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  1. This is just a sampling.
  2. The sampling plan should take into.
  3. That’s if sampling had been invented back then.
  4. After stocking up on a few rations and sampling the.
  5. Ready? Let’s see a small sampling of the results….

  6. The issue of sample collection location and sampling.
  7. This is just a sampling of government folly compiled by the.
  8. If a point of use filter is employed, sampling of the water.
  9. Here’s a sampling of seven main asset classes to consider:.
  10. The Atlanta Baptist Minister was sampling his own delights of.
  11. The sampling scheme should be generally the same as in phase 1.
  12. It should also show all sampling points and their designations.
  13. The sampling procedure for point of use sampling should reflect.
  14. This is just a sampling of what you can accomplish with your own e-zine.
  15. The reason lying behind selecting only tribes for sampling is that they.

  16. This is easily seen from a sampling of magazine covers from 1991 to 1993.
  17. After examining just a sampling of Islamic texts as well as the opinions.
  18. Plus, the executive manager said she wanted to go on a sampling run with him.
  19. Poll-takers use scientific methods: statistics, sampling procedures, and so on.
  20. Maybe we should forget about sampling and statistics and simply redefine how.
  21. We think enough time has passed since the last sampling to take on the next one.
  22. By repeatedly sampling the randomly varying signal, a series of random numbers.
  23. Now the whole herd milled around sampling and bawling, as the surprise was shared.
  24. Microdialysis is a sampling technique that is not directly coupled to any partic-.
  25. Note: This list is only a small sampling of the commodities these exchanges offer.

  26. He did remember the sampling and vividly recalled the day G phoned with the results.
  27. This list is only a small sampling of the commodity companies I cover in these pages.
  28. Trouble is, the sampling found under the Chipman lady’s nails didn’t have a one.
  29. A Pure Steam Sampling to draw physical samples of condensed pure steam occasionally is.
  30. A sampling of the parts of a theirops, at their most tender and with these stuffings!.
  31. Established sampling frequencies should be based on system validation data and should.
  32. With regard to sample size, 100 - 300 mL is preferred when sampling Water for Injection.
  33. Sampling should be daily after each step in the purification process and at each point.
  34. What kinds of information do your customers want and need? Here is just a small sampling.
  35. Most felt this to be more representative than the limited sampling of surface temperatures.
  36. A perfect two-bar sine wave cycle sampled at the peaks becomes a square wave due to sampling.
  37. Whatever it is, they’re still a prospect because they’re still sampling your product or.
  38. PROC EXPAND can interpolate missing values even if you aren't changing the sampling frequency.
  39. Figure 8-1 offers a sampling of how the stinkers of 1999 became the stars of 2000 through 2002.
  40. The distribution design should include the placement of sampling valves in the storage tank and.
  41. Other methods include statistically sampling the market and holding "representative" securities.
  42. Sampling from each of the vats and of the various tastes and textures that the wines went through.
  43. They will be sampling the wares of the town's pubs, getting tanked, ready and primed for heckling.
  44. Thus, the nature and extent of such cluster sampling must be spelled out in detail in your reports.
  45. I was extremely careful when I used the sampling hatch to snip off some tentacles, which I bottled.
  46. It’ll be mostly EVAs, geological sampling, soil tests, and weekly self-administered medical tests.
  47. I’ve covered only a small sampling of information in this first chapter, but you can easily see a.
  48. The computational details of sequential sampling procedures are beyond the scope of the present text.
  49. If we think of homes instead of dots, this is the sampling method used for most door-to-door surveys.
  50. Here is a small sampling of comments that you may hear from your ‘concerned’ family and friends:.
  51. As a new trader, you are like a medical intern, sampling all the fields of medicine to see what fits.
  52. The first sampling, eh? For you? He pushed the bottle toward his son and made an exaggerated wink.
  53. Eventually, additional sampling was done and cleanup uncovered a leaking storage tank containing benzene.
  54. I smiled and then began sampling the excellent food that was arrayed out before me in an endless buffet.
  55. I determined to inspect two more sections and then call it a day—Texas and a sampling of the Deep South.
  56. PROC EXPAND will change the sampling frequency of the data that you have and convert it to a different one.
  57. I think he'd been sampling his nectar somewhere else because there was a distinct air of madness about him.
  58. The sampling interval can be reduced to the limits of our equipment and it still looks like an analog trace.
  59. The rest of the morning I sat watching the men come and go sampling coffee and sniffing out the various beans.
  60. Unpublished subperiod analysis suggests some time variation although this might reflect sampling variability.
  61. I found him in the garden in the center of the house watching the tiny hummingbirds sampling the many flowers.
  62. On a daily chart, overlay a Bollinger Band with a sampling period of 50 days and bands of 2 standard deviations.
  63. Development stopped at this point and sampling of the area found high levels of polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons.
  64. Apparently it had heard a sample of his music from a previous guest and so the Rock had wanted a direct sampling.
  65. She had added the one-meter bits to her equipment that morning, anticipating geological sampling later in the day.
  66. She is now helping with my tropical fruit studies, part of which entails sampling the fruit itself which I like very much.
  67. The above represent a sampling of the essential characteristics that typically define what is meant by ―being‖ (human).
  68. After sampling both, the poolside games seemed more like fun and she actually found herself laughing along with the weirdo.
  69. That was probably enough sampling for today, Charlie thought and it wasn’t long before the river bank was there before him.
  70. Fifteen or twenty people were sampling the various oracles, moving on to another if they didn’t like what the first had prophesied.
  71. Be sure you will be sampling from the population of interest as a whole rather than from an unrepresentative subset of that population.
  72. Finally, let us not forgot that our models are based on samples, and that sampling error must always be inherent in the modeling process.
  73. After sampling a few, he looked for signs of any animals that might also have been sharing the berries with him, any thing easy to catch.
  74. Two were resampling methods—bootstrap and permutation test—that obtained their p-values by sampling repeatedly from the data at hand.
  75. Unfortunately, as was bound to happen, Agmat’s curiosity finally got the better of him and he started sampling some of the wares he sold.
  76. In addition it is impossible to precisely mirror the index as the models for sampling and mirroring, by their nature, cannot be 100% accurate.
  77. The day before another similar professional sampling had suggested only forty-nine per cent of the respondents favoured direct elections in 1988.
  78. I see that you have found a sampling of what we labor here to recover, it intoned darkly, further loosening the sockets of Jeeter’s knees.
  79. In statistical speaking, the number of the sample is the important factor, and so it cannot be compared with others in a different number of sampling.
  80. Consider for a moment what happens when you open up the quarterly New York Times supplement and start sampling fund performance over the past 10 years.
  81. Several cars were parked on a strip of grass, perhaps belonging to tourists sampling the wine – one of the pleasures of a trip to this part of France.
  82. His black hair was neatly combed back, his peanut mustache twitched like a rabbit's nose sampling the air as his eyes ranged the crowd in wavering jerks.
  83. As noted above, correlation coefficients vary somewhat by sampling interval and period; the values in the tables below should be used only as starting points.
  84. Upon this divan I spent many of my hours in Paris, occupied in the smoking of my friend's excellent cigars, and the sampling of his superlatively good whisky.
  85. However, to test the flatulence, a tube was developed from a typical household clothes dryer air duct and attached over the animal’s rear during the sampling.
  86. Confidence level: is the proportion of times that an estimating procedure would be correct, if the sampling procedure is repeated for very large number of items.
  87. However, sampling at the cycle peaks cannot be guaranteed, and the interference between the sampling frequency and the data frequency creates the aliasing noise.
  88. Charles Stein’s two-stage sampling procedure makes formal recognition of the need for some estimate of variation before we can decide on an optimal sample size.
  89. Over all my years of sampling medication—prescribed and otherwise—I realized that the anticonvulsant Lamictal (lamotrigine) seemed to give me the most relief.
  90. Four goals were set for the organization: evacuation and relocation of the residents, canal cleanup, boosting property values and sampling of the air, water and soil.
  91. The shortest allowed cycle period is a two-bar cycle, because any shorter cycle period violates the Nyquist sampling criteria of requiring at least two samples per cycle.
  92. Sampling and marketing costs for new editions were high, and college returns of unsold textbooks were a month early-affecting earnings in the first quarter, not the second.
  93. Stedder took one last glimpse of the surroundings---a grim sampling of ‘freedom’---and fell in behind Nyreea as she plodded woodenly back toward their loose confinement.
  94. She could hear Margaret preparing tea and cakes in the kitchen, but the thought of walking in there and sampling some of the sweets before teatime was strangely off-putting.
  95. Note that the sample() instruction used here differs from the sample() instruction used to obtain a bootstrap in that the sampling in this instance is done without replacement.
  96. In the balance of this chapter, we shall focus on methods for determining a fixed sample size, merely indicating some of the possibilities associated with sequential sampling.
  97. Joel plunged deeper into her mouth, sampling her sweetness, while his hands roamed up and down her body, sensuously exploring the contours of her breasts and hips as he did so.
  98. The Retail Sales Index measures goods sold within the retail industry, from large chains to smaller local stores, it takes a sampling of a set of retail stores across the country.
  99. If our measurements are expensive, then to keep the over-all cost of sampling under control, we may have to accept the possibility of making Type I and Type II errors more frequently.
  100. The bigger challenge in any random sampling system remained—how do you convert vote percentages in any poll into seats? That was the statistical jugglery which could trip up a pollster.
  1. I sampled it and agreed.
  2. He sampled the air and tasted anxiety.
  3. The analyte of interest is sampled after.
  4. He sampled one and spit it out, disgusted.
  5. The group sampled the rest of the smorgasbord.
  6. It has been a long time since I have sampled.
  7. Did you get that? They sampled me on a higher.
  8. He leaned back, warming his feet and sampled the.
  9. The juice was sampled with about the same reaction.
  10. Were the units sampled in clusters or individually?
  11. She has already sampled most of the tribes of Anahuac.
  12. Stephanie sampled the fried cabbage and added more salt.
  13. Alex sampled the food on his plate, and after a couple of.
  14. Therefore, unless the water is sampled prior to the final 0.
  15. He found another box of stuff and sampled it, and was pleased.
  16. The Vikings sampled the soil for signs of metabolism and life.
  17. The junk he’d sampled downtown had turned to lead in his veins.
  18. It could be sampled (analysed) at, say, 10 exponent 40 (1 followed.
  19. Amonas ran a finger on it and sampled it, the taste woody and bitter.
  20. Everyone was smiling as they dabbed and sampled the variety of choices.
  21. Killarney and they sampled some of the most beautiful scenery in Ireland.
  22. Tammas sampled the red concoction, hesitated, and then almost drank the.
  23. Since the original object has already been sampled and is now entangled, I.
  24. The taste of victory had not been sampled yet and everyone’s hearts became.
  25. The saddest case of perverted humor I have sampled in a very long time is that of J.
  26. Captain Heller had sampled the media and sent it via subspace to Star Fleet command.
  27. Since sampled data is being used, there are some DSP aspects that must be considered.
  28. Lately there has been a surge of tracks that has sampled an old track and released it.
  29. The team that sampled the atmosphere reported that an outfit like Orion Metals that was.
  30. A perfect two-bar sine wave cycle sampled at the peaks becomes a square wave due to sampling.
  31. The men quickly sampled slices of the bread and agreed that it was quite unique and satisfactory.
  32. Because there are more samples, the sampled data are a better replica of the sine wave component.
  33. I sampled its flesh but found it tasteless, despite Conseil's views, which were largely approving.
  34. And the wines–I understood why my mother had declared ‘not bad’ when she sampled our first crop.
  35. Merthin joined Bessie and Lolla at the fireside and sampled their roasted nuts, but he was preoccupied.
  36. He was before all things a European, a modern man, who sampled the newest ideas and prided himself upon them.
  37. The improved fidelity of the sampled data means the aliasing noise is reduced at longer and longer cycle periods.
  38. A total number of one hundred and seventy (170) Nigerian firms with a website was selected (rather than sampled).
  39. He’s sampled these brownies once before, but this time she’s made them special for him, remembering his asthma.
  40. I sampled one of these crabs through the hatch and had to throw it back out again, the smell of sulphur was so bad.
  41. As I sat on the hillside, watching the tail-light dwindle, I reflected on the various kinds of crime I had now sampled.
  42. He turned the shower on, flushed the toilet, sampled some lipstick which he spat out, and then pocketed the lip stick.
  43. The clutter in the room had not changed, though two open bottles of wine on the desk had been added, both liberally sampled.
  44. He rose and trotted into the breeze towards the stern and, with his head pushed through the safety railings, he sampled the air.
  45. Nemia returned then with a waiter who bore a tray of steaming teacups, and conversation paused while they were distributed and sampled.
  46. Provide a 75% confidence interval for the difference in mean survival days for the sampled populations based on 1000 bootstrap samples.
  47. Then, he quickly remembered to thank him for the gracious words he had written about his cheesecake Quentin had sampled at Fleurette’s.
  48. Once out of earshot of the others she sidled up close to him and whispered, You can always nibble on me – I’m willing to be sampled.
  49. So, you race motorcycles, I mentioned as we both sampled our stout, with its fine, creamy head lapping up and over the edge of the glass.
  50. Before the two had left the apartment, and after the two had sampled the goods, ZJ and LD were getting ready to leave for the appointed rounds.
  51. Yet, there were the good times: her husband when he was there, when she had been everything to him, before he had sampled the delights of a younger woman.
  52. I spoke with numerous dairies, sampled many different types of cream cheese, until I found the one I felt provided me with the right taste, flavour, and texture.
  53. He knew there were many active women and had sampled two of them so far, but it was understood both times he was just stopping by for a boink on the way to his cabin.
  54. Europeans became so addicted to its sweetness that it became regarded as a necessary staple, not a refined luxury sampled slightly only once a year as it first had been.
  55. The values listed below will vary somewhat with the period sampled as well as with the interval measured; for example, the correlation coefficient for large and small U.
  56. They spent the day on the highest outdoor footpaths they could find and sampled the tiny exotic delicacies toasted over the lab-sized grills cooks would lug up this high.
  57. GOOD vs EVIL: were they to be placed on a balance scale, sampled from various times in human history, there's no doubt in my mind which would not only tip, but topple the scale every time.
  58. Leaning forward from my seated back rest of pillows I claimed a tray of food that had the best tasting creations of meat combined with other delicacies that I had ever sampled in my life.
  59. Rooster had told me the food at the café was some of the best he had sampled in the city, so I made it a point to remember the place, even though I very seldom made it to this part of town.
  60. The crowds that had gathered shared in the feast, Ael Tarael and Alit’aren seated on large blankets around the fires, but the Guardians remained standing while they sampled meats and cheeses.
  61. This was necessary because I could not stand in testament to the journey from the cognition of the average person, through the stalkers, to that of Spirit in the flesh, unless I had sampled it.
  62. It was widely reported in the leafier lanes of suburban south London that after the local church’s recent summer fete Miss Jones had sampled the sherry and become extremely eloquent on the subject.
  63. She would merely enjoy another glass of cold lemonade, the kind that she had not sampled in many years; the zesty, fresh-squeezed tang revitalized her taste buds and seemed to deliver a jolt of energy to her lethargic body.
  64. Servants brought out trays loaded with delicacies and I was fairly mobbed with questions on tactics, religion and what not when I would much rather preferred to have sampled the contents of the trays which were vanishing fast.
  65. I see that you’ve already sampled our tradition, Faye said, indicating the glass of ginger ale which the Englishman was sipping slowly as if to allow his taste buds the opportunity to adjust to the shock and potency of the drink.
  66. He sampled the essence of evil souls, heady stuff,.
  67. So I sampled away, more as a curiosity seeker than an epicure,.
  1. Samples of a people that had.
  2. Among classic samples of this.
  3. Samples had been taken of the.
  4. After samples are loaded onto.
  5. Some samples are quite extensive.
  6. We’ve had the samples confirmed.
  7. Semen samples should be collected.
  8. In other words, samples should be.
  9. With the samples in hand, Onassis.
  10. The STOP & REPLACE System Samples -.
  11. Additional samples we do not have.
  12. Ian finished collecting his samples.
  13. Almost all of the samples from both.
  14. Even 1 second samples, whoever told.
  15. Marcus took his samples from all of us.
  16. For samples, rates, and more, go to www.
  17. Null Hypothesis: Both samples are equal.
  18. Daniels and the new sets of samples all.
  19. They were intended for quick rock samples.
  20. Bellisa’s samples should be tested again.
  21. Anna repeated this with four other samples.
  22. The samples are from the same source, the.
  23. They examine his samples with great excitement.
  24. Here are just a few samples, using the RSV for.
  25. I carefully collected samples during my journey.
  26. There, they collected samples and waited to be.
  27. I took a dental impression and also DNA samples.
  28. And my samples are degrading as we speak, too.
  29. He sent his report and your samples via courier.
  31. Turning from all the samples, monuments of heroes.
  32. Following are ten Stop and Replace System samples.
  33. Air samples were tested, as were leaves on trees.
  34. They don't have to give you any samples, darling.
  35. Thus, all samples will consist of 500 combinations.
  36. The following samples give an idea of the type of.
  37. Old Tom Foolery's samples, left it here awhile back.
  38. By photographing samples of water and then freezing.
  39. At any rate, these are subjective samples, just to.
  40. They collected their samples as quickly as they could.
  41. These cards were intended to label batches of samples.
  42. Donna… Jared didn’t send samples back to the UK.
  43. The FBI will compare DNA samples thereafter, of course.
  44. He smiles at him as he devours the last of the samples.
  45. We collected enough samples to find out what kind and.
  46. The gas samples have been sent to the lab for diagnosis.
  47. The police dusted for fingerprints and took DNA samples.
  48. They can correlate the samples with their locations later.
  49. They‘ll probably want to bring samples of the things on.
  50. He played music to these water samples and froze the shape.
  51. Collecting and analysing samples, from the test subjects.
  52. About 6% of the samples included no dissatisfied customers.
  53. There are many more samples but let us not get side-tracked.
  54. The samples are seen as immensely valuable, but they are in.
  55. Bootstrap samples are drawn separately from each population.
  56. Interestingly, samples of Ceylon graphite from Precambrian.
  57. The scientists who faked the samples worked for the Interior.
  58. That was the lab on the phone; the samples don t match.
  59. Jared voluntarily gave us a cheek scraping and blood samples.
  60. Gary put the next set of samples under his electron microscope.
  61. We tried the same experiment with hair samples and some saliva.
  62. There used to be a whole museum filled with samples on Earth.
  63. I wandered through the crowd, taking in samples of conversation.
  64. Samples from points of use should be taken in a similar way to.
  65. Large samples always provide better conclusions than small ones.
  66. Were the samples drawn from two populations with the same mean?
  67. I’ve been trying to keep myself busy analyzing ground samples.
  68. Samples that come out negative are discarded and reported as such.
  69. They taxied to the hangar where the blood samples had been taken.
  70. Other types of ammunition from the range were included as samples.
  71. Academic studies usually break samples into quintiles or deciles.
  72. This is a method for capturing samples of the air where you live.
  73. The French detectives had overnighted the hair samples to the FBI.
  74. They have some possible DNA samples for two of the murders!.
  75. He left the room and came back with samples of Paxil, because he.
  76. I’ve been gathering soil and rock samples from each place I camp.
  77. To find the proportion of samples with no dissatisfied customers:.
  78. The Warriors had reported their core samples indicated a rich vein.
  79. If you post that up on Free IQ, that’s a way to give samples to.
  80. This method is used for all samples that are sent to the laboratory.
  81. The resource will exist as a collection of biological samples that.
  82. To test this, we again took two samples from the ten-year database.
  83. In psychology of religion there are also other samples of emotional.
  84. He was cutting samples from the carpet, putting fibers into K-packs.
  85. We have samples that can be used for comparison back at the station.
  86. Let us draw several actual samples as il ustration of the formulated.
  87. Intravenous blood samples were collected from a total of 100 healthy.
  88. For example, a four-bar cycle means there are four samples per cycle.
  89. For Samples (loaned without charge) and Terms address the Publishers.
  90. They took samples of everything! It was uncomfortable and embarrass-.
  91. CheMin fires X-rays at the samples to determine chemical compositions.
  92. I’ve been asked to collect some tissue samples, Gilgamesh said.
  93. SAMPLE STANDARD DEVIATION - In small samples, usually less than thirty.
  94. Would it make sense to take samples of the same size from each group?
  95. Mark groaned when Marcus removed his samples from a shelf in the fridge.
  96. By running a set of samples out to different areas, you will be able to.
  97. The prototypes were two samples of two different types of smaller vessels.
  98. You will also find samples that you can use and alter for your own needs.
  99. To find the proportion of samples with four or less satisfied customers:.
  100. Following are samples of how to turn your reasons into Empowering Questions.

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1. Here is a sample of.
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3. If the sample were an.
4. Here is just a sample:.
5. Here is a sample poem:.
6. A sample execution of mvc.
7. Look and see small sample.
8. What was the sample size?
9. In a sample population of.
11. How long a sample? Table 8.
12. Here are the sample messages.
13. That was just a blood sample.
14. I need a sample for analysis.
15. The sample is taken through.
16. This is only a small sample.
17. The above was a sample module.
18. I'll have to sample it later.
19. The sample includes the same.
20. I need a sample of your blood.
21. She clipped a sample of his hair.
22. Sample Function Call Date Result.
23. Here are three sample campaigns:.
24. We have already seen one sample.
25. Here is a sample option agreement.
26. Maybe I should sample her first.
27. Here are some sample questions:.
28. You can listen to a sample here:.
29. Here's another sample query letter.
30. To view a sample analysis of the.
31. Now let's read in some sample data.
32. Here is a sample to check out –.
33. In these single sample and mixed.
34. Task One: Write the sample chapter.
35. Power and sample size calculations.
36. The STOP & REPLACE System Sample -.
37. A sample execution is as follows:.
38. Sample Introduction to the Agenda:.
39. Hereʼs a sample strength workout:.
40. This is the formula and a sample.
41. The air sample soldier was a Captain.
42. The sample option prices in Table 15.
43. A sample of the number of queries I.
44. Sample G is still there, unaffected.
45. A look at a sample bid confirms this.
46. I've included a sample Overview below.
47. Only twenty bucks for a trial sample.
48. Notably, in the sample sessions, the.
49. Here are three sample mail campaigns:.
50. Use this meal plan sample if you are.
51. The data sample ends in 2003, however.
52. It calculates clear range and sample.
53. Your sample will be examined for the.
54. Hereʼs a sample hill sprint workout:.
55. Its value varies from sample to sample.
56. These are merely a representative sample.
57. Let us suppose the sample variance is 25.
58. I did! We need an active sample of HIV1.
59. He held out a hand to sample its flavor.
60. A sample standard deviation shows a 20.
61. The box now open and sample boxes on the.
62. A sample that would last for generations.
63. The final sample had 13,461 observations.
64. I could really use that live sample, now.
65. A sample becomes tainted by the bias or.
66. Hereʼs a sample stadium sprint workout:.
67. The sample came from a trench near the No.
68. Sample Chapters: Introduction and Day One.
70. Let's see two sample executions of command.
71. Here is a sample aquarium list of things.
72. The benign sample period was doubly biased.
73. We selected but a few to provide a sample.
74. But most men want to sample the goods.
75. It is decided to increase the sample size.
76. Here's a sample of a Follow Friday tweet:.
77. He moved the sample to a different tester.
78. I give a sample of his prose in Appendix I.
79. My goal is to sample every hold’s recipe.
80. This is just a sample of how busy he was.
81. Donald eyed the sample with a keen interest.
82. A sample implementation can be found at [j.
83. This is only a smal sample of the pages in.
84. I sample most of the products we sell yes.
85. The sample size here is still small, only 28.
86. With small sample sizes, it is suspect as a.
87. The study could have the wrong sample, which.
88. Then she remembered that she had a sample of.
89. You’ll find a sample letter in Appendix iv.
90. I asked him to look at your latest sample.
91. Remember I sent her blood sample to the lab?
92. Sample Function Call OPTIONS TIMEZONE= Result.
93. Thank you for reviewing a sample of this book.
94. A sample output of this program is as follows:.
95. His isn’t the best sample though, argued.
96. A sample output of this example is as follows:.
97. I considered removing the rock sample container.
98. To 10 ml, freshly boiled and cooled sample add 0.
99. If you are in retail then consider a free sample.
100. We will need a blood sample, Chang told us.

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