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    1. But romanticism doesn't really dispute this - what it

    2. And as such soft words flooded my soul of a vast and profound romanticism, as the one that flooded the history pages at the end of the 18th century, I opted to ask him for the poetic verses that I received from him and from which I was the inspiration

    3. Sorry, but for me that takes the romanticism and the joy out of it all

    4. Thus, their proximity in the wilderness infused a sense of romanticism in their enamored hearts

    5. And thus, their sense of togetherness was buttressed by the thrill of romanticism

    6. Their strategically inconspicuous seats, nestled in the upper right portion of the capacity-filled theater, lent a hint of romanticism to young Cindy

    7. The mood was a mix of high energy youthfulness, with a sprinkle of mature romanticism, under the cloudless sky

    8. Blushing nevertheless, she seemed pleased at his enterprise and experienced a sense of romanticism underlined by his eagerness

    9. Hasn’t his wit failed to cater to her innate romanticism, leaving her ever more in amorous want? Won’t that make her vulnerable to the misty looks of the fast guys? Why, hasn’t she taken to Raja though she tried to hide her feelings from me? Well, haven’t I felt her romantic impulses in spite of my own excitement? Surely, Raja wouldn’t have failed to notice Roopa’s infatuation for him

    10. While Roopa’s wanting remained unfulfilled for the day, Sandhya’s romanticism ensured Raja Rao’s fulfillment in that night

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    romanticism romance romantic movement

    "romanticism" definitions

    impractical romantic ideals and attitudes

    a movement in literature and art during the late 18th and early 19th centuries that celebrated nature rather than civilization

    an exciting and mysterious quality (as of a heroic time or adventure)