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Rippling in a sentence

The slight rippling of the.
To listen to the rippling rill.
I took a few steps in the rippling surf.
Our twin shadows dance on the rippling grass.
His muscles rippling underneath his tanned skin.
And flecks with gold the ocean’s rippling waves.
He was about to reply when a rippling pain ripped.

Rippling with waves of blue, the wall consumed him.
What strange obsession was rippling within him? He.
She noticed the ground was rippling in small waves.
I obliged, walking to the edge of the rippling creek.
Her stomach was a gargantuan mound of rippling flesh.
All that could be heard was the rippling of a brook below.
The rippling moved down his legs and his jeans split apart.
You see that part there? The rippling hasn't steadied yet.
I'm still feeling aftershocks rippling through me in waves.
The wind carried the final toll of bells rippling overhead.
He was a ball of masculine tension, rippling with male energy.
A huge sigh sent mountains of flesh rippling beneath her clothes.
And Lelechka poured out her rippling laughter in her hiding place.
A spacial disturbance, a rippling in space, moving towards the probe.
Tom rubbed himself against her, his muscles rippling with anticipation.
A wind whispered through the black branches, rippling the dusky water.
Here and there golden leaves tossed and floated on the rippling stream.
Rippling muscles threatened to burst from beneath his deep purple tunic.
They reached the small river and listened to it gently rippling past them.
Fin could see the creature’s strong muscles rippling under its scaly skin.
She could see the lake rippling gently, expanding her fingers of waves for miles.
The look of him; rippling and strong, lithe and leggy, powerfully quick to the prey.
All that was missing was the sight of her hair rippling out in the breeze behind her.
Her scaly skin was a dull orange, rippling with muscles as she moved across the ground.
Darkburst studied the rippling reflection of the moon in the dark waters of Migaro Lake.
There was no way I could avoid drooling over those rippling muscles and glittering eyes.
I seated on the side railing of a wooden bridge and heard the rippling sounds of a river.
He saw how the different choices he had made had had a rippling effect down thru the ages.
He could see something rippling amongst the starred background, but nothing was resolving.
After hearty draughts, they both sighed contentedly, staring ahead at the rippling waters.
His fingers moved, and a powerful rune exploded in his hand, the light rippling around them.
Their image was troubled as in a rippling sheet of water and then all became stationary again.
The mental pain rippling to the surface exposed the emotions Davis so effortlessly controlled.
It rippled in the wind.
A wind rippled the lake.
A surge rippled through me.
The water rippled feet below.
Laughter rippled around the room.
Laughter rippled through the crowd.
The grass rippled in rainbow colors.
Its surface rippled like oil in water.
Nervous laughter rippled around the room.
A few chuckles rippled through the group.
Rippled reflections danced on the surface.
The water rippled with the ringing sounds.
Bald curiosity rippled through their minds.
Gasps rippled through the surrounding trees.
Not that I’m looking at his rippled biceps.
A foolish grin rippled across his wide face.
His muscles rippled and his stomach was flat.
Fearful whisperings rippled across the hollow.
His muscled rippled, whetting Tracey's appetite.
Waves rippled as her dress was ripped even more.
Behind me, a loud screech rippled through the air.
Peals of laughter rippled throughout the crowd as.
Her cheeks rippled as her teeth ground behind them.
A series of confused no’s rippled around the group.
Another flutter of nerves rippled through his limbs.
A smile rippled across her lips as she said his name.
A shudder rippled through him and I held him tighter.
The liquid glass surface rippled and was again still.
Beneath the rags rippled muscles he never knew he had.
Laughter rippled through the crowd as Nadhir translated.
Mary rippled the reigns and the horses shuffled forward.
He rubbed his thumb over the pages, rippled by the ink.
Waves of pale greens and yellows rippled on the smooth.
A shudder rippled over them as the last drops slid down.
The liquid surface of the mirror rippled with her passage.
Behind us we saw the surface of the sea rippled by the wind.
The dappled blue of the water’s surface rippled constantly.
Silence rippled through the crowd before voices bubbled again.
The ice buckled, and rippled almost all the way to the shore.
Tension rippled through his shoulders and was forcibly relaxed.
The wind blew cold ripples.
The water ripples in the wind.
And the lament carries and ripples.
Ripples radiating across his chest.
Only ripples on their web are alive.
Be aware of the ripples you are causing.
Park had a few ripples but seldom a storm.
The neck-breaking motion caused no ripples.
Oak unwillingly searched the ripples below.
The water ripples from boats in the distance.
The moonlight breaks in ripples on the ocean;.
What we call thoughts are just ripples in the.
Black jackets, white shirts and steroid ripples.
The water ripples in tempo with nature’s song.
An idle breeze moved filmy ripples now and then.
Any act has mensional ripples in poly-directions.
Ripples went up his arm and have him goose bumps.
The analogy I use here is of the ripples in a pond.
The ripples below her flowed quietly like a stream.
It swam further, making small ripples on the water.
When a stone is hurled into a pond, it creates ripples.
The water ripples softly as the glass touches and fills.
It caused Guo Yuxia deep blue ocean to react with ripples.
The ripples broadened and rebounded off the opposing shores.
The billions of souls on Earth are just as surface ripples.
Splashing my bare feet in the edge of the summer ripples on.
The way the ripples caught and refracted the sun soothed him.
The bottom was sufficiently muddy, he felt the swan's ripples.
Ripples disturbing his reflection were a subtle reminder that.
It has not acquired one permanent wrinkle after all its ripples.
The green slime rose and fell in ripples, but nothing else moved.
Ripples were growing closer to their feet as they climbed higher.
They started dying in the first few days after I saw the ripples.
The ship stirred ripples through the wake of the gas giant’s rings.
The ripples in the water then started to shoot quickly in our direction.
You climb a stony lithe and sit, your feet dangle high over the ripples.
The passing seasons are but ripples ever repeated in the long long stream.
The bright sky-eye was reflected in the grey ripples of the Endless Ocean.
It's ripples lapped against the hull once they were out beyond the docks.

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Then a ripple effect all around him.
There was a polite ripple of laughter.
There was a little ripple of laughter.
Every drop of water creates a ripple.
There was a ripple of laughter at that.
A minor ripple had already reached it.
We heard it flow, we heard it ripple!.
Do you understand that word "ripple?".
For several days, he raised not a ripple.
A ripple of ah's ran thru the court.
A ripple of anticipation went through me.
Not even a ripple when lightning hits it.
Then, up ahead, the water started to ripple.
The ripple moved steadily downward as the.
An endless ripple in a shoreless lake that.
There was a ripple of good-humoured applause.
Norah noted the ripple under the calm surface.
A ripple of concern spread through the parents.
A ripple of added excitement passed through Moshe.
Joey felt a ripple of warmth spread over his ribs.
Light spread in a massive ripple around the aliens.
I snorted causing the odd smelling water to ripple.
There was a ripple of mirth, which the court checked.
The timer employs a 14-stage binary ripple counter.
Does the connection and ripple reflect your action?
Then a ripple of laughter snaked its way around the room.
As the three strained to watch, there was hardly a ripple.
There was a ripple of laughter, as they nodded understandingly.
This Emperor’s statement immediately caused a ripple in the.
He got to his feet, and in a ripple of dark energy he moved out.
No, says Loki, and the air seems to ripple with his voice.
But he heard it when the ripple was replaced by a sloshing wave.
In that case I would not have been able to ride the ripple and.
There was an ominous ripple in The Force, the same ripple that.
An endless ripple in a shoreless lake that transforms into nothing.
This can have a gigantic ripple effect on the rest of your finances.
The consequences of said reaction ripple out years into the future.
If he’d lived a month or so A startled ripple went over the crowd.
But despite the tenderness, tension continued to ripple through him.

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