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Same in a sentence

So she did the same.
In the same way it.
He gave me the same.
At the same time, a.
Do the same for your.
And, on the same page.
They are the same God.

This is not the same.
Was this the same guy?
You should do the same.
Just the same old Roman.
Same deal as the press.
By the same token, the.
But are we not the same.
It couldn't be the same.
Not quite the same thing.
In the same way, all of.
But it wasn’t the same.
It is the same for more.
It is the same in Greece.
She had that same funny.
We lose at the same time.
And they are all the same.
The pilot was the same Mr.
In the air it is the same.
All children are the same.
It was the same as his own.
Yes, this is the same guy.
The song remains the same.
The same voice that came.
We are the same seed God.
We had the same interests.
Her lipstick was the same.
We find out here the same.
The same was true in France.
Yet what remains the same?
The same old faces sat on.
I would have done the same.
It was the same that night.

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