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Sailed in a sentence

1. One week later we sailed.
2. Hawes sailed out of New.
3. She sailed out of the room.
4. Bodies sailed to the floor.
5. The moon sailed into clouds.
6. Had we sailed into heaven?
7. It sailed at Arbitan’s head.

8. And sailed into the mystic sea.
9. His breath sailed into the air.
10. Just before the liner sailed, H.
11. The wildly curling crest sailed.
12. Final y I sailed into and out of.
13. The rocket sailed on through space.
14. A dozen ships sailed into our cove.
15. The aircar sailed through the night.
16. And the soul sailed for a long time.
17. The parcel had sailed out of sight.
18. Who stole my heart and sailed away.
19. The cash wagon sailed Tony‘s pen.
20. Alas! the gallant ships, that sailed.
21. A sugar swan sailed over one of them.
22. And the soul sailed across the Light.
23. Boldly from out of the East he sailed.
24. Ships have sailed since the world began.
25. But that ship sailed when you got these.
26. Husker Du raised anchor and sailed north.
27. She sailed above the cold London night.
28. Within ten minutes, the ship had sailed.
29. Others have already sailed away in a.
30. A row of thin pink clouds sailed across.
31. End over end it sailed through the Hangar.
32. On 22nd May, both ships sailed from Norway.
33. S Kingsbury which sailed out of London to.
34. The Husker Du sailed out into the open sea.
35. Knox’s shot had sailed wide of its mark.
36. The boat sailed swiftly in the stiff breeze.
37. The other crew seemed happy and sailed away.
38. I sailed to the southeast, keeping my ears.
39. My boys won’t have sailed south without me.
40. I’ve sailed these water’s all my life.
41. They sailed their shadows over October lawns.
42. Later, he sailed on to the Galapagos Islands.
43. He sailed back, airborne, colliding with Deon.
44. A hand with the license sailed out the window.
45. Following this, Admiral Farragut sailed down.
46. Hill and dale sailed beneath Rhone as he and.
47. A fast scout just sailed in a few minutes ago.
48. Blefuscu had sailed a much different course to.
49. Shenandoah since it had sailed out of Melbourne.
50. We sailed along the southern end of the island.
51. And Captain Morgan sailed from broken Maracaibo.
52. Katherine and the kids hadn’t sailed it once.
53. I would have been proud to have sailed with him.
54. They left the bay of Hammersund and sailed north.
55. And between the two lines sailed HMS Dreadnought.
56. The ship sailed on westward, tacking all the way.
57. Larry sailed back, slamming into the tree trunk.
58. Men all steadyfellows, who sailed with me before.
59. They sailed away with the treasure to-day, but Mr.
60. Canary Islands, he sailed toward an unknown world.
61. He took her aboard his ship and sailed for Athens.
62. Nerissa got everyone aboard just before it sailed.
63. She sailed through her classes, focused and alert.
64. Afterwards we sailed away with our hearts shattered.
65. Smuggled on board, somehow, before the ship sailed.
66. Mayne's squadron sailed for the UK in December 1943.
67. We sailed west, further than I had ever been before.
68. The fact that I had sailed through all the earlier.
69. Francis Joyon (France) sailed single-handedly 666.
70. A half-empty foam cup sailed over Inacio’s shoulder.
71. The conversation quickly sailed over Rachel’s head.
72. Amy likewise bore up stoutly till the steamer sailed.
73. Yea, he sailed Lasers in the Bay when he was a kid.
74. Why, she’s the safest ship that ever sailed to sea.
75. Blefuscu had sailed a much different course to become.
76. So far as I could learn he had sailed in no other ship.
77. On December 7, the Shenandoah sailed out of the harbor.
78. They rowed another day, and sailed into the river Túra.
79. As we sailed out of danger, I knew that I’d saved us.
80. The fleet sailed out, and Captain Morgan was Vice-Admiral.
81. When you sailed around the world one way, I went another.
82. The pink boat sailed out of the tunnel into warm daylight.
83. She stopped herself midair and sailed up through the gorge.
84. The Besotted Wretch now sailed in and speedily piled up 37.
85. Whitey and his wife cabined the QE 2, and sailed the world.
86. Over her mother’s strong objections, she sailed back to.
87. I had many a genial thought by the cabin fire as I sailed.
88. Cathedral of Saint Etienne, which sailed effortlessly above.
89. Mr Sullivan sailed in and bowed to the audience, who clapped.
90. The knife sailed off to the right after he'd knocked it away.
91. They had already sailed to the mouth of the Wendat and back.
92. About midmorning we sailed out of the bay and into the west.
93. Suddenly the Duke seemed to change course and sailed across.
94. Hispaniola; from there he sailed in September 1504 for Spain.
95. They sailed slowly so they could keep all the ships together.
96. She sailed through the space and the hull of the alien ship.
97. We sailed through into a large sea or ocean and turned south.
98. In this boundless ocean, she sailed aimlessly for a long time.
99. I pulled her back as a wave of javelins sailed over our heads.
100. By the end of the day, she had sailed over four hundred miles.
1. He is sailing the ship.
2. Then it was plain sailing.
3. The ball was sailing my way.
4. It should be smooth sailing.
5. Sailing with Owen and Nora.
6. Sailing at night is different.
7. It wasn’t all plain sailing.
8. Europe was not smooth sailing.
9. So I won’t go sailing off.
10. Heads for sailing around Baja.
11. It hasn’t been plain sailing.
12. It was a three-masted sailing.
13. Where every bark has sailing room.
14. AVOID sailing close to ice-cliffs.
15. Fastest sailing of the Pacific.
16. Sailing down the river on the Ohio.
17. In any case, it was smooth sailing.
18. We have a boat sailing for Tangier.
19. Sailing through this passage would.
20. Now she was sailing toward the door.
21. And just as it was with sailing and.
22. This where we are sailing at present.
23. This happens with large sailing ships.
24. There was more tricky sailing coming up.
25. Sailing, solution of a case in, xlvi, 79.
26. This is my boat and we’re sailing on.
27. So if you sail: you join a sailing cult.
28. From there on, it would be clear sailing.
29. I will pass the wide waters lonely sailing.
30. They talked of ships and sailing for awhile.
31. These are not sailing ships at Trafalgar.
32. And where is it that you go sailing?
33. A vampire bore down on her, sailing through.
34. I cannot tell you that all was plain sailing.
35. And where would this merchant ship be sailing.
36. Sailing her storm cloud above the avatar, she.
37. It's more sailing the Lhar than the wilderness.
38. The ship was sailing slowly along the Madhumati.
39. Clearly the king did not know much about sailing.
40. The expense of sailing them is the only expense.
41. He was a sailing instructor, among other things.
42. Kennedy also named his favorite sport as sailing.
43. The Bounty, sailing forever, never reaching port.
44. The ship was sailing comfortably up the Madhumati.
45. It was smooth sailing, no problems what so ever.
46. There was an agitation amongst the slowly sailing.
47. A fleet of Spanish ships came sailing to the rescue.
48. A sailing ship was about a half-mile off our coast.
49. The vessel along with others like it, are sailing.
50. It was better than sailing, sex, football and beer.
51. We feel ourselves sailing with God in the same boat.
52. Waited, sailing gracefully, to drop where they may;.
53. I wouldn’t mind sailing there myself, I say.
54. Sailing was everything I expected it to be and more.
55. Another would be sailing the next morning to Anahuac.
56. The freighter, meanwhile, continued sailing toward us.
57. She just wasn’t used to what real sailing was like.
58. I enjoyed being a Radioman and sailing the blue seas.
59. Ages lapped at their feet like waves fit for sailing.
60. We should have smooth sailing the rest of our journey.
61. And the knock of sailing boats on the net webbed wall.
62. The sailing was tricky with tide and turbine currents.
63. This year has been relatively plain sailing healthwise.
64. You’ll be working a bit in the galley and we sailing.
65. The same orders for her as for the two sailing vessels.
66. Sailing can be very enhancing and educational for a kid.
67. Tony squeezed one off, sailing Big Dave into the white.
68. Yngvild wailed, "He is sailing back to Eid afterwards?".
69. Then it was gone, sailing upward and turning in the rain.
70. Sailing the Lhar was as easy as everyone said it would be.
71. We are the same brothers of a same boat sailing together.
72. The construction of the early sailing ships was done in U.
73. Club had warned Archie against sailing, but he was not to.
74. The ball went sailing over the graveyard, across the road.
75. In the name of God shall be its sailing and its anchorage.
76. And of His signs are the ships sailing the sea like flags.
77. Does that mean it was all smooth sailing? Not on your life.
78. Sailing before Our eyes; a reward for him who was rejected.
79. Sailing is much easier when you get out into the open sea.
80. Not used to sailing? Erlend said, coming up behind her.
81. And on some other planet, Mary, still sailing over the ocean.
82. So when he left Tulum, he knew he would be sailing northeast.
83. However, any sailing ship would have directed attention to a.
84. George rented a small boat and they went sailing and fishing.
85. They were still sailing south-west, as the old pirate had said.
86. The rest of August was spent sailing east south east on the E.
87. The next few months were spent sailing the south Atlantic and.
88. An armada was sailing over us, canvasses buckling in the wind.
89. The liquidation then stars by sailing all inventories for cash.
90. Favorable winds and calm sea made for ideal sailing conditions.
91. It is during this sailing across the Sea of Galilee that Jesus.
92. The scene was of a sailing vessel moored in a small cove with.
93. A handful of small anchored sailing boats bobbed on the surface.
94. It was clear sailing through the rest of California, I supposed.
95. There were still boats in the distance sailing along peacefully.
96. Rowing and sailing regattas had been held there since the 1870s.
97. He was in sailing ship, since Madam Mina tell of sails being set.
98. He told me that they were sailing and he knows a bit about Elves.
99. At the same time, I knew that it wouldn’t all be smooth sailing.
100. It was not the space he’d once imagined sailing through—not.
1. She sails through the air.
2. Nerissa broke out the sails.
3. Were those sails out there?
4. If he sails out the harbour.
5. Only her lower sails were set.
6. And beckon to the passing sails.
7. Silver sails all out of the West.
8. The huge chunk of rock sails to.
9. Chapter 21 - The Milo Sails Home.
10. Five sails came into sight from.
11. A larger one, a cog with red sails.
12. Its sails were most beautiful and.
13. Its two masts each had lateen sails.
14. And in my heart but one hope sails.
15. And sails upon the bosom of the air.
16. At one point I caused the sails to.
17. Catch the trade winds in your sails.
18. And sails upon the heart of the wind.
19. Sails of the sea I never saw so large.
20. The crew scurrying to raise the sails.
21. Then, when darkness came, sails were.
22. The colorful sails were just as common.
23. The ship sails to (place) (and [place]).
24. The sails have been aligned such that.
25. And royal feudal Europe sails with thee.
26. I nodded, touching the sails on the toy.
27. Never mind the sails! yelled Homer.
28. In the meantime, we must mend our sails.
29. Our sails were furled, and the captain.
30. Over calmer water, gaudy sails a-trimming.
31. For years you’ve had your sails at half.
32. Where are the sails? she asked Homer.
33. Turn the sails and full speed ahead!.
34. The mag sails through the air and lands in.
35. Monsieur Tarzan sails for America tomorrow.
36. What are their sails doing? Talia asked.
37. East Indiaman which sails on the 20th of June.
38. A gentle wind filled the sails, and the only.
39. HE sails complacently… away with his parrot.
40. An airplane with sails on it? he replied.
41. Think of ATM options as sails powering a boat.
42. They showed me how they dressed the sails, too.
43. Red sails in the sunset as the shadows lengthen.
44. The horizon was now liberally dotted with sails.
45. Their sails billowing, being pushed by the wind.
46. They encountered many sails, but none was Yankee.
47. Another round sails into a column, no explosion.
48. White sails on the ocean; white sand in the bay;.
49. We can sail the ship without the sails if we wish.
50. The sails strained against the winds of the storm.
51. From the corner of his eye, Zoey sails down to the.
52. Before long she joined him for sails on the harbour.
53. Lydia's tirade had taken the wind out o their sails.
54. What’s more, our ships had sturdy masts and sails.
55. I bet that's when the Etesian comes and no one sails.
56. On the ship anchored closest to port, the sails had.
57. While we worked to man the sails, the crew only paid.
58. You’ve heard of the red sails at sunset, right?
59. They watched the sails a bit more as they inched along.
60. That knocks the wind out of the interrogator’s sails.
61. They have huge dugouts with big sails and many oars.
62. The sails of the five gleaming Branga ships had been.
63. Africa, always on the lookout for sails on the horizon.
64. White sails are turning homeward as the dusk is falling.
65. Off he sails with a scapular or a medal on him for luck.
67. In the estuary, a number of sails could be seen, barges.
68. Matthew and John are in agreement, in that the boat sails.
69. I reckon a crow is religious when it sails across the sky.
70. Would you like to see the sails since they are out?
71. The wind filled their sails and they slowly gained momentum.
72. Syn flexed its wings back like full sails in a headlong wind.
73. By the end of the day, no new sails were seen by the lookout.
74. He strode back onto the ship, standing taller than the sails.
75. At this time there were still more sails on the horizon and.
76. On the ship, we’d taken to lowering the sails and heaving.
77. As he sails away, he’ll call out his true name and history.
78. This ship here has all its sails open and the winds are strong.
79. She nodded, the wind going out of her sails as she returned to.
80. The slack sails puffed a bit, but still Stenarch gained on her.
81. See, where their white sails, bellying in the wind, speckle the.
82. About ten o’clock in the morning of June 25, two sails became.
83. I think he’s concerned about the storm sails after last month.
84. He was in sailing ship, since Madam Mina tell of sails being set.
85. Who had his hands full attending to his sails, guiding his vessel.
86. A few days later, a host of sails appeared on the eastern horizon.
87. Our only fresh water was the rain we wrung out of our tattered sails.
88. The Captain sails away and leaves ’em there, to return a Week later.
89. It must have been magically powered, for I saw neither oars nor sails.
90. Sails were full and the oars were working swiftly and almost silently.
91. A chill wind kept their sails full and their passage relatively swift.
92. They were the battle sails of only one nation, the Tranquil Islanders.
93. Therefore when I saw the sails of your ship, naturally I know of your.
94. There certainly wasn’t enough wind to stir our heavily patched sails.
95. Now she opened the sails, pushed the logs away so that the ship would be.
96. Hands by the halyards! in top-gallant sails! Stand by to reef topsails!.
97. He unrolled the sails and drifted away from the island in the night breeze.
98. After a half dozen sails or so, he started lifting a hull out of the water.
99. That didn’t take the wind out of my sails though and as Monika raced from.
100. The sails were all unfurled and the wind was giving them a good steady clip.

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1. Put a sail on it.
2. And red is the sail.
3. I will sail in the boat.
4. They can sail it here.
5. Power gives way to sail.
6. The stars sail by my will.
7. Not a sail on the horizon.
8. And All Who Sail with Her.
9. We sail into one of the bays.
10. We set sail with the first.
11. It was still a gravity sail.
12. The boat did not have a sail.
13. It was the sail of a ship!.
14. The boats had already set sail.
15. We were going to sail it soon.
16. In case we have to sail later.
17. The ship will sail without us.
18. Sail away from the safe harbor.
19. To what land sail you now?
20. It was Banda who found the sail.
21. We can sail toward the mainland.
22. I prefer to sail than motorboat.
23. They formed the shape of a sail.
24. Who has sail away? What did.
25. It is a paradise for sail boats.
26. After my sail I made my way home.
27. After that, they would set sail.
28. I heard another tear in the sail.
29. The Lateen Sail in World History.
30. Meanwhile there was sail to tend.
31. The crew had raised the main sail.
32. To stop the sail and return to my.
33. A sail! A veil awave upon the waves.
34. Sail boats are all over the place.
35. Hurrah! this is the way to sail now.
36. They haven’t got this sail spread.
37. After the raid, he will sail to Eid.
38. It's funny we should both sail under.
39. Across the gloom of heaven would sail.
40. Each ship under sail was ignorant of.
41. Start moving now on gravity sail power.
42. Only a fool would try to sail in such.
43. We didn’t sail until the next morning.
44. Improvise a sail if you do not have one.
45. The wind had fallen; the sail hung limp.
46. So if you sail: you join a sailing cult.
47. The brigade would then sail back to Kashi.
48. Then did they sail with her? I askt.
49. We sail for Principle, not Prizes now.
50. The crew set the main sail and fore sail.
51. Tell me, did you ever sail with them?
52. His ship would sail upon the morning tide.
53. All they had to do was sail out of Europe.
54. You could sail this thing around the world.
55. The wind made the sail flap along the leech.
56. To kiss him is to sail across the night sky.
57. A single white sail veers out of the harbor.
58. Jamie raised the sail and headed out to sea.
59. He often stood watch, but did not tend sail.
60. On May 27, a sail was spotted on the horizon.
61. They lay off the coast, sail lowered, waiting.
62. Prepare to hoist the sail! Erik blasted.
63. After business in Honolulu, they would sail.
64. An old man on a sail boat stared down at him.
65. Emily was impressed that he knew how to sail.
66. Jean and Legrand helped raise the sail, then.
67. To keep the ones who’d sail with you at bay.
68. I could fight no longer and I couldn’t sail.
69. This done, they entered the ship and set sail.
70. The hour soon passed and it was ready to sail.
71. Sail on the weather quarter! Sail on—!.
72. This would be Venna’s first exposure to sail.
73. Bring back the tattered sail and the cracked mast.
74. No more the mountains roam or sail the stormy sea.
75. Hoisting sail, it glided down the Acushnet river.
76. We then laid more sail cloth on top of the coins.
77. There was no spare sail to hang across the stern.
78. I set them to sail, though I didn’t board them.
79. We can sing a song and sail along the silver sky.
80. The glider was old and its sail had a few wrinkles.
81. As the wave receded, he spotted a gap in the sail.
82. They’re arranging for Tom to sail with Columbus.
83. One sliced through a sail, but no one was injured.
84. And because of this, the raised sail was, if not.
85. We can sail the ship without the sails if we wish.
86. A sail had just come into view from around a bend.
87. It gave the human mind a way to sail to the stars.
88. He had been in a foul mood ever since setting sail.
89. This time I sail through without anything happening.
90. Far below was a small white boat with a silver sail.
91. Gaetano lowered the sail, and the boat came to rest.
92. Steve was saying; Careful, he’s stuck to the sail.
93. At last the wind freshened and the white sail showed.
94. But after we were well under sail the truth came out.
95. Glenn clung onto the sail for another couple of waves.
96. He crawled over, pulled back the sail and had a look.
97. Eunice insisted they sail home in spite of the storm.
98. About two days sail, if the wind stays fair, I think.
99. He spotted a ship with a white sail approaching them.
100. They all sat around the big sail late into the night.

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