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Satisfactions in a sentence | satisfactions example sentences

  1. Satisfactions guaranteed in.
  2. I’m glad you told me of the satisfactions, too.
  3. The supreme satisfactions of the loving service of man.
  4. It seldom happens to me but some days are full of satisfactions.
  5. And food and wisdom are the corresponding satisfactions of either?

  6. Satisfactions gardening expendable intensions extensively in all weathers for.
  7. He must give a tug still—all the stronger because other satisfactions were going.
  8. It is a day-by-day consolidation, not only of interest or experience, but of satisfactions.
  9. In much of this life, our greatest happiness, satisfactions and priorities are frequently beyond any thought of me.
  10. It may be that in finding new sources of the required satisfactions, different ones to those lost before, may suffice.
  11. Hitherto I have known few pleasures save of the severer kind: my satisfactions have been those of the solitary student.
  12. Sometimes you will have a need to experience many of the satisfactions and benefits in a variety of different size groups as well as when alone.
  13. By addressing all the areas of satisfaction in life, you will be metaphorically ‘dipping your toe’ into a range of experiences and satisfactions.
  14. For instance, the business will seek to become the lowest cost producer to the consumer or seek to become the business with the highest ranking for customer service satisfactions.
  15. He soon displayed in the cockpit the wisdom that Father Antonio Isabel had given him, and he made enough money not only to enrich his brood but also to look for a man’s satisfactions.

  16. The heroic and brave and worthy would go to the happy hunting-grounds, where would be pleasant climate and fair weather, and where abundance would be exhaustless and satisfactions complete.
  17. Be clear that trading is about making money—whatever other motivations and satisfactions are tied into the process, at the end of the day there must be financial reward and it must be substantial.
  18. And all those who know the way of truth and enjoy the assurance of knowing God should esteem it a privilege, not a duty, to offer guidance to their fellows in their efforts to find the satisfactions of living.
  19. The sharp little woman's conscience was somewhat troubled in the adjustment of these opposing "bests," and of her griefs and satisfactions under late events, which were likely to humble those who needed humbling, but also to fall heavily on her old friend whose faults she would have preferred seeing on a background of prosperity.
  20. Then we may fairly assume that they are two, and that they differ from one another; the one with which a man reasons, we may call the rational principle of the soul, the other, with which he loves and hungers and thirsts and feels the flutterings of any other desire, may be termed the irrational or appetitive, the ally of sundry pleasures and satisfactions?
  21. Neither does he receive or let pass into the fortress any true word of advice; if any one says to him that some pleasures are the satisfactions of good and noble desires, and others of evil desires, and that he ought to use and honour some and chastise and master the others--whenever this is repeated to him he shakes his head and says that they are all alike, and that one is as good as another.
  22. It is impossible that all our pleasures, all our satisfactions, should be purchased by the sufferings and the lives of our brethren; impossible that we should be ready at a moment's notice to rush upon each other like wild beasts, one nation against another, and relentlessly destroy the lives and labor of men, only because one foolish diplomatist or ruler says or writes something foolish to another.
  23. What would the man, her smug husband there, say if he were made to help in the soul-killing work a woman is expected to do as a matter of course? Yet why shouldn't he help her bear her burdens? Why shouldn't he take them on his stronger shoulders? Don't give me the trite answer that it is because he has his own work to do--we know his work, the man's work, at its hardest full of satisfactions and pleasures, and hopes and ambitions, besides coming to an end every day at a certain hour, while she grows old in hopeless, hideous, never-ending drudgery.

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