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    1. Sports or the AIS and initiated the world's best scholarship programme

    2. 'What's the scholarship? Money?' Ish wanted to know

    3. head of the AIS scholarship programme

    4. Ava was going thru the bottom of the pile, things like conferences attended, and there, for the same year she was created, was a record of a one year pass to the Kassikan, unfortunately without the certificate number, as a scholarship transfer from North Chardovia Trades Academy

    5. There was no picture or thumbprint, but it was the right time and this person had come from North Chardovia Trades Academy on a scholarship

    6. Once there was an eye available, Ava looked up Tdeshi's scholarship program

    7. She was able to get a list of all the scholarship numbers issued by that program, found that all that were issued were used

    8. All the seats had been filled in the class Tdeshi had a scholarship for, there was a list of names

    9. One of these people went to that class on Tdeshi’s scholarship

    10. What would she find out? That the girl, or boy, for several Fenaises were recorded as male, snatched the scholarship certificate from the body before anyone noticed and made use of it, never knowing Tdeshi or Ava

    11. And when she found her, what could she accuse her of? Stealing a forty five iron scholarship certificate? A week of her royalties today

    12. five thousand dollar scholarship for college, his or her picture in the paper, and

    13. You are a shoo-in for that scholarship and you

    14. There’s missing records, altered records, her scholarship certificate was used

    15. “Her scholarship was used,” Ava said, “If she had to be there in an hour, she must have had her certificate on her

    16. “Though I still think you should try and find the Fenais who took Tdeshi’s scholarship

    17. “Tahlmute knew Tdeshi left his place with an ampule of shonggot and a scholarship certificate to a year’s course in fashion art

    18. It’s in the Kassikan files that Fenais does that, and Ava knew that a Fenais used a scholarship in the class Tdeshi was slated for

    19. “Because the Kassikan could take action on either one of those things, stealing the scholarship certificate, an actionable infraction but about all they would do for that is charge her for the course

    20. “You know,” she said, “If Tdeshi would have signed in that scholarship certificate, I wouldn’t have had the chance to use it

    21. “We perform in a school house; might we set up a scholarship or something for our sons and daughters who wish to pursue their education, but who might not otherwise be able to without assistance?”

    22. He would be graduating at the end of this year and he already had his Paris scholarship

    23. He found out that she had been accepted into the scholarship program in France

    24. Since he was on the President’s staff he could surely locate a student on an Atlantica scholarship in France

    25. They passed the headmistress’s domain and tapped on a door labeled Scholarship Office

    26. Most scholarship has not focused on the immorality of targeting civilians

    27. “I applied for the scholarship when I was sixteen

    28. And that's the problem with all the scholarship

    29. And what of the scholar’s quest for enlightenment as he tried to pierce Man’s curse of that linear veil of imperfect discernment? And is science only the latest attempt at that scholarship?

    30. The people can participate with the resources that already have because indirectly already paid 80% of everything that it receives in taxes and costs of the production because it provides the economic viability of the market, when it utilizes the aid received to supply its basic necessity through resources of the family credit, scholarship, unemployment compensation, social projects and assistance programs, such as: daycare center, shelter, support to the senior and lacking child, food, habitation, health, education, clothes, basic sanitation, minimum income, zero hunger, among others

    31. What counts, then Princeton President Harold Shapiro assured critics of the appointment, is “the power of the professor’s intellect and the quality of his or her scholarship and teaching

    32. He had a football scholarship

    33. “Does he have a scholarship that he might lose?” I asked

    34. 2 - my father got me a scholarship from the Feds who selected my courses, and all my fellow students were valedictorians or salutatorians

    35. The only way I could be a scientist was a scholarship, and sadly, I didn't get any from any college

    36. A scholarship program for the children of dead soldiers is raising questions

    37. would provide the scholarship, but that has led to a campus controversy

    38. She pursued a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and graduated Magna Cum Laude, prior to receiving a Fulbright scholarship to the United States

    39. Following her stint in New York, she moved to Minneapolis where she had accepted a scholarship from the University of Minnesota

    40. grades that would have allowed her to gain a scholarship to any of

    41. in Bloomington on a music scholarship

    42. ” I quickly stated, “No, you recall that with your initial $2k scholarship, it was cheaper than in-state tuition at UConn

    43. ” He replied, “I have already contacted them, they will let me back in, and they will increase my scholarship

    44. These scholarship grants could be used by the students in any public or private school of their choice

    45. money for over 250 scholarship grants

    46. recognition of German scholarship, while others, in mounting numbers, followed the

    47. Park Scholarship and said the first award for the 1971–72 school year would support major expenses of one student a year in the Department of Radio, Television, and Motion Pictures in the University at Chapel Hill

    48. Scholarship and fellowship programs have been established at these institutions in furtherance of his desire to encourage young Americans to take advantage of the opportunities offered by their country

    49. The letter continued: “I think your father would be very pleased with the scholarship programs we have set up at the four core schools and the other core programs we have put in place

    50. We are sure that you wish to go back to using your God-granted gifts for His eternal glorification, through scholarship and art

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    encyclopaedism encyclopedism eruditeness erudition learnedness learning scholarship wisdom lore

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    financial aid provided to a student on the basis of academic merit

    profound scholarly knowledge