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Roundabouts in a sentence

He could turn round and double back at any one of the inner ring of roundabouts, but he doesn't.
Roundabouts 1946-47 during the post-war Atomic race, Walker Air Force Base conducted quite a few tests in our area.
The traffic is flowing a little more fluidly now, but the town centre is a mess of small roundabouts and junctions.
The whole point of this blog is to take you through the process of investing and the swings and roundabouts that are unavoidable.
It was a park that had amenities such as swings, slides and a couple of carousel’s called roundabouts that they loved spinning and jumping on and off.
The two men, ghost-like in the swirling snow, walked across a small, tree-lined park, past swings, teeter-totters and roundabouts, motionless in the cold grip of winter.
A large variety of kiosks, roundabouts and other rides, including a full-fledged rollercoaster, offered themselves to them, prompting Grégoire in giving the children a warning.

They were now farther uptown than she’d been since her stint as a canvasser, having made their way off off-ramps and round roundabouts and back down in zigzag fashion among the crackerbox apartment towers of the Bronx.
His own heart is racing and the ambulance is in full flight along Barnstaple quayside, braking hard at the right hand bend by the council offices and the main police station before accelerating up to the twin roundabouts at the junction with the Ilfracombe road.

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