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Rulership in a sentence

1. I must say that your request is wise rulership.
2. This also switched rulership over the earth from man, to the devil.
3. Rulership of this territory was fought over between France and Germany.
4. In the context of European history, I define legitimate prince to be an autocrat from an established tradition of rulership that has been in place for a long time.
5. Regardless of the rulership of Spain, from Roman times, at least until the late twentieth century, Spain has never been noted as favorable to trade, banking, and manufacturing.
6. Each powerful empire, nation, State, City-State, Kingdom, Tribal Rulership, all the way back to the original bands that came out of Africa over 100,00 years ago… had a rise and decline of power.
7. You are at liberty now or at any subsequent time, in the manner of your own choosing, to terminate your incarnation bestowal, ascend to the right hand of your Father, receive your sovereignty, and assume your well-earned unconditional rulership of all Nebadon.

8. Their message also seems to have evolved from that crack of doom that came to Man as he stood perched on that anciently sharp edge of extinction; to the more morally oriented message of correct behavior that came concurrent with Man’s increased civility that allowed his civilizations to emerge and advance; to the words of encouragement for those who couldn’t understand the injustice of the ever more complicated rulership of our latter-day past.

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