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Ridotto in a sentence | ridotto example sentences

  1. Pledged as I am to await the next Costume Ridotto at The King’s Theatre, ne’ertheless, my Passion for you bids me nourish the perhaps Vain Hope that you will hear my Plea and grant me an Audience sooner.
  2. Let Bellars seek me in vain at the next Costume Ridotto! Let him wander sadly amidst the Dominoes and Dandies, the Virgins of the Sun, the Popes and Pantaloons, the Devils and the Jesters, the May-Day Sweeps and the Corsican Brigands.
  3. WHEN THE TIME CAME for the next Costume Ridotto at The King’s Theatre, I was near recover’d of my Strength, tho’ the Condition of my Spirits was, to say the Truth, not much better than upon the Day I sought, all fruitlessly, to run away.

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