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Sacred in a sentence | sacred example sentences

  1. It is a sacred name.
  2. It felt sacred to me.
  3. It is a sacred trust.
  4. On all I hold sacred.
  5. Life is a sacred gift.

  6. It is a sacred асt.
  7. My sacred one, my mother.
  8. Life is sacred and very.
  9. My ethic is the sacred.
  10. I swear on my sacred oath.
  11. The Sacred and the Profane.
  12. Your triangle is a sacred.
  13. The gold was always sacred.
  14. The sacred way is two-fold.
  15. Harken to the sacred dreamer.

  16. All non muzz life is sacred.
  17. That is failing in a sacred.
  18. Life is the most sacred gift.
  19. All old books must be sacred.
  20. While the chanting of sacred.
  21. There was a sacred dedication.
  22. They befouled the sacred Earth.
  23. Sacred, so regard the life and.
  24. Loving all is a sacred creation.
  25. Mist of the sacred land of God.

  26. Then he remembered his sacred.
  27. Forsook his sacred duties as a.
  28. Lovers share a sacred decree -.
  29. And bring us the rain of sacred.
  30. That catalogue more sacred than.
  31. The balance is the most sacred.
  32. Thy sacred words of instruction.
  33. Blessed be his most sacred heart.
  34. Praying the Sacred would guide.
  35. A sacred glow filled the tavern.
  36. This is my sacred body and blood.
  37. Marriage is sacred, as you know.
  38. Authors replete with sacred fire.
  39. It showed the sacred twenty rays.
  40. Have you heard of the Sacred?
  41. Were the Sacred stopping us or.
  42. It was so sacred that when this.
  43. Only when we fulfil this sacred.
  44. We have to go to the sacred Pond.
  45. A sacred silence filled the Hall.
  46. To be set apart for sacred use;.
  47. A sacred number among Freemasons.
  48. This is also true of the sacred.
  49. Which sacred duty is that?
  50. When God changed His Sacred Mind.
  51. Do you not see… the Sacred?
  52. Yes; my son, and a sacred command.
  53. Anything consumers want is sacred.
  54. How these sacred texts were saved.
  55. The hearth is sacred to the family.
  56. Where Alph, the sacred river, ran.
  57. The Sacred Roots have been stolen.
  58. The One Who feeds the Sacred Fire.
  59. Sacred for whom? In what context?
  60. The oak was near our sacred spring.
  61. Where Alfred the Sacred River Ran.
  62. It's a sacred place, she said.
  63. Everything consumers buy is sacred.
  64. Sacred vedic verse chanted for the.
  65. He even used God's sacred name of.
  66. He is also the sacred incantation.
  67. I was invited to climb the Sacred.
  68. Sacred Hearts, purify expand, and.
  69. There is something sacred in being.
  70. Ideas are not sacred! Only the way.
  71. It’s sacred, you cannot have it.
  72. His blood to paint our sacred walls.
  73. The Sacred Heart that is: showing it.
  74. The Folk of Yore – Sacred Memories.
  75. Would He devote that sacred Head.
  76. It flung up momently the sacred river.
  77. It was considered sacred in Ancient.
  78. Preserve, preserve the sacred purity.
  79. Iyalode: Which of the sacred groves?
  80. I swear it by all that I hold sacred.
  81. It allows for a sacred beginning in.
  82. It would be a sacred place,.
  83. His sacred psalms, ever a balm,.
  84. Her sacred hoard of joy and tears,.
  85. The sacred imperial hymns of China,.
  86. Nothing in this universe is sacred,.

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