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Roguish in a sentence

1. Thou wert roguish so young! Thou didst play.
2. He crossed under Tommy Moore's roguish finger.
3. He had a roguish streak in him, and by now was.
4. I can only describe her manner to me as roguish.
5. He sauntered back to Carl with a roguish impulse directing him.
6. He has a roguish look in his eyes that doesn’t hide his confusion.
7. As for Zephine, she had conquered Fameuil by her roguish and caressing little way of saying Yes, sir.
8. She would have looked very much like Roy if she had had dreamy dark eyes instead of roguish hazel ones.
9. His look is most gentle and when he smiles, dimples appear in his cheeks, which give him a roguish outlook.
10. A bright questioning light shone in her eyes, and on her face was a friendly and strangely roguish expression.
11. Dejah Thoris only smiled the more and with the roguish dimples playing at the corners of her mouth she made answer:.
12. Mrs Breen in man's frieze overcoat with loose bellows pockets, stands in the causeway, her roguish eyes wideopen, smiling in all her herbivorous buckteeth.
13. He writes in a different way entirely, telling me that he never sent any love letter at all, and is very sorry that my roguish sister, Jo, should take liberties with our names.
14. The stall-holder looked him up and down and told him with a roguish grin that he'd grow inta dem before he was twice married, and threw in two-for-a-pound pair of heavy 'woolen' socks.
15. Devil take it, but how that devilish visage of hers could change! At the present moment it was a visage full of supplication, and as gentle in its expression as that of a smiling, roguish infant.
16. But her maternal weakness for her roguish younger son Sanjay, in time, afflicted her personal character and affected her political judgment pushing Mother India into the political abyss of her Emergency Rule.
17. On March 14 of last year, at four in the morning, a bulldozer owned and operated by a roguish outfit called Strayhorn Coal was clearing rock, without a permit, and this boulder was shoved into the fill area down the valley.
18. When Lelechka was still quite small, and had learned to distinguish between her mother and her nurse, she sometimes, sitting in her nurse's arms, made a sudden roguish grimace, and hid her laughing face in the nurse's shoulder.
19. A few moments before they sat down to table, Cosette came, as though inspired by a sudden whim, and made him a deep courtesy, spreading out her bridal toilet with both hands, and with a tenderly roguish glance, she asked him:.
20. Dejah Thoris caught her breath at my last words, and gazed upon me with dilated eyes and quickening breath, and then, with an odd little laugh, which brought roguish dimples to the corners of her mouth, she shook her head and cried:.
21. Life was starting to resemble one of those coy ’60s American sex farces, in which a roguish bachelor bundles one of a rota of girlfriends down a laundry chute in borrowed pajamas to avoid the discovery of another sweetheart arriving in the uniform of an airline stewardess.
22. The lads who were to fight, and perhaps fall, on the fields of France and Flanders, Gallipoli and Palestine, were still roguish schoolboys with a fair life in prospect before them: the girls whose hearts were to be wrung were yet fair little maidens a-star with hopes and dreams.

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