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Sailed in a sentence

One week later we sailed.
Hawes sailed out of New.
She sailed out of the room.
Bodies sailed to the floor.
The moon sailed into clouds.
Had we sailed into heaven?
It sailed at Arbitan’s head.

His breath sailed into the air.
And sailed into the mystic sea.
Just before the liner sailed, H.
The wildly curling crest sailed.
The rocket sailed on through space.
Final y I sailed into and out of.
And the soul sailed for a long time.
A dozen ships sailed into our cove.
The aircar sailed through the night.
The parcel had sailed out of sight.
Who stole my heart and sailed away.
The cash wagon sailed Tony‘s pen.
And the soul sailed across the Light.
Alas! the gallant ships, that sailed.
A sugar swan sailed over one of them.
Boldly from out of the East he sailed.
Ships have sailed since the world began.
She sailed above the cold London night.
Husker Du raised anchor and sailed north.
But that ship sailed when you got these.
Within ten minutes, the ship had sailed.
A row of thin pink clouds sailed across.
Others have already sailed away in a.
End over end it sailed through the Hangar.
On 22nd May, both ships sailed from Norway.
The Husker Du sailed out into the open sea.
Knox’s shot had sailed wide of its mark.
S Kingsbury which sailed out of London to.
The boat sailed swiftly in the stiff breeze.
The other crew seemed happy and sailed away.
My boys won’t have sailed south without me.
I’ve sailed these water’s all my life.
I sailed to the southeast, keeping my ears.
He is sailing the ship.
Then it was plain sailing.
It should be smooth sailing.
The ball was sailing my way.
Europe was not smooth sailing.
Sailing with Owen and Nora.
It wasn’t all plain sailing.
Sailing at night is different.
Heads for sailing around Baja.
So I won’t go sailing off.
It hasn’t been plain sailing.
It was a three-masted sailing.
Where every bark has sailing room.
AVOID sailing close to ice-cliffs.
Fastest sailing of the Pacific.
Sailing down the river on the Ohio.
We have a boat sailing for Tangier.
In any case, it was smooth sailing.
Sailing through this passage would.
Now she was sailing toward the door.
This where we are sailing at present.
And just as it was with sailing and.
This happens with large sailing ships.
There was more tricky sailing coming up.
Sailing, solution of a case in, xlvi, 79.
So if you sail: you join a sailing cult.
This is my boat and we’re sailing on.
From there on, it would be clear sailing.
I will pass the wide waters lonely sailing.
They talked of ships and sailing for awhile.
These are not sailing ships at Trafalgar.
And where is it that you go sailing?
I cannot tell you that all was plain sailing.
A vampire bore down on her, sailing through.
And where would this merchant ship be sailing.
Sailing her storm cloud above the avatar, she.
It's more sailing the Lhar than the wilderness.
The ship was sailing slowly along the Madhumati.
He was a sailing instructor, among other things.
Clearly the king did not know much about sailing.
She sails through the air.
Nerissa broke out the sails.
Were those sails out there?
If he sails out the harbour.
Only her lower sails were set.
And beckon to the passing sails.
Silver sails all out of the West.
The huge chunk of rock sails to.
Chapter 21 - The Milo Sails Home.
Five sails came into sight from.
And in my heart but one hope sails.
A larger one, a cog with red sails.
Its two masts each had lateen sails.
Its sails were most beautiful and.
And sails upon the bosom of the air.
At one point I caused the sails to.
Catch the trade winds in your sails.
And sails upon the heart of the wind.
Sails of the sea I never saw so large.
The crew scurrying to raise the sails.
Then, when darkness came, sails were.
The sails have been aligned such that.
The colorful sails were just as common.
The ship sails to (place) (and [place]).
I nodded, touching the sails on the toy.
And royal feudal Europe sails with thee.
Never mind the sails! yelled Homer.
In the meantime, we must mend our sails.
Our sails were furled, and the captain.
Over calmer water, gaudy sails a-trimming.
For years you’ve had your sails at half.
Where are the sails? she asked Homer.
Turn the sails and full speed ahead!.
The mag sails through the air and lands in.
Monsieur Tarzan sails for America tomorrow.
What are their sails doing? Talia asked.
East Indiaman which sails on the 20th of June.
Think of ATM options as sails powering a boat.
An airplane with sails on it? he replied.
A gentle wind filled the sails, and the only.

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Put a sail on it.
And red is the sail.
I will sail in the boat.
They can sail it here.
Power gives way to sail.
The stars sail by my will.
And All Who Sail with Her.
Not a sail on the horizon.
We sail into one of the bays.
The boat did not have a sail.
It was the sail of a ship!.
We set sail with the first.
It was still a gravity sail.
In case we have to sail later.
The boats had already set sail.
We were going to sail it soon.
The ship will sail without us.
Sail away from the safe harbor.
It was Banda who found the sail.
To what land sail you now?
We can sail toward the mainland.
It is a paradise for sail boats.
Who has sail away? What did.
They formed the shape of a sail.
After my sail I made my way home.
I prefer to sail than motorboat.
Meanwhile there was sail to tend.
The Lateen Sail in World History.
I heard another tear in the sail.
After that, they would set sail.
To stop the sail and return to my.
The crew had raised the main sail.
A sail! A veil awave upon the waves.
They haven’t got this sail spread.
Hurrah! this is the way to sail now.
After the raid, he will sail to Eid.
Sail boats are all over the place.
It's funny we should both sail under.
Each ship under sail was ignorant of.
Across the gloom of heaven would sail.

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