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Rookie in a sentence | rookie example sentences

  1. Rookie Trader: That makes sense.
  2. Maybe some sharp rookie might.
  3. The agency rookie shook his head.
  4. Tony Reilly- The new cool rookie.
  5. Father Michael was a rookie priest.

  6. I didn’t say it was fair, rookie.
  7. Optionz Traderz: I was once a rookie too.
  8. Rookie traders should avoid using margin.
  9. Optionz Traderz: ATTENTION, Rookie Trader.
  10. You’re just a rookie; I’ll still win.
  11. It's the price you pay for being a rookie.
  12. It was Toney and Mike Kline, a rookie cop.
  13. The rookie wasn’t too sure about the idea.
  14. This was a rare accolade for a rookie adman.
  15. The rookie was at his heels asking further.

  16. Rookie Trader: So you’ve been where I am now.
  17. Rookie Trader: I’m sorry I said it was stupid.
  18. Rookie Trader: 800%, of course I’m interested.
  19. You’re pretty good for a rookie, of course.
  20. Rookie Trader: Maybe they truly are the Holy Grail.
  21. Roger that, says Ricketts, my rookie companion.
  22. My rookie year as a commodities broker was 1984.
  23. The police department had fobbed me off with a rookie.
  24. The one about how I had Babe Ruth’s rookie, but.
  25. In Big Law, it’s the curse of every rookie associate.

  26. You may be a rookie but you have a head on your shoulders.
  27. The rookie asked me what my name was and I happily obliged.
  28. Let’s go rookie, Jerry shouted across the locker room.
  29. Rookie Trader: I thought you said this was not the Holy Grail.
  30. What color was the car? What was the model? The rookie.
  31. Stock Trader: I really admire the patience you have with Rookie.
  32. The policewoman is as bad at her job, like the rookie in the car.
  33. Sure enough, there she was, engaged in a conversation with Rookie.
  34. Pliley rolled his eyes at the rookie, then turned again to Cinder.
  35. It was something Terry had said to Rookie Trader the previous day.
  36. Rookie Trader: Wouldn’t I lose money if the price went below $91.
  37. Penny Pumper: Hey, Rookie Trader, I can help you find the Holy Grail.
  38. In the hands of a rookie trader like Hal, it can wipe out an account.
  39. One part of Terry’s conversation with Rookie stuck in Jack’s mind.
  40. The clean cut rookie deputy turned his attention to the paramedics and.
  41. How many investment banks take a rookie from their training schools and.
  42. Rookie Trader: So I guess Vertical Spreads aren’t the Holy Grail either.
  43. Rookie Trader: So I should only be trading five contracts instead of 10?
  44. Rookie Trader: I sold 10 Calls and then bought 10 Calls two strikes higher.
  45. Still, there was plenty of room for error, especially for a rookie like her.
  46. The offending rookie ran alone and carried a full ammo crate for inspiration.
  47. The door to room 21 was open, and a rookie was standing guard at the doorway.
  48. It was the sort of ‘plan’ she would have chastised a rookie for presenting.
  49. Recognizing when these conditions obtain may be difficult for the rookie trader.
  50. The next one on the scene was a female, a rookie cop who immediately started CPR.
  51. Again Optionz was online, and again he was engaged in a conversation with Rookie.
  52. The panicked voice of one of his pilots, a young rookie, then came up on the radio.
  53. Then wait till I show Stock Trader and Optionz Traderz how well a rookie can do!!!.
  54. The CIA rookie took that the way Nancy had hoped and eyed her with renewed reverence.
  55. He was the rookie of the bunch, hailed as a prodigy at the academy and only nineteen.
  56. That would have been my fault entirely for having made such a dumb-ass, rookie mistake.
  57. I feel like a rookie who’s been called up to the big leagues and just can’t cut it.
  58. The Runner was weak but still moving; a reaper, who is a rookie, would have killed him.
  59. When I was a rookie programmer with NCR way back, there was one of the old-guns working.
  60. The chance for the rookie cop to kill him had come and gone; he should have done it then.
  61. She had asked Rookie if his heart started beating faster when he pressed the trade button.
  62. It's kind of like when the rookie baseball player collects the ball from his first Home Run.
  63. Therefore, I wrote this chapter as a narrative, based on a mostly true story of one rookie trader.
  64. Rookie Trader: If there are options systems for every type of market, that truly is the Holy Grail.
  65. Of course, this meant she was earning lots more than Dave who was a rookie journalist at the time.
  66. Here was this rookie QB telling me what to do, but I could see that he was right most of the time.
  67. I wonder how long it will be before Rookie mentions another Holy Grail? he thought to himself.
  68. As a rookie day trader, you'll have your hands full trying to understand the long side of the market.
  69. Rookie Trader: But shouldn’t my broker have stopped me from opening the trade if it was too risky?
  70. Do you remember when I gave Rookie Trader that option trade that was a guaranteed winner every time?
  71. You’re under arrest for the rape and aggravated assault of Jillian Burnell, the rookie told me.
  72. If you're a rookie trader, the after-hours market is not the kind of place you want to visit very often.
  73. Rookie Trader: The two of you really should get a room, the way you always get together to gang up on me.
  74. Sharon hopes they must have put a rookie on the job; unless they think Suzy and Sharon are really stupid.
  75. Our rookie agent that you met there told a few rather fantastic things about you after being saved by you.
  76. Jennifer to take on her fair share of hardened street smarts and it was equally as obvious that I was a rookie.
  77. And the problem with that supposition is? Kemp asked as if I was a rookie detective reviewing an old file.
  78. Rookie Trader: So if I wanted to sell a Covered Call on Caterpillar, I would be better off selling a Put Spread?
  79. Jack thought back to his own days as a rookie trader, back when trading made his heart race like it was currently.
  80. Political rookie Reagan, Newsweek will write, left old campaigner Kennedy blinking when the session ended.
  81. Even Nancy, as the rookie of the group, qualified by now as a veteran and was far from being the slouch of their team.
  82. And he was on rookie probation with Tampa PD two years ago when the second round of killings and kidnappings went down.
  83. He felt like a rookie trader again, getting ready to press the trade button for the first time, without any faith in the outcome.
  84. That same year, Robinson played in the Major Leagues with the Brooklyn Dodgers, becoming Rookie of the Year in the National League.
  85. The biggest difficulty for the rookie trader is to avoid adopting this mindset: The market cannot move any more in this direction.
  86. Rookie Trader: So what should I have done differently? I only have about $1,000 left in my account, and I don’t want to lose that too.
  87. But from that day forward, we only had to run around the trees, no rookie was ever asked again to bring a leaf, at least not in our platoon.
  88. This turned out badly because since she was not consulted in the matter but had written the job spec seeking a rookie she could boss around.
  89. Many rookie traders, and some experienced ones, too, spend most of their time thinking of stocks to buy but spend little time on when to sell.
  90. They might have given ammo at one point, but it would only take one rookie to take a shot at the sergeant coming to check up on them, to put a stop to that.
  91. Mary stepped forward as the rookie ranger struggled with the bag of scrap lead, and held up one of the last gold sovereigns she still had hidden in her dress.
  92. Rookie Trader: I opened a Vertical Spread thinking it would be less risky than a Covered Call, but I lost $1,000 when it expired; that was almost half of my account.
  93. Being the rookie agent at the embassy, she had drawn this late minute task about following discreetly a Canadian reporter working for CNN that was due to arrive in Israel.
  94. When DD heard that the San Francisco guard was on the injury report, he wasted no time finding out all about Chang’s replacement and was overjoyed to hear that it was a rookie.
  95. Nuke was irritated by the incident and said excess energy had been erroneously discharged from the craft by a rookie who didn’t know he wasn’t supposed to do that above our property.
  96. Rookie Trader: I will definitely read through the previous posts, but what is the biggest thing you would say I did wrong? I don’t want to repeat my mistake and lose the remaining $1,000 in my account.
  97. My main argument with you, Rookie, was that you believed it was the Holy Grail, that it couldn’t lose, and also that you were conned by a black box trading system with back fitted historical test results.
  98. I could not complain however, as I found the business fascinating and I was having fun, despite the grueling task of enduring life as a rookie broker trying to drum up new accounts and obtain a foothold in the business.
  99. In my previous book, Understanding Options (McGraw-Hill, 2006), I wrote about a rookie friend of mine who made $130,000 in options profits in one day, but didn't sell because he was certain the underlying stock was going even higher.
  100. Annette loaned her some well-used seminar materials designed for rookie lawyers, with sections on divorce and domestic relations, wills and estates, bankruptcy, landlord and tenant, employment, immigration, and government assistance.

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