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Salvo in a sentence

rock, and the trailing salvo of warheads.
After a final salvo at journalists, whom he.
Aunt Sally tightened her lips and let go a salvo.
Certainly an interesting opening salvo, Faye Anne commented.
later heard that this was almost the last salvo got off by that ship,.
Instead of a salvo of shots, their response was shouted words in Chinese.
‘But you know what I did to end it all last time was my dramatic salvo.

His opening salvo was not unexpectedly aimed at the legality of the action.
Fired from a mere 200 meters, her salvo hit at once, exploding the jet bomber.
The third salvo caught the men running in open fields, causing a mass butchery.
Bismarck's first salvo fell short, the second was over and the third straddled.
However, a few hits on his second salvo rewarded him, making him shout in triumph.
A first salvo of 127mm rockets then slammed in the water and against the submarine.
Anthony Nathan fired his first real salvo late on Friday of the trial’s second week.
More explosions expanded about the city as the Americans pumped a second salvo into it.
It was the opening salvo of the competition, and was a whirlwind of sound and motion:.
Then they heard the metallic spit as the salvo went out and Bill shouted, Bombs away.
The Nathaniel had saved his bacon with their highly accurate salvo of homemade grapeshot.
He pointed out the stranger as the latest salvo from the bar sailed past towards the piano.
watched, somewhat fascinated, as a salvo of antimatter torpedoes shot forth from the bow, tiny.
I paused, Be it known that these past few days of destruction are only the first salvo of God.
But he was still sitting on his rock of a throne, preparing himself to answer this latest salvo.
there were the rare occasions when a ship had made a jump and pulled in with it a salvo of anti-.
to yank it off, strangling the doctor in the process and letting out a salvo of piercing shrieks.
The second salvo caused more casualties still and forced the Germans into taking cover wherever they could.
They’ve managed to take out our shields with that first salvo, but we do still have full weapon access.
According to the Germans, as the bow rose into the air, Hood's forward turrets were seen to fire one last salvo.
Over a third of the Morgs’ ships of the line were destroyed by the massive missile salvo from the Ambush Force.
We had gone down to the beach and were enjoying our swim when a salvo of Turkish artillery shells was fired at us.
You'd cause more damage to the VC jettison�ing the whole damned pod full of rockets on their heads than salvoing the rockets at them.

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‘’Sir, the intruders are firing massive salvoes of some kind of radar-jamming material.
ships had launched several salvoes of torpedoes at the Confederation before calling for the shift.
What happened is that the area around your headquarters was blasted by salvoes from the stun canons of my cruiser, Obergruppenführer Hausser.
They had done a very good job while they lasted, but the massive saturation salvoes from South Lebanon had finally overwhelmed the Iron Dome system months ago.
Ken Dows watched with growing worry the approach of the Japanese battle fleet, which was still exchanging salvoes with the surviving guns of the American coastal forts.
����������� The high pitch sound of jet engines alerted the German anti-aircraft gunners only seconds before salvoes of air-to-ground rockets hit their positions.
Calling for successive lines of barrage fire, Ingrid made a total of 72 16-inch shells fall on the enemy, with the last two salvoes targeted at the hidden enemy positions behind the hills facing the Marines.

Synonyms for salvo

burst fusillade salvo volley