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Rumble in a sentence

I feel my stomach rumble.
They walk with the rumble.
The crowd began to rumble.
There was a rumble in the.
His voice was a low rumble.
Then the rumble of a metal.
The ground begins to rumble.

There was a rumble of assent.
There is going to be a rumble.
She could hear the rumble in.
The crowd began to rumble again.
The rumble increased into a roar.
I heard the low rumble of diesel.
He heard a soft rumble and groan.
The rumble of the car’s engine.
In the midst of the raging rumble.
There was a rumble of indignation.
A contented purr began to rumble.
The rumble of conversation ceased.
The ships rumble out to the runway.
A rumble of thunder begins to roll.
They all heard it; the distant rumble.
There was a loud rumble in the gallery.
There was a pound, a scrape, a rumble.
I heard a rumble and Watch out!.
They rumble off in search of provender.
There was a dull, low rumble of thunder.
There's a rumble and it's coming closer.
It gave a sort of rumble, like a volcano.
I felt a chuckle rumble through his chest.
There was a collective rumble of agreement.
Rose could hear the low rumble of a wagon.
A rumble of approval went around the group.
There was a rumble through the guard ranks.
I hope you're ready to rumble princess.
He settled in with an appreciative rumble.
The low rumble that caught her ear as the.
There was a rumble of assent from the crowd.
No one moved until the rumble of the wagon.
Tulip's Lincolnshire rumble was unmistakable.
There was a loud rumbling.
Riven loosed a rumbling growl.
Just then there was a rumbling.
My stomach is already rumbling.
It was the rumbling of vehicles.
There is a low rumbling and the.
The rumbling grew louder as the.
He awoke to loud, rumbling thunder.
A bass rumbling shook the building.
A loud rumbling overtook the castle.
Hotel just as the rumbling died away.
Then, I heard a soft rumbling noise.
A loud rumbling sound in the distance.
He heard a chilling rumbling sound outside.
It was not smoking or rumbling, fortunately.
He received a low rumbling chuckle in reply.
The thunder was rumbling in the distance now.
The rumbling sound of the cart came to a halt.
The ground shook with a deep, mechanical rumbling.
A rumbling purr started in her chest, trying to.
Loud rumbling noises were heard as they collapsed.
The rumbling that had disturbed Harry came nearer.
Rumbling noises came out from those, but no voices.
Where was the coffee? He felt a rumbling inside his.
As he chews, he can almost hear their guts rumbling.
All of a sudden there was a rumbling noise in the sky.
The rolling and rumbling clouds meant rain, probably.
The monster made a rumbling sound and turned to leave.
It was now dark; but a rumbling of wheels was audible.
The buses waited, rumbling near the front of the school.
They heard a rumbling that they assumed was the second.
The engine quickly settled into a mellow, rumbling idle.
Fishenauer switched off the Firebird’s rumbling engine.
They could ignore their rumbling guts for the time being.
The sound of rumbling rubber from the cars on the dual.
There was this rumbling sound coming from the barn.
The Universe continued its own monotonous rumbling as it.
The undercurrent of dissatisfaction rumbling in his voice.
A low steady rumbling that could be felt as much as heard.
Despite his trembling and the rumbling of his stomach, he.
The engine rumbled to life.
His voice rumbled in her ear.
Just then my stomach rumbled.
The big truck rumbled to life.
Laeron rumbled his answer aloud.
After hissing, it slowly rumbled.
Thunder rumbled in the distance.
Once again the mountains rumbled.
Thunder rumbled across the valley.
Her stomach rumbled at the thought.
A voice rumbled into the Throne Room.
After a few moments, thunder rumbled.
An empty feeling rumbled in her heart.
The room rumbled with loudly whispered.
Thunder rumbled, and Kaitswyrth frowned.
The mixer rumbled, its cylinder spinning.
Behind me the drums rumbled thunderously.
My stomach rumbled and they left, laughing.
The tramcar rumbled away into the distance.
Rose watched as the wagon rumbled down the.
The door rumbled open and he motioned Kathy.
An eighteen-wheeler rumbled down the highway.
A great transport truck rumbled into hearing.
The shaking stopped and the noise rumbled away.
Her stomach rumbled loudly at the sight alone.
Carrie watched as the wagon rumbled away into.
The thunder god Adad rumbled in the cloud and.
Behind them, the van’s engine rumbled to life.
Don’t worry, Lore Master, Petra rumbled.
We've been rumbled, shouted Captain Gorrie.
After two tries, the little car rumbled to life.
What will you try next, then? he rumbled.
A line of thunderstorms rumbled in the distance.
The sound of the storm rumbled through the sky.
Our Zaporozhets rumbled ahead of the whole column.
The wagon rumbled down the rough dirt-road, with.
Murmurs of angry agreement rumbled around the room.
The sounds of assent rumbled around the courtroom.
Another blast of thunder rumbled across the valley.
They rumbled like the sound of mountains crumbling.
His stomach rumbles.
Oh rhythmic sea, that rumbles to shore.
It drops little balls when the earth rumbles.
You will be told in due time, Thor rumbles.
Soft mist and low rumbles of thunder warned of rain.
Shouts and rumbles came from the crowd, and Zarras smiled.
Earthquake rumbles and shakes, with tears and pain they ache.
There is rumbles in Congress that the age limit of 70 is too low.
A few gentle rumbles of thunder one evening about seven months ago.
I glare at him for a moment, and my stomach rumbles, very loudly, again.
Suddenly, she heard several rumbles coming from the shadows of the street.
I stand from the ground as my stomach rumbles for the first time in two days.
Thunder rumbles and I hear the patter of rain on the ground, but no rain falls.
The earth rumbles, you try to stand still, there is an audible growl growing louder.
Rumbles, shakes, quakes—he hardly moved at all, even though his transport shook to and fro.
Feral cries and guttural rumbles echoed from adjoining passages in the labyrinthine stronghold.
As they watch the hunt, Simon’s stomach rumbles, and Johan turns back along the narrow path towards him.
But they could not help but slow to a stop as they started hearing and feeling the eerie echoes of rumbles.
Rumbles and Ngem’s sons had been studying in America and became geniuses in their field of computer science.
Neither Stu nor Spock could remember a great deal about Siem Reap, thanks to the Rumbles, and a marijuana laced pizza.
Even though he was a dragon, and seemed able to speak only in rumbles and growls, he could hear and understand her as normal.
But both froze in their tracks when the rumbles they had heard earlier grew louder and were joined by a chorus of scampering feet.
Rumbles computer signalled an incoming transmission and the smiling face of Norman Junior and his son Cain flashed up on the screen.
From the speakers in the pod, the sound of Rancid’s voice filled the room, along with the sounds of the rumbles of the rest of the vampires near pod one.
Instead of powerful explosions, Atkins heard rumbles this time, as enormous fireballs climbed in the sky after dousing flaming liquid over the ruins of the district.
Eventually, supported by rumbles from Rory, Lida pleaded that if she could just see the flat, she would be satisfied and trust Mr MacFife with all further inquiries about the disappearance.
Blood wells in her shoes and makes squishy noises whenever she walks, her stomach rumbles even though she has eaten a day or so before, and her throat is all the more parched with the lack of water.
Norman Rumble and Boran Ngem’s work would be the project that Theory would now work on, and with Rumbles own scheme in mind, his plan would not only benefit mankind, but would be of great importance to him.
These things alone should be warrant enough of the fact that she has been asleep for a very long time, but how long exactly? A few hours, a day, a week, maybe even a month—at this rate, it is hard to determine, but regardless her throat is still parched and her stomach still rumbles for food.
Furthermore, as his windpipe solely opens into the tube of his spouting canal, and as that long canal—like the grand Erie Canal—is furnished with a sort of locks (that open and shut) for the downward retention of air or the upward exclusion of water, therefore the whale has no voice; unless you insult him by saying, that when he so strangely rumbles, he talks through his nose.
This was a tricky microscopic procedure, but with the help of his friend Professor Rom Pyett, an eminent neuro surgeon and resident of the citadel, and Rumbles ‘cell sniffer’ as he called the instrument for detecting the presence of cells, along with a Visual Reality scope and MRI micro scanner, they successfully removed two microscopic cells from Patty’s unborn infant causing no damage to either mother or baby.

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