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    1. And after a year or two on CompuServe, I became aware of the Internet and realized that CompuServe was a rip-off because they nickeled and dimed you for every one of their many many services and so many months I got quite a large bill as did many other people and basically CompuServe went out of business and the Internet came into being

    2. Toby reckoned for a lot more money, there would be a lot better service from the service provider, but he also thought that it was a bit of a rip-off

    3. The paper had printed a story about their unfortunate tendency towards insider trading practices and subsequent client rip-off scams

    4. for an expensive rip-off drink that was really just cold tea but was charged

    5. Or sometimes the rip-off gives me a whole new slant on something completely different

    6. This industry is filled with rip-off artists who charge struggling inventors large amounts of money to promote their products

    7. about the rip-off Planned Obsolescence, but it's sick-

    8. The scamsters watch carefully how far the latest rip-offs were allowed to go… and then they act accordingly… pushing the envelope of illegal profit and corruption as far as possible

    9. If it is too high, it’s a consumer rip-off

    10. In fact, the only reason he would go along with this rip-off was that as soon as they had the money, he would skim some off the top

    11. moan about the 'rip-off' prices, when their own farming abilities don't

    12. cannot even balance their own statement and yet moan about "rip-off

    13. Karen sprang for two tickets to a Broadway musical, a rage that was nothing more than a made-for-tourists rip-off

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    charlatanism duplicity quackery fraud deception hoax dishonesty