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Seller in a sentence | seller example sentences

  1. There was a seller 14.
  2. It was a fad best seller.
  3. The seller of the option.
  4. A seller who was able to.
  5. Goals of the Option Seller.
  6. The other, an option seller.
  7. There was a big seller at 3.
  8. As a seller, perhaps the best way.
  9. How can the seller have an advantage?
  10. Richard’s son is also a power seller.
  11. That’s a highly praised best seller.
  12. Premium Seller and net options shorting.
  13. If the seller has also ensured that the.
  14. It is the same case for the option seller.
  15. Perfect security for both buyer and seller.
  16. Premium Seller has to do that in Chapter 6.
  17. The buyer is helpless and seller profits by.
  18. Volume came in, and there was a seller at 14.
  19. A naked seller would hold his position there.
  20. The put seller gets to collect and keep the 0.
  21. When others had been buying it, the seller was.
  22. Seller Financing may provide up to 70% funding.
  23. The maximum profit for the put seller is the 6.
  24. Nevertheless, the seller was successful in its.
  25. Jaron ignored him and addressed the horse seller.
  26. The seller is selling this canvas shower curtain.
  27. Let’s look at how one seller does it effectively.
  28. This seller bought 50 pairs of earrings in 9 days.
  29. This seller has dozens and dozens of items for sale.
  30. This seller used a tactic that can be quite valuable.
  31. Ask is what a seller asks for his merchandise.
  32. You want to match up Sammie Seller with Billy Buyer.
  33. How much freedom to operate should the seller have?
  34. This can be a real sore spot between buyer and seller.
  35. The only size consideration for the seller is to be.
  36. Premium Seller, however, has open, unlimited exposure.
  37. This reality can depress the price if you are a seller.
  38. It may not be a best seller but that is not the point.
  39. They collect the information and present it to a seller.
  40. This is an area of much dispute between buyer and seller.
  41. The value of the option paid by the buyer to the seller.
  42. A call to the seller confirmed the condition, price, etc.
  43. Ask: The current price that a seller is willing to accept.
  44. You are a buyer and a seller first and a Christian second.
  45. There is no such term that means, "Let the seller beware".
  46. However, the potential loss for the seller was manageable.
  47. Let’s assume our put seller sold that March 55 put at 14.
  48. In 1971, ‘The Godfather’ becomes a runaway best seller.
  49. For example, an overly aggressive seller could be present.
  50. Buffo had been reminded of what happened to a seller in a.
  51. The seller got multiple offers and sold above asking price.
  52. This seller lets buyers know that he has 36 other auctions.
  53. Premium Seller have equal opportunity to win on this trade.
  54. Taxes upon the sale of land fall altogether upon the seller.
  55. Whenever a seller lists an item, she must list a minimum bid.
  56. I lost a top secretary but the company gained a great seller.
  57. The DVD seller knew he had made a hit and looked as if he is.
  58. If the seller doesn't lower the price, it will remain vacant.
  59. Options when sold are done so by giving a credit to the seller.
  60. The seller needs to have a good feeling of the match between.
  61. The seller will not know whether the option will be exercised.
  62. Either the seller or the buyer will have to pay for property.
  63. If there was no disaster, the seller pocketed a hefty premium.
  64. What the seller wants for it is more than what anyone will pay.
  65. If the price moves down, the seller has use of the excess funds.
  66. You are at the coffee shop and are face-to-face with the seller.
  67. A creative method in real estate where the seller of a property.
  68. The Seller looked at us and gave us his best car-salesman smile.
  69. Here’s where they will sign up with the original seller of the.
  70. Warning: Time decay can be a wonderful thing for the option seller.
  71. Your job as an option seller is to go through this very same process.
  72. It is in the best interest of the seller for the acquisition to be.
  73. It would have been better to spot a seller closer to 16, like at 15.
  74. The seller deposits the check into his or her Bank Account and the.
  75. Or the Celestine Prophecy--it was on the best seller list for months.
  76. A best seller, perhaps, muttered the older man with some enthusiasm.
  77. Some products and services will require the product or the seller to.
  78. Above here, the covered call seller regrets selling the covered call.
  79. My Seller informs me that the Akons have Quip guns and Soul Chasers.
  80. But as a seller, be aware that many potential buyers will pass you by.
  81. The book could be used for a Best Seller promotion on Amazon or.
  82. The smart seller anticipates these aspects of the buyer’s evaluation.
  83. You need to develop a conversational rhythm when talking to the seller.
  84. Obviously this seller is offering this info for free to build his list.
  85. The seller can show a full appreciation for the acquisition issues and.
  86. Some on the desk found a seller at 66 and an identifiable exit above 66.
  87. Even though this may require an investment by the seller during that two.
  88. The seller may provide the capability for the corporation to reduce costs.
  89. HUD also has rules about what concessions the seller can make to the buyer.
  90. Effective margin management is crucial to your success as an option seller.
  91. The seller has a collection for anyone who wants to build wooden furniture.
  92. As the seller of the covered call, you collect and keep the option premium.
  93. Offer: A formal bid from the homebuyer to the home seller to purchase a home.
  94. You may become the only seller of these options and buyers must come to you.
  95. I’ve seen them in an ice-cream seller in Mexico and in an Aleut in Alaska.
  96. The best position for the seller to be in is to have solutions that play to.
  97. The seller also offers an incentive for buying this bed off the auction site.
  98. And these extreme tail risk events will bankrupt the naked put seller.
  99. The availability of better bargains might also make one a more eager seller.
  100. It could get back up, the seller could lift, you want to sell it higher, but.

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