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Rna in a sentence | rna example sentences

  1. Be rna rd we nt off in a huff.
  2. Be rna rd ha d switche d of the curre nt.
  3. Be rna rd sta rte d a nd looke d horrifie d.
  4. She dra nk a nd pa sse d the cup to Be rna rd.
  5. Eve n Be rna rd fe lt him se lf a little m e lte d.

  6. He ha te d the se things–just be ca use he like d Be rna rd.
  7. At te n fifty-four Be rna rd wa s sha king ha nds with the Wa rde n.
  8. Be rna rd la nde d on the roof of Propa ga nda House a nd ste ppe d out.
  9. Vitamin B6 aids in the synthesis of DNA and RNA by maintaining the proper cell.
  10. Norman Junior added extra instructions to Theory for one of the men’s new RNA recipe.
  11. Theory had removed the virus cells and added a *cop to the RNA recipe so it wouldn’t return.
  12. Now tha t it looke d a s though the thre a ts we re re a lly to be fulfille d, Be rna rd wa s a ppa lle d.
  13. Be rna rd, by this tim e , wa s fa st a sle e p a nd sm iling a t the priva te pa ra dise of his dre a m s.
  14. Gre e n with a nxie ty a nd a ppre he nsion, only Be rna rd re m e m be re d the m ; the othe rs ignore d him.
  15. It wa s a t this m om e nt tha t Be rna rd ha d m a de his a nnounce m e nt; the Sa va ge wa sn't com ing to the pa rty.

  16. It wa s not till he ha d a ctua lly clim be d into Be rna rd's pla ne a nd sla m m e d the door tha t they ga ve up pursuit.
  17. Yet, they consist of little more than DNA or RNA inside protective coatings with projections capable of penetrating host cells.
  18. As a victim , the Sa va ge posse sse d, for Be rna rd, this e norm ous supe riority ove r the othe rs: tha t he wa s a cce ssible.
  19. Be rna rd looke d a t he r (Ford! it wa s Morga na Rothschild) a nd blushingly ha d to a dm it tha t he ha d be e n pla ying ne ithe r.
  20. At the ir first m e e ing a fte r the e stra nge m e nt, Be rna rd poure d out the ta le of his m ise rie s a nd a cce pte d consola tion.
  21. Cop is a term used to stop the RNA replicating a certain type of cell, in this case an influenza virus, previously it had been Thearys cancer cells.
  22. Awa ke a nd ha ving re cove re d the use of his le gs, Be rna rd ha d chose n this m om e nt to m ove a s inconspicuously a s he could towa rds the door.
  23. The RNA had bypassed the DNA memory marker for a full day, and the other little surprise instruction that Norm Junior had added slowly started to take effect.
  24. They got sloppy with the viral RNA during the engineering process, and had to kill three hundred lab mice when the cancer spread to mice not involved in the experiments.
  25. For example, each ribosome realizes only that Information which is included in its RNA strand, synthesizing on its basis VVU-Configurations of the Formo-Creators of a strictly defined protein molecule.

  26. With the introduction of RNA enzymes and nucleotides from the moss which thrived around the small freshwater lake inside the citadel and by altering the grass and floras DNA, they’d created a hardy form of plant life that required little or no light as photosynthesis was accelerated within the plant.
  27. This m a n," he pointe d a ccusingly a t Be rna rd, "this m a n who sta nds be fore you he re , this Alpha -Plus to whom so m uch ha s be e n give n, a nd from whom , in conse que nce , so m uch m ust be e xpe cte d, this colle a gue of yours–or should I a nticipa te a nd sa y this e x-colle a gue ?–ha s grossly be tra ye d the trust im pose d in him.
  28. But in spite of this knowle dge a nd the se a dm issions, in spite of the fa ct tha t his frie nd's support a nd sym pa thy we re now his only com fort, Be rna rd continue d pe rve rse ly to nourish, a long with his quite ge nuine a ffe ction, a se cre t grie va nce a ga inst the Sa va ge , to m e dia te a ca m pa ign of sm a ll re ve nge s to be wre a ke d upon him.
  29. Or, for example, there is an undeniable advantage of any genetic code (as a projection of definite VVU-Configurations of conglomerates of Formo-copies) that manifests in the property of chemical stability of the genes that contain it: it is impossible to find any well preserved proteins (which are original carriers of a definite VVU-Information) in decomposed bones of a multimillennial mummy, but their specific code (a wave projection of the same VVU-Information) can be easily discovered and deciphered in preserved DNA or RNA molecules.
  30. For example, wave codes are all nervous systems of the NUU-VVU-Configurations focused by Us, together with all organs and bioplasmic effectors: electromagnetic characteristics of the surrounding objects enter them through various centers of the system of Perception via synapses, while the Formo-Creators of the brain, with the help of all possible decoders (realizational Forms of hormones, proteins, RNA and others) vibrationally reflect (in fact it copies itself), in the information space of Self-Consciousness, from corresponding ODS niches, specific VVU-Information simultaneously manifested in the individual ODS in the form of corresponding code designations — various psychological, acoustic and mechanical reactions, depending on the parallel scenario of this skrruullerrt system into which the refocusing will be made, where this particular VVU-Information will be accordingly deciphered (individually interpreted).

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