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Same in a sentence

1. So she did the same.
2. In the same way it.
3. At the same time, a.
4. He gave me the same.
5. And, on the same page.
6. They are the same God.
7. Do the same for your.

8. This is not the same.
9. Was this the same guy?
10. Just the same old Roman.
11. Same deal as the press.
12. You should do the same.
13. By the same token, the.
14. It couldn't be the same.
15. But are we not the same.
16. Not quite the same thing.
17. We lose at the same time.
19. But it wasn’t the same.
20. She had that same funny.
21. It is the same for more.
22. It is the same in Greece.
23. In the same way, all of.
24. We are the same seed God.
25. The same voice that came.
26. And they are all the same.
27. Her lipstick was the same.
28. It was the same as his own.
29. All children are the same.
30. We had the same interests.
31. Yes, this is the same guy.
32. The song remains the same.
33. The pilot was the same Mr.
34. In the air it is the same.
35. The same old faces sat on.
36. Yet what remains the same?
37. It is the same way with us.
38. She's the same age as Alan.
39. The same was true in France.
40. We are not all the same.
41. It was the same that night.
42. All religions are the same.
43. We find out here the same.
44. It was the very same room.
45. I would have done the same.
46. And to my shield, the same.
47. They wanted the same thing.
48. It’s the same news anchor.
49. The same thing with day care.
50. I’m sure it’s the same.
51. Now I felt the same in the.
52. She’s about the same, doc.
53. But I feel it just the same.
54. He did the same thing to me.
55. Still sounds the same, mind.
56. Uploading five of the same.
57. Same with the turannoi who.
58. It's the same with quitting.
59. It wouldn’t be the same.
60. It is not the same to us all.
61. At the same time, the South.
62. She was clearly of the same.
63. The votes are still the same.
64. I felt the same about Sophia.
65. We have the same power within.
66. We hear the same news anchor.
67. It's the same the world over.
68. They follow the same pattern.
69. These are the same kinds of.
70. The same way the killers did.
71. It is the same with our lives.
72. Would this one do the same?
73. We are of the same age group.
74. They’re one and the same.
75. Nothing ever stays the same.
76. Still the same old Lennox P.
77. This is the same dialogue we.
78. This being as the same, only.
79. You will have the same problem.
81. She had the same eyes as her.
82. Greeks used it in the same aim.
83. Things could never be the same.
84. It had to be the same dickhead.
85. He couldn’t say the same of.
86. I can't say the same about her.
87. My life will never be the same.
88. You will have to have the same.
89. He signalled me to do the same.
91. Use the same system as on ants.
92. The same woman appeared, very.
93. At that same moment Son heard.
94. In the same way, God wants to.
95. Then the next night, same thing.
96. These are people doing the same.
97. We may happened upon the same.
98. A corridor in the same building.
99. I could say the same for you.
100. Not all standards are the same.

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