of being ridiculed or laughed at.
  10. Simply put, while males may be ridiculed and.
  11. Philpot ridiculed this: it was not nearly enough.
  12. He will be abused, scoffed at, and ridiculed by.
  13. They are minimalized, scoffed at, ridiculed, etc.
  14. The other employees often teased and ridiculed her.
  15. He was commonly threatened and ridiculed by both animal.
  16. Smith had ridiculed him again in front of the whole team.
  17. The convicts ridiculed him by reason of his Jewish origin.
  18. The men laughed at her appearance, they ridiculed the Witch.
  19. The concept of the individual must be ridiculed and destroyed.
  20. My colleagues ridiculed the idea of selling those reconfigured.
  21. Many prophets and messengers have been ridiculed throughout the.
  22. That version of events was ridiculed for more than one solid reason.
  23. He was ridiculed by other investors and questioned by the financial media.
  24. He said she's not dead, she's just sleeping, and they laughed and ridiculed Him.
  25. Immediately he went on the attack and ridiculed all that the opposition had said.
  26. Their testimony was later ridiculed, slandered and libeled by government officials.
  27. For the entire year numerous professors, mostly Jews, ridiculed my southern accent.
  28. She had hidden it then to avoid being ridiculed, but today she was blessing her aunt.
  29. They have denied the truth, but soon will come to them the news of what they ridiculed.
  30. But many of us turned up our noses, and ridiculed her for such outlandish proclamations.
  31. You’re going to become the most ridiculed schoolgirl in the history of the world! The.
  32. I believe it results from a fear of being ridiculed for making mistakes or doing a poor job.
  33. True to the prophecies, I was soundly rejected, ignored, ridiculed, and treated with disdain.
  34. She may then be ridiculed or attacked; after all, by her very appearance she is asking for it.
  35. In both instances the people of God are being mocked and ridiculed, and both involve Jerusalem.
  36. The fear of being observed upon, laughed at, ridiculed, prevents many a good habit being taken up.
  37. More often than not, however, the new models are rejected, and often ridiculed, by the establishment.
  38. You can use the information in the chapter linked below to help overcome your fear of being ridiculed.
  39. The Desnairians, predictably, had turned up their noses and ridiculed their Dohlaran allies’ timidity.
  40. Messengers before you were ridiculed, but those who mocked them became besieged by what they ridiculed.
  41. I can remember vividly times in my own school years of being ridiculed and scorned and how painful it was.
  42. Enough of being doubted, enough of being ridiculed, enough of being treated differently to everyone else.
  43. The evils of what they did will become evident to them, and the very thing they ridiculed will haunt them.
  44. Messengers before you were also ridiculed, but those who jeered were surrounded by what they had ridiculed.
  45. So; in order to keep from being hurt, laughed at, ridiculed, and taken advantage of: they stop being honest.
  46. I’d never said it out loud, like Colin, for fear of being ridiculed – or even worse, being disappointed.
  47. He reached back into the cradle of equality where democratic histories and fables languished, forgotten and ridiculed.
  48. Then the tale was remembered, how the Dentist had tried in vain to save Ol’Zeke and had been ridiculed for his trouble.
  49. If his friends ridiculed him for that, then the hell with them! His hands started caressing gently her face as he spoke softly.
  50. However everyone’s afraid of being ridiculed if they have the temerity to point out publicly that the emperor is stark naked.
  51. They had talked, and they had been silent; he had reasoned, she had ridiculed; and they had parted at last with mutual vexation.
  52. Even the assistants in the grocers' and drapers' shops laughed and ridiculed and pointed the finger of scorn at them as they passed.
  53. In addition, it buffers us with a soft cushion in our thoughts, emotions, and behavior when we are ridiculed, humiliated, and mocked.
  54. By keeping up this " attitude of silence " I have clumsUy descended to one of those " literary graces " which I have ridiculed above.
  55. Yes, Olin was right, it was a Grand Circus of a trial and he would be ridiculed in the halls of justice, as a failure, as an incompetent.
  56. Christians, on the other hand, can apparently be called for everything and generally misrepresented, rubbished and ridiculed with impunity.
  57. We do not like to be laughed at and ridiculed by the majority, and to feel that we are always in a minority in every company into which we go.
  58. Their parents paid fees whereas she was a poor scholarship girl, with an accent that many of the girls either ridiculed or could not understand.
  59. With the result, that he is scorned and ridiculed for his wifes infidelities and envied for his professional successes and moneymaking abilities.
  60. From the days of Joseph, who was sold into Egypt, dreamers have been scoffed at and ridiculed by those who do not understand the psychology of dreaming.
  61. Bridget talked to them individually about procreation as best she could, fearing they would be ridiculed or embarrassed at school if they did not have at least a.
  62. Fredrickson—secretary and CA trainee, and Marci Sanchez, the student intern who constantly ridiculed my poor Spanish names and places, but never tried to converse.
  63. Prince Nicholas had always ridiculed medicine, but latterly on Mademoiselle Bourienne’s advice had allowed this doctor to visit him and had grown accustomed to him.
  64. That either or both of these alternatives are impossible, I see no reason to affirm: if they were so, we might indeed be justly ridiculed as dreamers and visionaries.
  65. He was probably ridiculed by his neighbours, laughed at by his friends, the butt of family jokes, but he believed and he persevered and because he did, we are here today.
  66. The Russian fashion of matchmaking by the offices if intermediate persons was for some reason considered unseemly; it was ridiculed by every one, and by the princess herself.
  67. The Russian fashion of match-making by the offices if intermediate persons was for some reason considered unseemly; it was ridiculed by every one, and by the princess herself.
  68. She told me many times that she would have no problem going out with someone else who was crossdressed but couldn’t stand the thought of me being ridiculed or possibly harmed.
  69. Zangwill has lectured upon the drama, and paid pungent respect to its incongruities, but he has proved himself to be infinitely worse than the various playwrights whom he ridiculed.
  70. They ridiculed Him knowing that she was dead; But He having put them all out took the father of the child her mother and those who were with Him and went in where the child was lying.
  71. For like most American girls, the tendency to be bossy was in the culture and there was always this gentle assertion, the wish to have the last word, to have her way, not to be ridiculed.
  72. She believed her husband no longer loved her; that he was having affairs; that the people she met knew about these affairs, ridiculed her behind her back and were plotting to separate them.
  73. In that circle the Moscow enthusiasm—news of which had reached Petersburg simultaneously with the Emperor’s return—was ridiculed sarcastically and very cleverly, though with much caution.
  74. Liberty, free trade, the rule of law, the protection of individual rights, and the respect of person and property and the fruits of one's labour are distant memories, perhaps even ridiculed ideals.
  75. He neither condemned nor ridiculed Christianity; but, like a man who is paralyzed, he could only look at it and examine it, and had not strength of mind to lay hold on it and receive it into his heart.
  76. Others ridiculed this doctrine of State employment: It was all very fine, but where was the money to come from? And then those who had been disposed to agree with Owen could relapse into their old apathy.
  77. The same ladies from fine families who at first had scorned and ridiculed her for being an upstart without a name went out of their way to make her feel like one of them, and she intoxicated them with her charm.
  78. But she was made to swear to an oath, drank the water used in birthing the corpse of her husband and worst of all, ridiculed by the community on account of an unfounded accusation of bewitching her husband to death.
  79. In spite of the scrupulous conscientiousness with which Sergey Ivanovitch verified the correctness of the critic’s arguments, he did not for a minute stop to ponder over the faults and mistakes which were ridiculed; but.
  80. Even when on occasion, some other participants of the 222 Jamboree were interviewed, no matter how mainstream and levelheaded they came across, they were still laughed at, and ridiculed, by the talking heads and so-called experts.
  81. Her father had called Him to come and visit, because the girl was very sick; and we read in verse 39 Jesus came in and said to them, "Why are you making all this noise and weeping? The child is not dead but sleeping," - but they ridiculed Him.
  82. Considered less than fully human by ones who considered themselves the most superior examples of humankind, they were ridiculed, debased, turned out of their homes and then hounded across the continent where they’d lived for countless generations.
  83. These men ridiculed Socialism and regularly voted for the continuance of capitalism, and yet they were disgusted and angry with Grinder! There was also a small number of Socialists - not more than half a dozen altogether - who did not join in the applause.
  84. He wheedled, bribed, ridiculed, threatened, and scolded; affected indifference, that he might surprise the truth from her; declared her knew, then that he didn't care; and at last, by dint of perseverance, he satisfied himself that it concerned Meg and Mr.
  85. While General MacArthur still has not authorized an evacuation of our troops from Korea, pressure from Washington is building on him and his assertion that the presence of Chinese troops in Korea is not confirmed is now widely ridiculed in the United States.
  86. I was thinking about the mess the barn was in, about the love that my heart seemed to share, about how easy it was to ask silly questions and not be ridiculed, about the knot-hole that I peered in, but mostly about the way they genuinely enjoyed being with me.
  87. To Tess's horror the dark queen began stripping off the bodice of her gown—which for the added reason of its ridiculed condition she was only too glad to be free of—till she had bared her plump neck, shoulders, and arms to the moonshine, under which they looked as.
  88. They did not - all - actually say this, but that was what their conduct amounted to; for they not only refused to help to bring about a better state of things for their children, but they ridiculed and opposed and cursed and abused those who were trying to do it for them.
  89. The notion that we could teleport ships across long distances was ‘ridiculous’ but now we are more than capable of it! Is it not possible that there was a truth in all of the lies? If someone did see a Judge and told everyone about it, he’d get ridiculed regardless.
  90. Similarly, when Nekhludoff, on reaching his majority, distributed the estate he inherited from his father among the peasants, because he considered the ownership of land unjust, this act of his horrified his mother and relatives, who constantly reproached and ridiculed him for it.
  91. For surely all must admit that a man may be puffed and belauded, envied, ridiculed, counted upon as a tool and fallen in love with, or at least selected as a future husband, and yet remain virtually unknown—known merely as a cluster of signs for his neighbors' false suppositions.
  92. Their passions are quickly exhausted; but, by the side of a noble and lofty creature that seemingly coarse and rough man seeks a new life, seeks to correct himself, to be better, to become noble and honorable, ‘sublime and beautiful,’ however much the expression has been ridiculed.
  93. There's two examples; one of them is found in Nehemiah, Chapter 2, and it says when they had a vision to build the house, and build the house for God, and build a great thing for God, it says their enemies came and mocked and laughed and ridiculed them, but they used laughter as a put down.
  94. Why those tears of rapture ? It has been a strange recollection for me ever since, for these last nine years ! I followed the drama with a throbbing heart; all I understood of it, of course, was that she was deceiving him,, and that he was ridiculed by stupid people who were not worth his Uttle finger.
  95. Regarding this verse most of the bible teachers will disagree with me saying that here the prophet is talking of Jesus after he was ridiculed, after he was crowned by force with a crown of thorns, after receiving 39 slashes behind his back and after the Roman soldiers played havoc over Jesus, this is the appearance of him just before his crucifixion.
  96. As Jesus paused, silently but thoughtfully contemplating this scene of commerce and confusion, close by he beheld a simple-minded Galilean, a man he had once talked with in Iron, being ridiculed and jostled about by supercilious and would-be superior Judeans; and all of this combined to produce one of those strange and periodic uprisings of indignant emotion in the soul of Jesus.
  97. You feared being ridiculed and shunned for exposing your nakedness, you feared offending everyone by desiring females other than your wife, you feared that your sexual performance might be judged to be poor, you feared that promiscuous sex with promiscuous females would lead to sexual diseases and unplanned pregnancies and bastard children and the loss of your wife’s love and the breaking of your marriage, as well as shame, dishonor, humiliation and loss of respect from everyone involved.
  98. People like Lyamshin and Telyatnikov, like Gogol's Tentyotnikov, drivelling home-bred editions of Radishtchev, wretched little Jews with a mournful but haughty smile, guffawing foreigners, poets of advanced tendencies from the capital, poets who made up with peasant coats and tarred boots for the lack of tendencies or talents, majors and colonels who ridiculed the senselessness of the service, and who would have been ready for an extra rouble to unbuckle their swords, and take jobs as railway clerks; generals who had abandoned their duties to become lawyers; advanced mediators, advancing merchants, innumerable divinity students, women who were the embodiment of the woman question—all these suddenly gained complete sway among us and over whom? Over the club, the venerable officials, over generals with wooden legs, over the very strict and inaccessible ladies of our local society.
  99. Shourie’s book enumerates several illogical and regressive fatwas (though he has also ridiculed several fatwas, which may not be considered regressive by believers of any faith, such as those enumerated in pages 673 to 677 (which are about whether it’s appropriate to cut nails on a certain day or travel on a certain day, and by the way, as Shourie himself mentions, there are ulema (Muslim clerics) who themselves branded most of such queries to be baseless in the light of Islam, but there are indeed Hindus with such beliefs too), among several others mentioned in the book, and certain fatwas he has highlighted are based on the clergy’s own cultural notions – for instance, there is nothing in the Islamic texts prohibiting celebrating birthdays, but since Prophet Muhammad did not do so, a cleric has dismissed it as a European practice antithetical to Islam, though having said that, very many Muslims enjoy celebrating their birthdays, and different clerics also have different perspectives!), and though he acknowledges the existence of progressive clerics, he contends, like that apostate of Islam, that the latter are the ones who are not correctly interpreting Islam, while the regressive folk are.
  100. The God of Israel you have ridiculed,.
  1. It ridicules them.
  2. But this is ridicules.
  3. Most were ridicules and the.
  4. Skepticism mocks, ridicules, jeers.
  5. There were gossips and ridicules everywhere amongst the villagers about me.
  6. If the investor reads an advisory service that ridicules the first prediction, he usually will become confused and forget about the predicted big move for that stock.
  7. He is aware of the absurdity of mankind framing their whole lives according to Homer; just as in the Phaedrus he intimates the absurdity of interpreting mythology upon rational principles; both these were the modern tendencies of his own age, which he deservedly ridicules.
  8. One wonders, is it better to have a beautiful woman who has lovers, breaks your heart and ridicules you in society but fills your soul with beauty or to have to face a repulsive hag all your life? Admittedly, a question of extremes but the jury has still not returned with the verdict.
  9. No matter how much we are accustomed to read in French novels about how families live by threes, and how there is always a lover, whom all but the husband know, it still remains quite incomprehensible to us how it is that all husbands are always fools, cocus, and ridicules, and all lovers, who in the end marry and become husbands, are neither ridicules nor cocus, but heroes.

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1. Thus, a fear of ridicule is one.
2. He would be an object of ridicule.
3. This invited immediate, crude ridicule.
4. And when they see a sign, they ridicule.
5. He had expected disbelief, even ridicule.
6. Now let me just define that word ridicule.
7. Oh, how that would ruin him and ridicule me.
8. They would then, as a group, laugh and ridicule her.
9. Besides, she did not want the guy to ridicule her.
10. Ridicule was the only besom to sweep away that dust.
11. This hidden ridicule was terrifying to Henry Morgan.
12. I can only imagine how much ridicule the inventor of.
13. These jokes and ridicule are quite usual occurrences.
14. It is usually looked upon with derision and ridicule.
15. The ostensiblepurpose of the play is to ridicule the.
16. So they were married, and ridicule gnawed off my wings.
17. Hedelighted in holding up to ridicule the excesses of.
18. Junyas face, and a look of ridicule on the cab drivers.
19. I do accept the readers ridicule as something I deserve.
20. Mrs Astley was a character for endless jokes and ridicule.
21. My life prior to the incident had been full of ridicule and.
22. External factors is the discrimination and ridicule of others.
23. That was something tangible and a defense against the ridicule.
24. He didn’t know what they were saying but ridicule is indeed a.
25. The others would ridicule him, calling him senile and incompetent.
26. Men of ego and mind often ridicule the very idea of enlightenment.
27. His theory led pretty swiftly to ridicule, but was a private comfort.
28. Basically ridicule the entire performance and make it abstract and silly.
29. Only too often ministers are the target of pity, ridicule or even contempt.
30. That is because they rejected God's revelations, and used to ridicule them.
31. Who knows, maybe they’d ridicule me with their picky jokes, like my friends.
32. The cook’s face was set in a firm determined scowl between anger and ridicule.
33. They did not forget the ridicule of the city, however, even as the generations.
34. She could ridicule every statement made about her, but that might not be enough.
35. Scorn, bitterness, unprovoked malignity, gratuitous desire of ill, ridicule of.
36. He inculcated the latter phrase with a drama that indicated his sense of ridicule.
37. The soldiers had been only too willing to heap ridicule upon others for a change.
38. Marriages of love for men like him were considered of the utmost ridicule by most.
39. He did not fear ridicule from Cœur de Gris, but rather sympathy and understanding.
40. A sense of ridicule seemed to haunt Wadhwa in spite of his tough image at the Tihar.
41. Rattle cages of ridicule; shake violently the bars that bind the saintly madness of.
42. Evgenie Pavlovitch turns everything and everybody he can lay hold of to ridicule.
43. There is only one way to deal with bullies who use their size to intimidate, ridicule.
44. And philosophy too, Sophia incorporated, making Zarah the center of their ridicule.
45. We ridicule any notion of a Creator and the information he provided us through his Word.
46. The innate doubt that he could be the object of ridicule as a cuckold always haunted him.
47. He could not devise in his mind any method by which he could avoid the stigma of ridicule.
48. Scoff: Showing contempt by insulting words or actions; it combines bitterness with ridicule.
49. The purport of it was to invite him to dinner, and to ridicule his chivalrous respect for me.
50. He had paid off, of course, by accepting ridicule, but it had been a lovely time, a warm time.
51. It is terribly annoying to people when a figure of contempt and ridicule is such an infallible.
52. Critics ridicule that as an excuse for the inability to explain something which was only imagined.
53. Gritting his teeth he thrust the towel over his body, angry at the cheek they had to ridicule him.
54. Suddenly he smiled, and in a voice that was indifferent almost to the point of ridicule, he said:.
55. A roar of rough mirth greeted these words, and the captain turned purple, thinking he sensed ridicule.
56. It would be particularly pleasant to him to dishonor my name and ridicule me, just because I have him.
57. But when Peter and John returned, they ceased to ridicule and became filled with fear and apprehension.
58. You can use the information in the Conquer Irrational Fear chapter to help overcome your fear of ridicule.
59. Well your infallible plan of pain and ridicule became unimportant to me without me realising…until now.
60. Swept along on a tide of alcohol and the untethered horseplay of ridicule, the rest of the audience join in.
61. Acid: Ridicule and mockery; resentfulness that causes one to hold on to offense; keeping a resentment; hatred.
62. I am unwilling on another ground, because the thing itself would expose the Government to a sort of ridicule.
63. But it seemed to ridicule his interrupter, and in that light was encouraging; so he replied with amenity—.
64. Humour can be misused as a way of putting down, and humour can be used to ridicule people by laughing at them.
65. There will appear to them the evils of their deeds, and they will be surrounded by what they used to ridicule.
66. She endures her mother’s scorn and the ridicule from her father and brothers who label her little mother.
67. Military bravado is directly condemned by army men themselves, and frequently serves as a subject for ridicule.
68. Others mock, doubt, ridicule, speak with irony and boastfulness, reaping nothing but the fruits of their doubt.
69. It wasn’t the first time that he’d felt Elm's ridicule but this had been much stronger than the other times.
70. They denied the truth when it has come to them; but soon will reach them the news of what they used to ridicule.
71. Otherwise, when he has laid a foundation and is not able to finish, all who observe it begin to ridicule him, 30.
72. She could not imagine her own current experience combined with the ridicule and abandonment of the outside world.
73. They know that no matter how much they tax them, or ridicule them, they will still continue to produce the goods.
74. It would be so if its moral were that, in this world, true enthusiasm naturally leads to ridicule and discomfiture.
75. Peter could withstand persecution and any other form of direct assault, but he withered and shrank before ridicule.
76. Chester, who, of course, resented the supposed ridicule of her daughter, said, in a bland tone, but with a cold look.
77. Ridicule means to make fun of a person with the intention of humiliating them, see? Intention is there to humiliate them.
78. But too often cower mute in the shadows to avoid ridicule or retribution for being politically incorrect if spoken aloud.
79. Every time, Rahul spoke, BJP supporters would swarm all over the social media and start trending ‘pappu’ to ridicule him.
80. A demand so sudden and so serious made the young man hesitate a moment, for ridicule is often harder to bear than self-denial.
81. And if I dared to turn your beautiful, admirable simplicity to ridicule, forgive me as you would a little child its mischief.
82. He would filibuster for hours, opposing any bill not compatible with his vision, and singling out other Senators for ridicule.
83. He could sense ridicule from him as his sallow face gave Denver a slanted look and his lips twisted up into a snake like smile.
84. These include some unsolved personal problems, the fear of ridicule by friends who are also into drugs, and the fear of failure.
85. It made sense to her now, the hatred Simone had directed toward her last night, her glances of ridicule at her behaviour and dress.
86. It was permitted the rabble to jeer, mock, and ridicule the condemned, but it was not allowed that any sympathy should be expressed.
87. The ridicule and contempt were of course expressed in a respectful form, making it impossible for him to ask wherein he was to blame.
88. This was the ridicule, which was a result of the interrogation, where he admitted that he joined Dauntless to escape his father.
89. The laughing teenagers kick and ridicule the puppy, while dragging him, by the rope tied around his neck, across the rubble-strewn streets.
90. She then left the Duchess’ suite, hoping that those two English girls would have another occasion to ridicule Madame De Longueville’s men.
91. How do we stop the cult of fame, the growth of the attractor Luv my I'mage? To ridicule it promotes It, using one's scorn to spread it.
92. What a fanciful notion! Don’t all peoples have their own idiosyncrasies? And yet, all are prone to ridicule others for their peculiar beliefs.
93. I disliked him very much, but I got on with him quite well, for I often was so mean as to join him in turning Pyotr Ippolito vitch into ridicule.
94. But he did travel often to England and, I must admit, it was inspired since, I suppose, it was meant, if not to ridicule me, at least to tease me.
95. Old Kenna might have summoned the courage to go to a mall or other public place but would have been very wary of everyone she saw, fearing ridicule.
96. A story about helping overweight kids cope with ridicule, based on discussions that have taken place in your forums, is a natural for a "lifestyle".
97. But for the caste Hindus, they became mlechhas, apart from being the outcasts, while the alien circumcision brought upon them the ridicule of a katua.
98. It is not easy to live in ridicule or to be rejected by friends and family, but if we belong to him, the rewards in the ages to come are unfathomable.
99. When their messengers came to them with clear proofs, they rejoiced in the knowledge they had, and the very things they used to ridicule besieged them.
100. They meant no ridicule but Hiram, Trinkem and Perkins could not help themselves and spontaneously burst into laughter at Adeft's unsophisticated comment.

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