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Rile in a sentence

It's so easy to rile her up.
No, I don't want to rile them up.
Hell if that didn’t rile her up even more.
Why would he intentionally rile people’s emotions and then stand on.
I grabbed my brother’s arm, just in case, and hissed, Don’t let him rile you up.
He knew they were lying, trying to rile him, scare him into a confession before his lawyer arrived.
He couldn’t tell if his brother was telling him the truth or just trying to rile him up even further.

What I might do, I might say something very cutting and snotty, to rile him up--instead of socking him in the jaw.
Oh, don’t mention that odious boy! Mrs Astley fumed, something about the Yorkshireman always seemed to rile her up.
If you want to rile the very inmost soul of the average human being, don’t take his reputation or his wife; just cause him to lose money.
Probably the greatest travesty of our age is the use of manipulation during worship to rile up the emotions and senses during the music time.
He had not intended with his plans, spoken aloud for the first time, to rile the Lammas Lord, but perhaps Ralph was unused to him being in any way a decision-maker; he had not been so when they were together.
Swearing how Lenski he would rile,.
Phil has been his usual pig-headed self and spent the entire session riling Fiona.
Brimmer was riling us up in the locker room while a frenzied buzz with whoops and shouts surrounded the team.
As she walked away, she told Patty to feed her dang children—the words riling Patty, as if she was so negligent she often forgot meals.
Sephtis saw that and laughed, then started flying back and forth across the width of his army, riling them up and taunting them with the words he said next.
Erik however backtracked a bit then: while Turkey was indeed a NATO member country, its ruling AKP party and President Erdogan were proving lately to be way too sympathetic to Islamic hardliners in the region, something that was riling many in Washington and had triggered a few alarms at the CIA.
Being spied on riled him.
It got folks riled again.
I said a few things that riled him.
Riled, Kifter’s strict observance of.
He didn’t know why he was so riled up.
Something evidently riled them in his death.
And it was one that ets me most riled of all.
What riled me was fresh tracks kept appearing.
The crowd was riled up based on what they had seen.
Riled as he looked, she knew that Tragus was capable of anything.
I thought Linda was attacking me, or at least she did get me all riled up.
As soon as he reentered the room it became apparent what had riled him up so.
He never struck me as the sort of man who would be riled to anger so quickly.
Saznack began to laugh loudly and deliberately, but anyone could see that the comment had riled him.
He’d succeeded in getting his abb riled, but he had not anticipated him being that upset with him.
People could put up with being bitten by a wolf but what properly riled them was a bite from a sheep.
No matter the circumstance, she found herself increasingly riled by the language and formality of men.
The way Sir Anthony ignored his rank and called him by his surname riled Rafferty, it had done all along.
I was still annoyed with her about the cape, and so decided not to be riled by Parker’s disappearing act.
AJ could see he had riled him up and being so unpredictable at the best of times, he decided to play it safe.
In the meantime, as much as this riled him, his duty said that he would have to bring back that treasure to King Charles.
Jonesboro was promisin’ to cut her dead the next time they seen her, but maybe they’ll Yes, folks are pretty riled up about her.
Mother’s anger was riled at least a little on a fairly regular schedule, at least once a fortnight, and for the most part I could ignore it.
But it wasn’t the work itself, or the dangerous conditions that got Grandpa riled up, it was what was waiting for them once he left the mine, the company town.
He claimed that he’d used only his hands to punish POWs, an assertion that would have riled the men who’d been kicked, clubbed with his kendo stick and baseball bat, and whipped in the face with his belt.
The spread is more than 2½ times the expense of the commission! Before you get too riled up and embark on a dealer hunt, remember that you don’t actually suffer the burden of the spread unless you sell right away.
Tortured by the growling of his well–built stomach, Ned Land was getting more and more riled, and despite his word of honor, I was in real dread of an explosion when he stood in the presence of one of the men on board.
Everything under control see? Who can blame my boys eh? If it wasn't for this here nigger they'd have gotten their rocks off, and'd be content and mailable see? Now they're all riled up, half cocked, ready to go off at a moments notice.
Satan is loosed and riles up an army too large to count.
For a woman, she has wisdom, though it riles her to hear him think in this way.

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