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    round off example sentences

    round off

    1. Some showers wandered around offering occasional relief but endangering them with a few sparks of lightening

    2. lift his head and squeeze a round off from his heavy hands before he completely

    3. There are a number of reputable companies around offering full featured professional autoresponder services

    4. This was to round off the egg, tuna mayonnaise with avocado ciabbatta sandwich he’d had for lunch

    5. I ran out and Bobby followed as I got just about to the car, Bobby let a round off

    6. After they arrived at the campground office, they all got out and stretched their legs

    7. His other friend was Mike Osman, an ex-public school pupil who had become quite a master at fencing and would prance around offering up a challenge to anyone when he wasn’t medicated

    8. We arrived and went into the underground offices, Bill ordered the guards away and led us to his office

    9. Jesse and I went into the underground offices; I considered what Bill could possibly want from the both of us


    11. The buoy tender went aground off Michigan"s Keweenaw Point in the turbulent, icy waters of Lake Superior while servicing a navigational aid, and eventually sank

    12. The wings of the American eagle round off the top of the badge, the center of which features a lighthouse surrounded by the words, “U

    13. Jan would stay behind to round off last-minute business, then join us in

    14. The task of the Third Lord of the World is far greater than those of the First and Second Lords, because it is His duty to round off satisfactorily that

    15. around office all day

    16. Wishing to round off her work on Sikorski, Marisha next arranged an interview with the former Polish Ambassador to the Court of St

    17. The ground off the path was wet and dank

    18. Just one or two mosques to round off the picture

    19. Once cut to shape, sand the piece to round off the

    20. In the whirl of our incessant activity it has often been difficult for me, as the reader has probably observed, to round off my narratives, and to give those final details which the curious might expect

    21. The well-lubricated health-plan salesmen were, I estimated at ten forty-five, one round off being barred from their flight, and I was wondering whether to point this out when a familiar reflective jacket appeared at the bar

    22. I now want to round off this chapter on the first principles of VPA by considering multiple candles with an anomaly

    23. Let me round off this chapter by creating a simple schematic, which I hope will help to put all of this into perspective

    24. To round off this chapter, let me summarise the concept of support and resistance which builds on the knowledge we already have of price congestion, and the analogy I always use here, is that of a house! Which is why I have used the terms floor and ceiling to describe the upper and lower levels of price congestion

    25. Just to round off this chapter, let's take a look at some other examples of VAP

    26. And then I round off with my summary in favour of stop orders – in case you were in any doubt as to where I stand on this!

    27. Many top reversals (when the market closes at the bottom of its trading range after making a new high that day) have occurred between the third and the ninth day of a rally after the averages moved into new high ground off small chart bases (meaning that the time span from the start to the end of the pattern was really too short)

    28. In the whirl of our incessant activity, it has often been difficult for me, as the reader has probably observed, to round off my narratives, and to give those final details which the curious might expect

    29. For this part of the Indian Ocean through which we then were voyaging is not what whalemen call a lively ground; that is, it affords fewer glimpses of porpoises, dolphins, flying-fish, and other vivacious denizens of more stirring waters, than those off the Rio de la Plata, or the in-shore ground off Peru

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