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Rodents in a sentence

I fed mostly on rodents and animals.
They had reached a gathering of rodents.
Bats, cave crawlers and small voles and rodents.
Glue traps are a common method of trapping rodents and.
Bassam, I originally told you that the rodents were.
Bassam, before the other rodents died off I’d heard.
You see, the Halloween People ate all of the rodents and.

The women crawled like rodents from the tents and followed.
Humans in a state of extreme famine will eat rodents, even.
All of a sudden the rodents began squeaking, causing a loud.
Rodents have been nibbling it as well, so this one’s a no-go.
Herman’s house did have rodents? And that he hired an exterminator?
Otherwise, you will encounter problems with pests, rodents, and heat loss.
Phil and I are having in our relationship, not talk about urinating on rodents.
The rodents scamper away into the same cracks along the walls that the bugs did.
They had eaten leather and bitter jungle roots, rodents and snakes and monkeys.
They fed on smaller insects and rodents as they foraged throughout the clearing.
No one wants to share their home with insects and rodents, but the chemicals used to.
Petra thought of the Royal city dump, heaps of trash swarming with sea gulls and rodents.
Invaluable as a predator of rodents, though attacks on children reported in Los Angeles.
He heard the little animal sounds, chattering of squirrels and other rodents on the forest floor.
Despite the tremendous variety of life in the forest there were no birds, rodents, or bugs to be seen.
My infrared camera picks up the heat signatures of rodents scurrying in and out of the wrecked buildings.
She’s drawn the line at small rodents, though, and says she has to be able to eat some kind of meat.
Small reptiles and rodents burrow or slide below the surface or cling to the shaded side of an outcropping.
Several things fell out including fingers, toes, several eyes, brain matter, and partially chewed up rodents.
And then you have the insects and the blights, the rodents, deer, and birds, and every other threat imaginable.
Waterhouse has remarked, the Phascolomys resembles most nearly, not any one species, but the general order of Rodents.
He killed the rodents before putting them into the tank after the first one he dropped in screamed as it was devoured.
The eyes of moles and of some burrowing rodents are rudimentary in size, and in some cases are quite covered by skin and fur.
She didn’t like mice, never had, couldn’t understand how otherwise sane school friends, petted and kissed their pet rodents.
Amirgath’s favorite thing to say to us at such times is; I was a god when your ancestors were rodents! Visinniria chuckled.
The road was flooded with rain water and the underground rodents and ants were became homeless and drown in the whirlpool of flood water.
The room of rodents all sighed and then wished me goodbye, in their own way, which consisted of barely noticing that I was leaving at all.
Louis had no hair on his head; he was a filthy creature with bugs and rodents crawling all over him, in and out of his ears, nostrils and ears.
Hal imagined all those rodents Thomas must have scavenged for in the last few days, and all that meat getting caught between three rows of needle-sharp teeth.
All the essential precautions were taken as the load was safely stored so that it would not be affected by humidity or rodents, or be spoiled in any other way.
The path was alight with voices of insects, birds, and rodents, like an orchestra unaware of its audience and so unlike the quiet desolation of the Underworld.
The rats had had a field day on the piles of grain that had been left and now provided hills of wheat and barley, self-renewing the food supply for the rodents.
It scoops up insects, rodents, whatever, and carries them to the nearest sharp point—a thorn, the spikes of a barbed-wire fence, whatever it can find—and shish-kebabs them.

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