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Seoul in a sentence | seoul example sentences

  1. North shore of Han River, two kilometers west of Seoul.
  2. My first semester at South Seoul American high school was coming to a close.
  3. I have similar facilities on the outskirts of New York, Seoul, and London.
  4. Kaitlyn Abe’s mother and father, two sisters and video feed of the Yoshida Family from Seoul.
  5. Seoul, South Korea: 282 buildings taller than 100 m, with a combined height of 39,308 m (128,963 ft).
  6. If you continue to interfere with this evacuation, then you will be put under arrest and sent back to Seoul.
  7. Our present main task is to deny both the road and the railway to the enemy so that he can’t use it to get to Seoul.
  8. Christianity in Seoul, commonly called the Unification Church but later renamed the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, in 1954.
  9. Largest vertical garden: A wall of greenery in Seoul City Hall, South Korea, rose over 1,516 m² (16,318 ft²) when completed on 31 August 2012.
  10. I liked riding the Metro, I had been on the Underground in London and in Seoul, and while Warsaw’s single line was less impressive it was efficient and clean.
  11. A first group left by sea from Inchon this morning, but I still have about 700 persons to evacuate in Seoul and I was hoping for them to be flown out of Suwon.
  12. Nobody from the JOC headquarters in Taejon bothered to tell the Marines that the enemy was already just outside Seoul until it was too late for them to withdraw.
  13. Two more of our EC-142s will lift off as well to go relieve our EC-142 on station over Seoul, which should now have only two hours of fuel left after its night patrol.
  14. The convoy waited more than one hour in Seoul for the South Korean unit that was supposed to escort it, but that unit never showed up and it now seems that it probably deserted.
  15. For example, Seoul Broadcasting System formed a bullish meeting lines signal, but placement was not strong enough, as the preceding downtrend was brief and did not cover many points.
  16. Their legitimate exports are perfect to transport quantities of heroin that can be added to each shipping container before leaving the port of Karachi to ports in NYC, Seoul and London.
  17. The magistrate suddenly thought of an intimate friend who had been dead for some time, and he said to her, "I had a friend of such and such rank in Seoul; can you call his spirit back to me?".
  18. Jenny Kawena was working frantically with her radar and radio operators onboard ‘Fox One’, flying high above Seoul, receiving and collating the in-flight reports coming from the RP-38Ns as they photographed their various objectives.
  19. With military policewomen from the security company of the 99th Wing behind the heavy machineguns of the M20s, the convoy created some public curiosity as it entered Seoul, the Korean civilians looking with wide eyes at those uniformed and helmeted women.
  20. Ingrid, with her six companions hiding in the bushes on each side of her, looked with bitterness at the dark shapes of the bridges crossing the Han River and connecting Seoul with the South Shore: all of them had been blown up, with at least two spans missing from each of the bridges.
  21. Winslow’s mission was to stop and delay as long as he could with his unit the communists bent on taking Seoul and he had been doing just that for over a day now, with invaluable support provided by the pilots of the Korea Air Task Force, more commonly called ‘Kat Force’ by his Marines.
  22. Jenny had started writing a short but concise message, to be sent by radio to the USAFIK headquarters of Lieutenant General Hodge in Seoul and to the USAFFE headquarters of General MacArthur in Okinawa, to warn them of the invasion, when one of the radar operators of the EC-142E shouted a warning.
  23. More pressure had been placed upon him by “Bureau 39” to increase drug sales as their War machine expenses were increasing daily – the recent news article in the widely-read newspaper “Munhwa Ilbo” reported that Seoul had begun mass-production of the “Hyunmu-3” long-range cruise missile early in 2009, which could reach not only North Korea but also parts of China and Japan - had further increased the frenzy! She shared his ideals and thoughts – his enemies were her enemies!………….

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